DP's "Brick and Mortar"

Photos of "Digital Press Videogames" store at 387 Piaget Ave in Clifton, NJ.

These photos were taken from the store on June 28th, 2008 at the monthly NAVA meeting. Special guests included The Angry Video Game Nerd and the entire cast of "Captain S". There was also a game show pitting representatives from each as well as one from Digital Press, held at 6pm. See below the photos for past galleries of the store and its setup. Click any photo below for a larger view.

It was by far NAVA's highest attendance ever, featuring many familiar faces, many new ones, and the requisite dose of gaming, trading, and shenanigans.
It was also the "NAVA of Cakes". For this double-sized NAVA we had twice the usual number of game-themed cakes. Check out this one by Mike "TonyTheTiger"! I can't imagine how much time and patience that takes. How's this for topical? This one, by Frankie "Frankie_Says_Relax" specifically addresses the day's events. The cake is shaped like a classic NES cart, and he went so far as to create a digitized image of the three factions who would play that day. Incredible!
VIDEO: Here's a familiar sight... everyone piled around the TV's. They're competing in Super Smash Bros Brawl for the Wii. Click HERE for a quick video from the center island. Yet another challenge has been raised at the arcade machines. And here's a major reason why this event was so huge. James "The Angry Video Game Nerd" (right) made an appearance, signed autographs and took pictures throughout the day.
The downside to the bigness: I hired a security guard to act as a sort of "bouncer". The store was so crowded at one point that we had to ask people to wait outside. Sorry, Nick "Apollo"! VIDEO: I must admit to being behind the curve on the various YouTube phenoms, but apparently there's been an internet battle going on between "The Angry Video Game Nerd" and "The Nostalgia Critic". Well, all the way from Illinois, "The Nostalgia Critic"  stormed in and things got heated. Minutes later they took it outside. The rather entertaining slow motion fight that ensued is available on The Nostalgia Critic's site (click here to watch).
Frankie communicates via Picto-Chat with people waiting on line outside. Now that's just mean.   Autographs and photos and autographs. Nerd made a lot of people very happy.
  The obligatory flipping of the bird photo.  

What may have been lost in the hubbub of this event was the intense game of Team Fortress 2 that was going on in the back. All six gamers were going at it. I like when that happens.
6pm arrives and it's time to start our game show! Brett "Captain S", James "AVGN" and Mike "killersquirel" line up for a head-to-head battle of gaming supremacy.  VIDEO: Everyone gets set up for the game. The entire event can be found on our YouTube page (part1 part2 part3) but the guys at Press Start Comics did a great job of fleshing it out with interviews and images from around the store (part1 part2 part3).
Your MC... it's just me, Joe.   Announcing the prizes and describing the games... Maryah.
Let's meet our contestants. We learn that Mike's favorite game is Major Havoc. Brett throws down the gauntlet, he's ready to rumble. James announces that he is the angriest gamer ever.
Brett wins the first round trivia question and chooses the game Pac-Mania.   Each of the other two will get a chance to top his score within the time limit.
James seems a little disappointed in his performance. Mike puts in a solid effort. Good enough to take the early lead?
Scores are tallied and James has an early lead, but there are two more rounds to play. Mike wins the second trivia question. He chooses his favorite game, Major Havoc. Fortunately for James and Brett, they had a chance to practice the game a little before 6pm and both held their own pretty well.
The crowd seems mesmerized.   Let's tally the scores after round 2...
Mike is still winning after round 2 and then proceeds to nail the bonus round as well. Looks like team "Digital Press" might walk away with a big win. Hating Mike. Final round.
Mike chooses Contra which may have backfired - he doesn't survive the 50-second time limit. James has clearly played this game before. Mike and Brett can only sit back and watch at this point - James' fate is in his hands.
Will this photographer capture a miracle? Hey, that guy who was at the Hindenburg probably made a nice buck for himself, so who knows? In case that guy misses it, we've got it on video. James puts up a huge score but would it be enough to take over first place?
Last shot at making some magic as Brett takes his turn, but suffers the same fate as Mike. ... Everyone waits as the final scores are tallied.
... The winner gets immortalized on the store's "Hall of Fame" (which you can see hanging over the arcade machines), but win the game AND the special challenge afterward and you win THIS: John Hardie's mortal soul, trapped in this bobble-head! Do you believe in miracles? A come-from-behind victory as James passes Mike up and wins the game.
There are two games left and James has to beat Joe's score this time. He can play Vs. Super Mario Bros or The Simpsons. There was some surprise as this very NES-worthy fellow bypasses Mario and opts for The Simpsons instead. He would need a score of 17 in 50 seconds of play. He doesn't make any mistakes...
And again, "The Angry Video Game Nerd" shocks the crowd and takes the bonus prize as well. "Bye Bye" "You may now all return to BUYING THINGS AT THE STORE"
Special thanks to Team Digital Press who had all hands on deck to manage a very busy day.
Joe Maryah Raj
Mike Katie Matt
Chelsea   Scott

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