Culled from various sources over the years, this is our reference area for various video game technical documents.


Note: some of the following files are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, which makes them perfect for punching, printing,
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Atari VCS/2600
Atari 400/800/XL/XE
Atari 5200
Atari 7800
Atari coin-op
Atari Jaguar
Atari misc info
Fairchild Channel F
general info
Magnavox Odyssey2
Nintendo NES
Sega Genesis
Texas Instruments



Namco source code - Xevious (1-7-83 incomplete and out of order)
Namco Xevious programmer booklet (partial)



Atari 2100 "JAN" display ctn addy violator label
Atari 2100 "JAN" display ctn violator label
Atari 2100 "JAN" dual membrane switch assemblies
Atari 2100 "JAN" PAL B-G environmental evaluation
Atari 2100 "JAN" PAL I&B shipping tests
Atari 2100 "JAN" PAL I environmental stress analysis
Atari 2100 "JAN" single chip
Atari 2100 "JAN" test plan
Atari 2100 "JAN" programming guide
Atari 2100/7800/CX-24 ESD evaluation
Atari 2800 FCC qualifications (missing page 2)
Atari A/V Information
Atari color loss fix
Atari Combat design notes (Larry Wagner)
Atari Domestic Field Service manual
Atari Fire Fli autofire circuit
Atari Game Recorder (Radio Elec. magazine Dec 84/Jan 85/Feb 85)
Atari Game Standards and Procedures
Atari joystick mods (Videogaming Illustrated magazine)
Atari NTSC/PAL scanline list
Atari Pause circuit
Atari programming notes (Larry Wagner)
Atari source code - Cracked
Atari source code - Crystal Castles
Atari source code - Dark Chambers
Atari source code - Desert Falcon
Atari source code - Joust
Atari source code - Pole Position
Atari source code - Solaris
Atari Stella Programming Guide - 1976 (incomplete)
Atari Stella Programming Guide - 1979 Rev A (12-3-79)
Atari Stella Programming Guide - 1979 (reformatted)
Atari Stella Programming Guide - 1988 (revised 7-1-88)
Atari TIA (model 1A)
Atari TIA hardware notes
Atari Track and Field controller (Wico)
Coleco source code - Mr. Do! (bank 1 8-14-83)
Coleco source code - Mr. Do! (bank 2 8-14-83)
Coleco source code - Mr. Do! (bank 2 last edit 8-14-83)
Coleco source code - Mr. Do! (PAL final version)
Coleco source code - Roc'n Rope (1983 Winter CES demo)
Individeo source code - X-mas card (Ed English)
CBS - Atari VCS timing display chart
Imagic source code - Dragonfire
Imagic source code - Riddle of the Sphinx


ATARI 400/800/XL/XE

Atari 400 48-64k Upgrade Mod
Atari 400 A/V Mod
Atari 400 48K RAM Expansion installation instructions
Atari 400/800 Service Manual
800XLF PCB fabrication schematic
Atari 1060 SweetPea product specs
Atari 1064 B test plan
Atari 1400 compute preliminary design validation
Atari 1450XLD "Barbara" gate array
Atari 1450XLD "Carmen" gate array
Atari 1450XLD "Tong" parts list
Atari 1450XLD "Tong" test plan
Atari 1450XLD shock impact tests
Atari AMY 1 chip specs
Atari AMY chip 2 specs
Atari AMY development notes
Atari AMY formulas
Atari AMY general description
Atari AMY tech manual
Atari parallel bus expansion memory specs
Atari source code - 1200XL OS
Atari source code - Donkey Kong (note - not final version)
Atari source code - Micro Flick (5-29-80)
Atari source code - graphics package (Jim Huether - part of another program)
Duplicating Technologies source code - 1050 Duplicator


ATARI 5200

Atari 4 Port Power Mod Conversion
Atari 5100 console reliability prediction
Atari 5100 design review comments
Atari 5100 design validation test plan
Atari 5100 environmental evaluation
Atari 5100 reliability guidelines
Atari 5200 accessories schematic
Atari 5200 I-O schematic
Atari 5200 processing schematic
Atari 5200 RF switchbox schematic
Atari 5200 ROM/RAM schematic
Atari 5200 Field Service Manual Rev 3
Atari 5200L (5100) current requirements
Atari 5200L (5100) design validation report
Atari source code - Galaxian
Atari source code - RealSports Football (8-6-81)
Atari source code - RealSports Football (8-6-82)
Atari VCS Adapter Mod


ATARI 7800

Atari 2100/7800/CX-24 ESD evaluation
Atari 3600 design validation test plan
Atari 7800 (3600) reliability test report
Atari 7800 Eprom Cart
Atari 7800 Keyboard assembly (missing last 2 pages)
Atari 7800 Keyboard product specs
Atari 7800 Keyboard test plan
Atari 7800 reliability guidelines
Atari source code - Centipede
Atari source code - Commando
Atari source code - Crossbow
Atari source code - Desert Falcon
Atari source code - Dig Dug
Atari source code - Food Fight
Atari source code - Galaga
Atari source code - Hat Trick
Atari source code - Ms. Pac-Man
Atari source code - PAL OS (w/ Asteroids)
Atari source code - Robotron: 2084
Atari source code - ST Animation tool
Atari source code - ST Development system
Atari source code - Super Stunt Cycle (Motorpsycho)
Atari source code - Xevious



Pong schematic
The Book



Batman Forever/Warner Bros. agreement
The Chaos Agenda design notes
Cyber Punk City design notes
Cyber Punk City overview
Defender 2000 software development agreement
Highlander design notes
Highlander 2 design notes
Ironman and X-O Manowar design notes
Jaguar CD hardware compatibility test
Jaguar development standards
Jaguar license agreement
Jaguar test plan guidelines
The Rocky Horror Show design notes


ATARI misc info

Atari Complete SCI MIDI - first edition
Atari high score ranking online technical proposal
Atari organization charts
Atari Sunnyvale, CA buildings map
AtariTel ESD test



ColecoVision/Intellivision A/V output mods
ColecoVision memory RAM testing
Parker Brothers - Laura Nikolich's Orbit - complete archive package



Channel F tech info (website link)


general info

How to connect an arcade joystick to your PC
How to make a spinner
power supply information - Death Skull Labs mirror
power supply information - DP forum thread



ColecoVision/Intellivision A/V output mods
Intellivision hand-controller service flyer



Odyssey2 service manual



NES Universal mod



Sega Genesis License mod
Sega Genesis mods (website link)



99/4 schematic
99/4a Console and Peripheral Expansion System Technical Data
99/8 manual



Vectrex multicart
Vectrex No Buzz mod


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