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Vic20 cartridge
rarity list

This is the latest version of our big list of Vic20 carts. The list has been in gradual development since 1995. Very complete. Likely the best list of its kind, anywhere.

Vic20 cassette software list

Another software list, similar to our cartridge list above, except that it lists tapes. This was never completely finished, mostly due to the huge number of tape titles once made. I'm releasing the list now anyway, as "somewhat incomplete" beats "nothing at all". (Even incomplete, it contains 455 cassette software titles!)

Online Mini-FAQ

The top few "Freqently Asked Vic20 Questions" answered.

My old programs

Info on some of the programs Ward wrote back in the '80s that were published in computer magazines. (All Commodore related, although often for the c64 computer.)

Statistical Study

Ever wonder what classic game systems are the most popular among modern-day collectors? Find out here.

Compulsive Thrifting

Are you a compulsive thrifter? Take this test and find out. (Most of us fail miserably, so you are in good company!)

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What this file contains

Vic20 Gamer's FAQ

July 1997

This ASCII text attempts to answer the most "Frequently Asked Questions" about the Commodore Vic20 home computer. A good general reference text. Recommended for any Vic20 fan. (File is 40k zipped up or 113k after you've unzipped it.)


Dec 22 1998

This document reviews 180+ Vic20 cartridges. It explains what each of these carts are and how well they each work. Lots of notes of possible historical interest throughout. To look up a particular cart while online, see the bottom of this page or any other one. (Full text is 100k zipped up and 300k unzipped.)

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