About this web site

This web site honors the memory of the Commodore VIC-20 home computer system and its software library. In much the same way that some people enjoy classic automobiles, we enjoy older computers and game consoles, along with the software and lore that surrounds them.

If you can remember once immensely-popular Commodore 64, think of the VIC-20 as its "little brother"... or the C64 as a supercharged VIC.

The VIC-20 was born in June of 1980. By January of 1983 the VIC had become the first computer to sell one million units. By the middle of 1984 the VIC-20's commercial appeal had already waned, as the home computer market had accepted the more powerful C64 in its place.

We hope you enjoy this web site about the "friendly computer"!

Ward Shrake

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