DP's "Brick and Mortar"

Photos from the "Digital Press Videogames" store at 387 Piaget Ave in Clifton, NJ.

This is a somewhat chronological photo journal taken at the store during the monthly NAVA videogamer gathering on May 30, 2009. There are more photos below the main gallery, including past events and store history. Also, you can click any photo for a scary close-up view!

Actually these photos are in complete chronological order. A NAVA album first!   If the first few pictures don't do it justice, a few further on will. There was a LOT of stuff for sale and trade among attendees.
Several guests from Canada joined the event. That's Sylvain "Sly DC" de Chantal on the right. Sly has worked on several sections of the DP guide over the years. On the left, another special guest, Eduardo Mello of Opcode Games. Eduardo has produced a number of highly polished ColecoVision titles over the years, including the Space Invaders and Pac-Man collection.  
  Chris busted out his Pop 'n Music set. People could hear the clickety-clack several blocks down.  
  More Canadian guests. That's Sarah "Lady Jaye" Szefer, one of the DP forum moderators, and Alex "Phenix" talking to her on the right. So much stuff to buy...
Eduardo brought his own custom rig and some of his games for all to enjoy.    
  At some point we broke away from the clickety-clack to play a little Guitar Freaks (Konami's series that paved the way for Guitar Hero).  
  I'm watching you. A busy day at the DP arcade.
    Team DP mugs for the camera.
    Quiz: someone in this picture really loves the game "Toobin". Someone else really doesn't care. Can you guess which is which?
A small group of NAVA members forms to do some handheld head-to-head in the somewhat quieter confines of the basement.    
    We caught Eduardo eyeing up those New Kids on The Block trading cards. A few packs were missing when we inventoried at the end of the night.
Nicole compares playing on our Virtual Boy unit to milking a cow. Now I see what she means. Clickety-clack. Guess who needs another Advil?
  Somewhere in the universe there's a Mario ghost wearing a shirt with AJ on it. Gimme.
  You can always tell the pictures Nicole takes. How great is this? It looks like it belongs on the cover of an 80's "Play Meter" magazine.  
    Don't let the mustache fool you. She was in hiding for five weeks while that thing grew in.
Chelsea's back from the UK and she didn't pick up a new accent. Nick, however, has some kinda weird Forrest Gump accent going on. John's always got an "I'm up to something" look in these pictures, doesn't he? We'd better do inventory again.  
Action shot! As an attendee violently discusses a game with DP forum member "ACID". We got a visit from "Little Miss Gamer" and now have her NES held hostage. Until we fix it for her, anyway.  
    First time I've seen this "new" MSX unit. Very cool, very compact. Thanks to Eduardo for bringing it along.
    These formerly broken 360's and PS3's are now in perfect working order. This tends to lighten the mood a little.
    The battle of scary individuals is on.

  Though there's no picture of it, thanks go to Ryan "PingvinBlueJeans" (left) for bringing along his SG-1000 for everyone to try out. I got caught up on Eduardo's ColecoVision offerings, picking up these five games at NAVA. See? There's something there for everyone.

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