Before you attempt to e-mail me, please read and try to understand this...

  • Do you have a question? Most questions have already been answered on this site somewhere. It is incredibly rude of you to tell me that there is too much information here, and that you don't want to search to find the exact bit of information that you want. Laziness is not an excuse! If it is not worth your time to find the information, it certainly is not worth my time. I have already done my part. Make the time and effort to find what you want! I will not answer any e-mail that implies your time is valuable but mine is not: such e-mails will automatically be deleted. Rude "you didn't answer me yet" notes will get you added to my e-mail filters.
  • I put together a Mini-FAQ that you should read first. It answers all of the common questions, including where to buy or sell Commodore items, and where you should ask for help if you have questions about repairs. If you ask a question already in that text, I'm simply deleting your e-mail.
  • A much more detailed FAQ ("Frequently Asked Questions" guide) is also available. At a minimum, please take the time to read its contents section. (Think there are too many pages? You aren't paying attention.)
  • Are you looking for a specific game title but can't find it on the "cart rarity list"? That's probably because it is a game on tape, a game that was once a printed "type-in" in a magazine, or not for this system at all. Go to the Commodore archives and spend time looking around for it, if you want to play it under emulation. Go to eBay to buy "the real thing".
  • Have you looked through the contents of this web site? That should let you know what can or cannot be found on this web site. Nearly every
    remaining question can be answered by doing this... so don't be lazy.

If you've done all the above, you can e-mail me here.

Note that the e-mail link above is really a link to the Mini-FAQ. This is NOT a mistake... no matter how I worded the info above, far too many people would decide they were a special case and that it did not apply to them. I regularly got... "Yeah, but I couldn't find such-and-such info in the ten seconds I spent looking for it, so would you waste your time repeating everything you've already taken the time to research, write up and post publicly? I'm special, and you have nothing better to do with your time than to help a lazy lamer like me." ...or words to that effect.

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