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Section name What you'll find there
About this site Find out a little bit about this web site.
Archiving carts This "how to" information can be found in the
"Technical Help" section.
Awards See what awards this web site has won.
Cartzilla! 185+ cart reviews. See "Files Galore" section.
(This is also found at the bottom of each page.)
CD Project Find out all about the Digital Archaeology CD.
Cassette copier Instructions on how to modify a standard C2N
datasette device to make perfect tape copies.
E-mail My current thoughts on receiving email.
Emulators See "Vic20 Starter Kit" or "Links section".
FAQ for the Vic20 Can be found on the bottom of every page.

Files Galore!

Read some things online, download others.

Games See "Vic20 Starter Kit" or "Links section".

Gaming Celebrities

Read about people once involved in the Vic20.

Hacking in the USAF A true story from this web site owner's past.
Help me! This site's most Frequently Asked Questions.
Hook-up help How to hook up a real Vic20 computer.
"How to...." All "how to (do whatever) "texts can be found
in the Technical Help section.
Interviews See "Gaming Celebrities" section.
Links section Explore some other cool places on the I'net.
Lists, various See "Files Galore" section.
Mini-FAQ This page's most Frequently Asked Questions.
News The latest news about happenings on this site.
Promenade A company called "Jason-Ranheim" used to
make an EPROM reading-and-writing device
called the "Promenade". This is the manual for
that device, with their full permission. This is
the "Promos 2.0" software that came with it.
(Conversion to IBM via Raymond Carlsen.)
Questions Check here first, if you have any questions.
Rarity lists See "Files Galore" section.
Reviews of games See "Files Galore" section, under "Cartzilla!".
Rumor Mill R&D; "Research & Detective work" section.
Selling stuff Read this if you have VIC-20 things to sell.
Spokes Persons See who represented who, back in the days.

Technical Help

Look here if you have technical questions.

Vic20 Starter Kit

One-stop shopping! Check it out!

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