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Archives and depositories of Commodore information

Funet's archive

One of the world's largest archives of Commodore computer materials. Site includes cart and tape software, hardware schematics, and much, much more. Highly recommended... spend time there.

Commodore Knowledge Base

Cameron Kaiser's impressive web site, with hundreds of Commodore-related articles. Also has links to the "Secret Weapons of Commodore" web site, with tons more interesting info.

Project 64

Many manuals and other Commodore-related text documents have been scanned or typed in, and are available at this web / ftp site. Check it out, if you are missing manuals for your Commie stuff.

Commodore C64 Internet Archive.


"Home of the Commodore 64 games". Web and FTP-based file storage.


Jim Brain's huge depository of info on all things Commodore.


A Commodore disk magazine that has been around for many years.


Toronto PET User's Group. One of the oldest CBM user groups.

A Touch of Class

"A touch of class -- Commodore Classics". Archives of legal software for most of the non-Amiga models of Commodore's computers.

Looking for parts or games for sale? Click here for some places that may be able to help.

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Efforts to archive Commodore cassette tape programs

Arma's page

Tim Denning's home page, with sections on VIC-20 tape archiving and scans of liner artwork. Tim has managed to archive hundreds of VIC-20 games, for play on emulators such as "VICE". I am happy that Tim is willing to do this service for the comunity, as virtually no one else will do it. If you have stuff to loan him and want my endorsement or advice before you send him anything, please note that I sent him most of my own personal collection of tapes to archive. I got them all back as we had agreed up front. (I did let him keep some just to thank him for doing it; it was my idea to do so.) He also has the tape archiving machine that I made (see below) so he can safely duplicate any VIC tape.

Minstrel's C64

Minstrel's C64 page. Has interesting programs and files, to help archive tape and cart software. Has some utility programs meant to allow you to get your datasette aligned into proper operation.

C64 tape page

"The ultimate C64 tape page". Cleaned up versions of original tape programs, meant to be of archival quality. (It is mainly for the C64, but could expand into games for the VIC-20?)

Make perfect tape backups

A technical article that the author of this web site wrote. It shows how to modify a standard C2N Commodore datasette, to allow it to "daisy-chain" or "pass through" a second datasette. The first datasette works normally; you use it to load tapes. But you can also record them as they load, on the second datasette. Because the second recorder is being fed the unmodified, raw digital data that is being read by the first recorder, the copy should be a perfect digital duplicate of the original.

List of tapes

A preliminary list of cassette tape games for the Commodore VIC-20. Includes over 450 titles.

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Hardware emulation

Star Commander

The homepage of the Star Commander set of utilities. A "must have" if you have both a Commodore and an IBM compatible computer, and you want to transfer information between them on diskettes. Also includes links to many popular emulators for Commodore computers.

Emulation FAQ

See Linus' site for a beginner's guide to emulation. (And other cool stuff.)

Starter kit

Grab ten VIC games by Jeff Minter. Grab five text adventures by Scott Adams International. Grab three games by Peter Fokos. And others.... The best part is that all of these game packs are perfectly legal to own! The individual authors have given their permission for non-commercial uses. (See the "read me" files found inside each game pack for all the details.) Enjoy these programs!

Pfau Zeh

A cool emulator for the Windows platform. (See their links section, for other VIC-20 emulators.)


A cool emulator for the MS-DOS platform.

PC to Jamma

An awesome site! Talks about how to take a standard IBM-type personal computer and a standard ("JAMMA") arcade cabinet, build some home-brewed cables to connect the two, and have a complete arcade in your home! Includes tips on hooking up some modern consoles, too.

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Pages by and for fans of old Commodore computers

C= Webring list

Over a hundred web sites by fans of various Commodore computers.

Vic20 Tribute

Rick Melick's page. Includes interviews with Vic20 celebs and more.
(Now hosted as part of this site, but included here in its original, unedited form.)

Linus' page

Linus Akerlund's very cool VIC-20 web site. Includes more interviews.

Vic20 Geek site

Brendan Jones' page. Download some (legal) original software, including a cross-compiler.

Ray Carlsen

Raymond Carlsen has been offering technical tips to Commodore users for some time. Site has tips on general electronics, along with CBM computer repair and preventative maintenance info.

Bo Zimmerman

A collection of CBM repair articles, mostly by Raymond Carlsen, on Bo Zimmerman's web site. Bo currently maintains the Canonical List of Commodore Products that Jim Brain originally created.

C64 cartridge rarity list

A list of all known Commodore 64 carts. Started by myself and others on the net and continued on by the cooperation of C64 cartridge owners.

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Places that have stuff for sale


This is the current listing of VIC-20 items for auction up on eBay. If you check back over time, you never know what stuff will be up for sale.


This is a Usenet newsgroup. Its subject matter is Commodore computers.
Look here for things like used computer parts, including hook-up cables.

This is a Usenet newsgroup. Its subject matter is anything related to what is commonly thought of as "classic" (usually pre-Nintendo) era video games.

Centsible Software

A company that stocks new and used hardware and software for the C64 and Amiga computer systems. May have a few Vic20 items at times.

4 Jay's Classics

A web site that sells items for many classic consoles and computers.

C64 & Vic20

Randy Wong's "for sale" page. Mostly carts for C64 and/or Vic20.

Austin Video Games

Albert Yarusso's web site, where you'll find a selection of games for many classic systems, either for sale or for trade. Also has a picture gallery and some tips on storing game-related items.

Buyer beware. We take no responsibility for any dealings you may have
with any person or company listed here. We just let you know they exist.

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Sites about (non-Commodore) "classic" videogames


The main site of "," the folks that host this site and my Emerson Arcadia site. They also host lots of other cool sites, both classic and modern. (Visit their Vault, too!)


Re-visit the classic gaming era, via a dream arcade in museum form.

Classic Video
Game Nexus

A collection of links to many other classic gaming sites. Check out this site to find just about anything that a retro-gamer will ever need or want.

Giant list of classic
game programmers

James Hague's huge list of who-did-what-game-when. Very long and very detailed and of interest in anyone with pangs of nostalgia or an interest in gaming history. (In addition to this free list, James also sells interviews he conducted about / with classic gaming celebrities.)

Classic Game Creations

John Dondzila has been writing video games since the early 1980's. He did one of my all-time-favorite magazine type-in games: "Colorbot". The mag ran versions for Commodore's C64 and Vic20 computers, and others. He has since programmed many Vectrex, Colecovision and Odyssey 2 games for modern retrogamers to enjoy. Go visit and download some cool games!

History of home

Greg Chance's very cool site. A classic gamer's delight! In addition to other helpful and fun things, Greg has many downloadable game docs.

Digital Press

DP's main game collector site. Be sure to check out their FAQ archive.

Coin-op Museum

A very cool collection of arcade gaming memories.

Killer List of Videogames

A huge list of all your old arcade favorites. Some entries have photos of original cabinets and/or marquees. A must for fans of arcade games.

Atari prototypes

A very cool collection of info and pictures relating to Atari history.

Tomorrow's Heroes

Tom Zjaba's site about comics and video games. Check out his fanzine called "Retro Times".


A fanzine about gaming on many of the older, "classic" game systems.

Art of Videogames

Celebrating good videogames and gaming culture. A nice, artsy site. (The page design was "borrowed" from a painter named Mondrian, FWIW.)

Arcadia 2001

Exploring Digital Archaeology for the Emerson Arcadia 2001 system and its clones. (A site created by the author of this VIC-20 web site.) Hosted by the "" people.

Obscure Pixels

"Weird UK and New Zealand consoles ... the consoles that time forgot!"

Odyssey2 page

A fun page with a great sense of humor ... check it out!

Bally Astrocade

A classic game console made by Bally, a manufacturer of a number of early arcade games.

Ultima games

"Hidalgo Trading Company, Britannia Branch"  -- If you like the Ultima game series, this is a must see web site. See Fortran Dragon's "Escape from Mt. Drash" page -- a VIC-20 Ultima game!

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Virtual computer museums


The museum section of "" -- the hosts of this site you are looking at now.


The Computer Museum's Network. Fair warning:  plan to spend a few hours browsing here if you really enjoy old computing machines!


Computer History Association of California.

Andrew Davie's

Check out the cool "weird computing machine" section.

Vintage Computer Festival

Another group of folks who like old computers. Their links section is sure to keep you busy! Be sure to check that out when you have the time.

Obsolete Computer Museum

Yet another group of folks who like old computers. They also have a very large section of links.

HCS museum

The Historical Computer Society's cool virtual museum.

Epyx Shrine

A place that fondly remembers all sorts of cool old games by Epyx... Sword of Fargoal, Star Fire, Fire One, Crush Crumble and Chomp... some are even legally downloadable!

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Miscellaneous stuff


Home of the Seattle Robotics Society. I thought their monthly "Encoder" newsletter section was a real treat. It is full of useful electronics information, including a section on Basic Electronics.

Project Gutenberg

Many older texts in downloadable form. Basically, if you can think of a book old enough to have an expired copyright date (75 years plus), it may be here.

Thrift Score

The Headquarters site for the cool zine "Thrift Score". As many retro gamers are also regulars at Thrift Stores this may be right up your alley.

Girl's Guide

"A Girl's Guide to Geek Guys". 'Nuff said; go check it out!

Nu Beta Chi

The "Nerds By Choice" website. (I kinda like the concept, myself.)

Nerdity measured here

"The [infamous] Nerdity Test".  (I "passed" with flying colors.) I rated 61%; the record high is 83%. Ahem. Who woulda guessed, eh?   ;-)

User Friendly

An online comic strip. Hilarious! You have to check it out...

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