DP's "Brick and Mortar"

Photos from the "Digital Press Videogames" store at 387 Piaget Ave in Clifton, NJ.

This is a somewhat chronological photo journal taken at the store during the monthly NAVA videogamer gathering on September 26, 2009. A Street Fighter IV tournament was held at 6pm. There are more photos below the main gallery, including past events and store history. Also, you can click any photo for a scary close-up view!

As promised, NAVA delivered gamers trading, playing, and kibbbitzing. At 6PM the store's second Street Fighter IV tournament was held. Miguel Perez (center, with glasses) won. More photos of the tournament later. Frogger side-by-side with Street Fighter IV. An unlikely combination.
A new ColecoVision game was debuted at the store, "Ghostblasters" by Canada's own Daniel Bienvenu. Really good-looking game with dead-on music. Micky was the first person to give the game a whirl. The crowd gathers around for their chance to play Daniel Bienvenu's "Ghostblasters", a new game for the ColecoVision. A crowd of onlookers urge Micky on, as he seems to be nearing the end of the first level of Daniel Bienvenu's "Ghostblasters" for the ColecoVision.
The guy in the Yankees cap notes that "the music sounds like it came from the Ghostbusters movie, is that legal?". I explained that the game was programmed in Canada and there are no rules there. Micky had some trouble at this point of the new ColecoVision game "Ghostblasters", by Daniel Bienvenu. After the game, Micky stated "the controller seemed to be a bit off". After a few rounds of "Ghostblasters", the new ColecoVision game designed by Daniel Bienvenu, we hosted a brief fireworks display to commemorate the game's release.
"Whoa, is that Final Fantasy VII... WAITAMINI BARBIE HORSE ADVENTURE GIMME GIMME" Chris and Dylan work out the Game Boy camera photo shoot (seen in Chris King's album somewhere on Facebook).  
  The usual carnage of foodstuffs.  
  There was an unusually good turnout of children at this event.  
Orders phoned in from HQ: "USE THE KONAMI CODE IT WORKS FOR EVERY GAME".    
  Lounging in that section of Digital Press that is well beneath the Earth's core. Future Street Fighter IV tournament champion, being groomed by dad.
    In case you've never seen one, this is the XBox Steel Batallion controller, and you're not even seeing the foot-pedal part of it.
    Dave wins his first match, celebrates a little too hard and suffers a strained ACL. He was helped out of the store in a stretcher, his availability for Sunday is listed as "Questionable".
  Gamers chat while demonic artifacts watch from nearby, patiently biding their time...  
"NOW HEAR THIS. Voltron tattoos, now 25 cents a pack!".    
A more stylish shot of the XBox Steel Battalion controller.   Final round of the Street Fighter IV tournament. Miguel Perez (in the center chair in this photo) was the winner.
Our fireworks show went on well into Clifton's late night sky. And the same two guys pretty much stood in this spot the whole time.   Proof that people still read. They just don't read signs.

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