"VIC-20 starter kit"

This section includes software that is perfectly legal for me to offer
here and for you to download and use. Be sure you read the text file
that is enclosed in each game pack; it tells you what legal
restrictions apply to that particular game pack.
(Filed alphabetically, by author's name.)

Game Pack

Scott Adams

Text adventures:  Adventure Land,  Pirate's Cove,  Mission Impossible, The Count, Voodoo Castle.

Game Pack

Neil Chriss One game -- D'fuse -- and the author's history of writing it.

Game Pack

Peter Fokos

Alien Blitz, Cloudburst, and Spiders of Mars.

Off-site link

Brendan Jones

Bunches of fan-written games and utilities. The site even includes a cross-compiler for the 6502, so it is now possible to write VIC-20 code on an IBM PC.

Game Pack

Jeff Minter

Abductor, Aggressor , Andes Attack, Deflex,
Gridrunner (US & UK), Hell Gate, Laser Zone,
Matrix, Metagalactic Llamas Battle at the Edge
of Time, and Traxx. (All prepared for use with
software emulators, as some are difficult to load.)

Game Pack

Ron Wanttaja

"IFR Flight Simulator" for the VIC-20. (A C-64 version was also released, but this is not that version.) Zip file includes the actual ROM image, Ron's written OK to distrubute this information, and his story about writing IFR.


"Frequently Asked Questions" guide, for general use.

Rarity lists

There are lists for both cartridge and tape based games.


This is a huge text. It reviews over 180 cartridge games. It also tells you where to load things in memory, what controllers each game uses, etc.

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