DP's "Brick and Mortar"

Photos from the "Digital Press Videogames" store at 387 Piaget Ave in Clifton, NJ.

This is a somewhat chronological photo journal taken at the store during the monthly NAVA videogamer gathering on June 27, 2009. There are more photos below the main gallery, including past events and store history. Also, you can click any photo for a scary close-up view!

    A "customer-eye view" from the store: what you see at the register on any given day. And yes, we ALWAYS need pennies.
Matt made these highly awesome bead-based crafts for the store. We're gonna miss Matt, he's off to teach in Japan for the next year.    
Further proof that there are plenty of hardcore girl gamers among us. She's rummaging through SNES sports games. It was "bring your father to work" day.  
The Donkey Kong cake came courtesy of NAVA regular Pedro "OMF(numbers)", or his fiancee. Thanks much, folks! More bead art by Matt... ... and more...
actually there were quite a LOT of bead art items, to the joy of many. John "JohnnyBlaze" takes aim. Matt's fascination with Tower of Druaga continues.
I am truly surprised I didn't get flack for running the Atari tournament with a modded Flashback 2. Truth is, our modded 2600 is on the fritz. This little guy played everything but M*A*S*H and Activision Boxing.    
Frankie "Frankie_Says_Relax" rigged our monitor with Daphne, an arcade laserdisc emulator. Supercool. Check out Chris "SuperGoldZero"s Game Boy Camera gallery from this NAVA HERE. It. Is. Later. Than. You. Think.
Artsy picture o' the day.    
    I'm glad this picture was taken because now I know who turned a previously NEW book into a very very USED one... and didn't even buy it. Not cool.
We set the fan up there specifically to waft the precious sugary and oily odors around the store. It is one of our patented air freshener techniques. TRADE IN!  
  I may be as pasty white as they come, but I still have calves of steel.  
Cake gets eaten. VIDEO: Cake gets eaten.  
  VIDEO: A walkabout showing who's doing what in the store at this random moment in time.  
    VIDEO: A Pac-Man wind-up toy from the 80's not only still works, it hungers!
SO proud of newcomer Stephanie. This was the first round, but she destroyed everyone until running into Steve "NoahsMyBro" in the finals.   Someone tell "JohnnyBlaze" that you can actually buy a Konami code t-shirt in a number of places!
    Doesn't this place sometimes look like a major chain? Smoke and mirrors, folks. Smoke and mirrors.
  Close-up of the day's real star.  
Someone's peeking at the "tournament deck". It's all good though, by this time it's all over and new champion Steve "NoahsMyBro" will get his name on our wall. I feel so naked without my megaphone. And I'm not saying that because I'm actually typing this while I'm naked.  
  My MOM gave me this as a "housewarming gift" the day the store opened. Always makes me smile. Some customers, not so much.  

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