VIC-20 Cassette Software List
          - - - = <  By Ward F. Shrake and Paul A. Le Brasse  > = - - -
                                 Version 1.0 
                            Last update:  July 1997

                    This document is public domain. However,
                    please give all appropriate credit to the
                    authors if and when you use this listing 
                    in any other context. Thanks in advance!

                        Notes for this version of the list.
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
        This is the full text of all the Vic20 tape software packages
        that Paul and I are currently aware of. We formatted this just
        as we did the cart list. Same exact column numbers and every-
        thing. This is so that, if anyone tries to combine the two for
        their own purposes, everything still lines up. (Please note,
        however, that some columns include different information.)

        Most likely, we will NOT be adding more to this list. We are
        both resting on our laurels now; we feel we deserve it. We've
        done more to resurrect the Vic20 than anyone in decades. So
        enjoy this semi-finished list, as is ... it's still heads and
        shoulders above any Vic20 tape listings we've seen around.

                                Ward Shrake  _and_ Paul LeBrasse

                                                Expansion    Language used
                                                     Size        | 
                                                        |   Game  \   Type of
Company     Software title                  Part#        \   play%  \  format
 (unknown)  3-deep-space                                  8k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  3ddoolhof                                     3k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Abductor                                      0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Acrobat                                       0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Alien armada                                  0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Alien attack                                  0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Alien hunter                                  0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Alien raiders                                 0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Alien vortex                                  0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Alien waster                                  0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Alpha draw                                    _k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Alphoids                                      0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Andes attack                                  8k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Android attack                                0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Another pacman                                0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Another vic in..                              0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Arrow                                         0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Artillery                                     0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Atom smasher                                  0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Avaruusp                                      8k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Bagdad                                        0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Bajan1000                                     0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Barrier battle                                0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Battlefield                                   0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Beekeeper                                     0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Bewitched                                     0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Bigchars                                      3k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Blam                                          0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Blinker                                       3k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Blockbuster                                   0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Blondell                                      0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Bomber                                        0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Bomber run                                    0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Bonking barrels                               0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Breakout                                      3k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Bugsy                                         0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Bunnyhop                                      0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Cabby                                         8k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Canyon runner                                 0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Castle dungeon                                0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Catacomb                                      0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Catcha snatcha                                _k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Caterpillar                                   0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Cavern fighter                                0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Cavernraider                                  0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Caves                                         0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Caves of ice                                  8k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Cb invaders                                   0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Cb slot 6 and 8                               0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Chomper                                       0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Circus                                        0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Computer-war                                  8k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Cosmic battle                                 0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Cosmic combat                                 0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Cosmic firebirds                              8k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Cosmonaut                                     0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Country garden                                8k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Crawler                                       0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Crazy kong                                    0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Critters                                      8k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Dam buster                                    0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Death maze                                    0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Death race                                    8k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Deathhouse                                    0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Defendem                                      0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Deflex                                        0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Depth charge                                  0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Destroyer                                     0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Diamond drop                                  0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Digger                                        0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Dotman                                        0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Dots                                          0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Downhill                                      0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Dragon master                                 0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Dragonmaze                                    0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Duck shoot                                    0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Earth invaders                                3k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Expense calendar                              _k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Explorer                                      0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Fantazia                                      0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Frantic fisherm.                              0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Frantik                                       _k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Frog run                                      3k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Frogger                                       0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Funky monkey                                  0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Galactic _k                                   3k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Galactic crossf.                              0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Galaxia                                       0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Galaxion invade.                              0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Galaxzions                                    0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Goblin                                        0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Gone fishing                                  _k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Grand prix                                    0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Guardian                                      0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Gunfight                                      0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Hangman                                       _k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Hanover downs                                 0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Hellgate                                      8k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Hunchback                                     0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Invader fall                                  0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Jackpot                                       0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Jetpac                                        8k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Jump                                          0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Jupiter defender                              0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Kaktus                                        8k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Kaleidoscope                                  0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Kaylon                                        0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Kp word process.                              8k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Krell                                         0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Kwazykwaks                                    0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Lever                                         0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Life                                          0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Looper                                        0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Lucy lizard                                   0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Lunar lander                                  0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Maanlanding                                   3k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Mancala                                       3k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Marble hunt                                   0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Master mind                                   0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Match                                         _k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Math quiz                                     0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Max                                           0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Memory                                        _k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Meteor blaster                                0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Meteor maze                                   0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Meteors                                       0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Meter mania                                   0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Micromon24576                                 _k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Mighty basic                                  8k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Mini kong                                     0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Miniature golf                                0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Minitron                                      0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Minotaur                                      3k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Missile panic                                 0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Missing maze                                  0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Mission mercury                               0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Monks                                         _k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Moons of jupiter                              8k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Morse code                                    0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Mosquito                                      0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Motorway                                      0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Mouse maze                                    0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Mower mania                                   8k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Muncher                                       0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Myriad                                        8k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Neutron zapper                                0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Nevets                                        0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Nibblers                                      3k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Nightcrawler                                  0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Omnitron                                      0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Orbis                                         0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Outpost                                       0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Pistolen paultje                              3k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Pit                                           0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Plague                                        0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Pool                                          8k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Pothole                                       0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Power blaster                                 0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Psycho shopper                                8k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Punch                                         0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Q-warrior                                     8k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Quadrant                                      0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Quadtrainment                                 _k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Quest                                         0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Quirk                                         0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Rabbit chaser                                 0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Rescue                                        0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Richthofen's re.                              0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  River rescue                                  8k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Road racer                                    0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Roaddriver                                    0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Roader                                        0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Rocket command                                0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Rockman                                       0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Saucer shooter                                0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Scare city motel                              0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Screen 40                                     8k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Sea invasion                                  0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Serpent of death                              8k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Shadowfax                                     0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Shark attack                                  0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Shoot-em?                                     0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Shooting gallery                              0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Siege                                         0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Skramble                                      0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Sky hawk                                      8k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Slap dab                                      0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Smash                                         0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Snake                                         0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Snake pit                                     0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Snake-byte                                    3k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Sno-cat                                       0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Space attack                                  0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Space dock                                    0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Space invaders                                0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Space patrol                                  0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Space runner                                  3k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Space scramble                                0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Space shoot                                   0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Space storm                                   3k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Speed skier                                   0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Spor search                                   _k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Star chaser                                   0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Starwars                                      0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Supavaders                                    0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Super breakout                                0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Super seekers                                 _k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Tank commander                                8k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Tank gunner                                   0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Tank vs. UFO                                  0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Terminal invader                              0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  The catch                                     0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  The defenders                                 0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  The pit                                       8k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  The tomb                                      0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Thinking harder                               0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Thunderflash                                  0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Time bomb                                     0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Time destroyers                               8k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Tower of evil                                 8k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Traffic jam                                   0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Tram line                                     0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Trapman                                       0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Traxx                                         8k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Typo invaders                                 0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  U-boat                                        0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  UFO                                           0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Vic asteroids                                 0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Vic cirkeldemo                                0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Vic downs                                     0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Vic dragon                                    0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Vic hires                                     0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Vic panic                                     0k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Vic shuffle                                   0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Vic viper                                     0k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Vicherman                                     8k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Wacky waiters                                 _k   gp   __   Tape
 (unknown)  Worm of bemer                                 8k   gp   BA   Tape
 (unknown)  Zap                                           0k   gp   BA   Tape

(Magazine)  Aardvark Attack                 Gazet, Oct83  0k   gp   __   Tape
(Magazine)  Alfabug                         Gazet, Jul83  0k   gp   __   Tape
(Magazine)  Astro panic                                   0k   gp   __   Tape
(Magazine)  Character assassination                       _k   gp   __   Tape
(Magazine)  Colorbots                                     0k   gp   BA   Tape
(Magazine)  Cylon Zap                       Gazet, Aug83  8k   gp   __   Tape
(Magazine)  Demons of osiris                              0k   gp   __   Tape
(Magazine)  Freeze factory                                0k   gp   BA   Tape
(Magazine)  Proofreader                                   _k   gp   __   Tape
(Magazine)  Ram Test                        Gazet, Aug83  0k   gp   __   Tape
(Magazine)  Sky diver                       Gazet, Jul83  0k   gp   BA   Tape
(Magazine)  Snake Escape                    Gazet, Jul83  _k   gp   __   Tape
(Magazine)  Trenchfire                                    0k   gp   __   Tape
(Magazine)  Viper, the                      Gazet, Aug83  0k   gp   __   Tape
(Magazine)  Word Hunt                       Gazet, Jul83  8k   gp   __   Tape

Academy     Typing Tutor                                  _k   gp   __   Tape
Academy     Word Invaders                                 _k   gp   __   Tape
AdVENTURES  Ak-Ak man                       pacman clone  0k   gp   __   Tape
AdVENTURES  Gypsum Caves                    text adventu 16k   gp   __   Tape
AdVENTURES  Home Budget / Finance                         0k   gp   __   Tape
AdVENTURES  Mail file                                     _k   gp   __   Tape
AdVENTURES  My ABC's                                      0k   gp   __   Tape
Ark Innov.  Treasure Raiders                              0k   gp   __   Tape
Artworx     Teacher's Pet                                 _k   gp   __   Tape
Boone       Crater Raider                                 _k   gp   __   Tape
Broderbund  Martian raider                                0k   gp   __   Tape
Broderbund  Multi-Sound Synthesizer                       _k   gp   __   Tape
Broderbund  Sea Fox                                       _k   gp   __   Tape
Broderbund  Shark Trap                                    0k   gp   __   Tape
Broderbund  Sky Blazer                                    _k   gp   __   Tape
Comm*Data   Alphabet Tutor                                _k   gp   __   Tape
Comm*Data   Ape Craze                                     _k   gp   __   Tape
Comm*Data   Caves of Annod                                _k   gp   __   Tape
Comm*Data   Dragons and Treasure                          _k   gp   __   Tape
Comm*Data   English Invaders                              _k   gp   __   Tape
Comm*Data   Escape MCP                                    0k   gp   __   Tape
Comm*Data   Gotcha math                                   _k   gp   __   Tape
Comm*Data   Market, the                                   _k   gp   __   Tape
Comm*Data   Math Invaders                                 _k   gp   __   Tape
Comm*Data   Multi-level marketing manager                 _k   gp   __   Tape
Comm*Data   Pakacuda                                      0k   gp   __   Tape
Comm*Data   Sketch & Paint                                _k   gp   __   Tape
Comm*Data   Street maze                                   _k   gp   __   Tape
Comm*Data   Tutor Math Series                             _k   gp   __   Tape
Commercial  Bug Spree                                     0k   gp   __   Tape
Commercial  Centipod                                      0k   gp   __   Tape
Commercial  Froggee                                       _k   gp   __   Tape
Commercial  Motor Mouse                                   0k   gp   __   Tape
Commercial  Road toad                                     0k   gp   __   Tape
Commercial  Witch Way                                     8k   gp   __   Tape
Commodore   Biorhythm compatibility         [VT1003]      0k   gp   __   Tape
Commodore   Blue meanies from outer space   [VT1005]      0k   gp   __   Tape
Commodore   Car chase                       [VT1001]      0k   gp   __   Tape
Commodore   Crawler                         [VT____]      _k   gp   __   Tape
Commodore   Home inventory                  [VT1012]      0k   gp   __   Tape
Commodore   Intro. to basic part 1          [VT____]      _k   gp   __   Tape
Commodore   Loan and mortgage calculator    [VT____]      _k   gp   __   Tape
Commodore   Personal finance I              [VT1007]      0k   gp   __   Tape
Commodore   Personal finance II             [VT____]      _k   gp   __   Tape
Commodore   Prog char set & graphics editor [VT 164]      0k   gp   __   Tape
Commodore   Slither (and super slither)     [VT1006]      0k   gp   __   Tape
Commodore   Space math                      [VT1004]      0k   gp   __   Tape
Commodore   Super math                      [VT____]      _k   gp   __   Tape
Commodore   Treasures of the bat cave       [VT____]      _k   gp   __   Tape
Commodore   Typewriter word processor       [VT____]      _k   gp   __   Tape
Commodore   Vic 21 casino style blackjack   [VT1002]      0k   gp   __   Tape
Commodore   Vic synthesizer                 [VT____]      _k   gp   __   Tape
Commodore   Victerm I                       [VT 232]      0k   gp   __   Tape
Computerist Mastering your Vic-20           [vm 116]      _k   gp   __   Tape
ComputerMat Alien Invasion                                0k   gp   __   Tape
ComputerMat Asteroidz                                     0k   gp   __   Tape
ComputerMat Bomb's Away                                   0k   gp   __   Tape
ComputerMat Bug Blast                                     0k   gp   __   Tape
ComputerMat Cosmic Cruzer                                 0k   gp   __   Tape
ComputerMat Cricket                                       0k   gp   __   Tape
ComputerMat Head-on                                       0k   gp   __   Tape
ComputerMat Mow                                           0k   gp   __   Tape
ComputerMat Munchman                                      0k   gp   __   Tape
ComputerMat Paratrooper                                   0k   gp   __   Tape
ComputerMat Snakeout                                      0k   gp   __   Tape
ComputerMat Space Pack                      3 games       0k   gp   __   Tape
ComputerMat Target Command                                0k   gp   __   Tape
Cosmi       Aztec challenge                               8k   gp   __   Tape
Cosmi       Slinky                                        _k   gp   __   Tape
Cosmi       Spider invasion                               _k   gp   __   Tape
Creative    Car Costs                       [VI____T]     _k   gp   __   Tape
Creative    City bomber minefield           [VI____T]     _k   gp   __   Tape
Creative    Decision Maker                  [VI____T]     _k   gp   __   Tape
Creative    Home inventory                  [VI____T]     0k   gp   __   Tape
Creative    Home office                     [VI HO T]     8k   gp   __   Tape
Creative    Household Finance               [VI____T]     0k   gp   __   Tape
Creative    Loan analyzer                   [VI____T]     _k   gp   __   Tape
CSA         CSA composer                    version 4.1   _k   gp   __   Tape
CSA         Fly Snatcher   (from PR Soft)   [PRC2]        0k   gp   BA   Tape
CSA         Johnnie jumpet                                0k   gp   __   Tape
CSA         Practicalc                      version 1.6  16k   gp   __   Tape
CSA         Splatman            (marked "demo")           _k   gp   __   Tape
CSA         Sub Command / Missile Command   [PRC4]        0k   gp   __   Tape
Del Games   Atlantic City       ("Your name here")        0k   gp   __   Tape
Del Games   Blackout            ("Your name here")        0k   gp   __   Tape
Del Games   Captain Space       ("Your name here")        0k   gp   __   Tape
Del Games   Colored lights      ("Your name here")        3k   gp   __   Tape
DES-Soft    Bonzo                                         8k   gp   BA   Tape
DES-Soft    Hopper                                        0k   gp   __   Tape
DES-Soft    Laser Command                                 _k   gp   __   Tape
DES-Soft    Shifty                          by Kavan     11k   gp   __   Tape
DES-Soft    Space Trader                                 16k   gp   __   Tape
Epyx        Crush, crumble & chomp!                      16k   gp   __   Tape
Epyx        Rescue at Rigel                              16k   gp   __   Tape
Epyx        Richochet                                     8k   gp   __   Tape
Epyx        Sword of Fargoal                             16k   gp   __   Tape
French Silk Develop-20                      ML devel. ki  0k   gp   __   Tape
HES         6502 assembler package          [____]        3k   gp   __   Tape
HES         Concentration                   [_211] ?      _k   gp   __   Tape
HES         Dam bomber                      [_212] ?      _k   gp   __   Tape
HES         Fuel Pirates                    [_207] ?      _k   gp   __   Tape
HES         Gridrunner                      [____]        0k   gp   __   Tape
HES         Laser blitz                     [_209] ?      _k   gp   __   Tape
HES         Laser zone                      [____]        8k   gp   __   Tape
HES         Maze of Mikor                   [____]        _k   gp   __   Tape
HES         Pak Bomber                      [____]        0k   gp   __   Tape
HES         Pinball                         [_205] ?      0k   gp   __   Tape
HES         Simon                                         _k   gp   __   Tape
HES         Skier                           [____]        0k   gp   __   Tape
HES         Tank Trap                       [_210] ?      _k   gp   __   Tape
HES         Tank Wars                       [_203] ?      _k   gp   __   Tape
HES         Torg                            [____]        0k   gp   __   Tape
HES         Victrek                                       _k   gp   __   Tape
Interesting Micromon                                      0k   gp   __   Tape
Interesting Quackers                                      _k   gp   __   Tape
Ivan Berg   Know your own personality                     8k   gp   __   Tape
Just Anothe Multi-color editor              char editor   0k   gp   __   Tape
Llamasoft   Matrix                                        8k   gp   __   Tape
Llamasoft   Metagalactic Llamas                           0k   gp   __   Tape
Micro-ED    Math bid                                      _k   gp   __   Tape
Micro-ED    VAP Invaders                                  _k   gp   __   Tape
Micro-Ware  Word Wizard                     word process  8k   gp   __   Tape
Microdigit. Gridder                                       0k   gp   __   Tape
Microdigit. Pinball wizard                                0k   gp   BA   Tape
Microdigit. Skramble!                                     0k   gp   BA   Tape
Microdigit. Snakman                                       0k   gp   __   Tape
Microspec   Data Manager                                  _k   gp   __   Tape
Microspec   Math drill                                    _k   gp   __   Tape
Microspec   Portfolio Manager                             _k   gp   __   Tape
Microspec   Spelling B - Grades 2 thru 6                  _k   gp   __   Tape
Midwest Mic Superterm                                    16k   gp   __   Tape
Midwest Mic Terminal-40                                   8k   gp   __   Tape
Midwest Mic Vic-Pics                                      0k   gp   __   Tape
Nufekop     3D Man                          [CG092]       3k   gp   __   Tape
Nufekop     Alien Panic                     [CG008]       0k   gp   __   Tape
Nufekop     Antimatter splatter             [CG096]       0k   gp   __   Tape
Nufekop     Catch, the                      [CG068]       0k   gp   __   Tape
Nufekop     Collide                         [CG026]       0k   gp   __   Tape
Nufekop     Defender on Tri                 [CG090]       3k   gp   __   Tape
Nufekop     Exterminator                    [CG094]       0k   gp   __   Tape
Nufekop     Krazy Kong                      [CG054]       0k   gp   __   Tape
Nufekop     Race Fun                        [CG098]       0k   gp   __   Tape
Nufekop     Rescue from Nufon               [CG058]       0k   gp   __   Tape
Nufekop     Search                                        _k   gp   __   Tape
Nufekop     Space Quest                     [CG088]       8k   gp   __   Tape
Nufekop     Vicman                                        0k   gp   __   Tape
PR Software 6 programs                      [PRC1]        _k   gp   __   Tape
PR Software Ant Raiders                     [PRC3]        _k   gp   __   Tape
Rabbit      Tank-war                                      0k   gp   __   Tape
Sim Compute Color Craft                                   0k   gp   __   Tape
Softsmith   Arithmevic 1                    [E4004]       _k   gp   __   Tape
Softsmith   Cyclons                         [G1050]       8k   gp   __   Tape
Softsmith   Krazy Kong                      [G1029]       0k   gp   BA   Tape
Star Tech   Arcadia                                       0k   gp   __   Tape
Star Tech   Asteroids20                                   0k   gp   __   Tape
Star Tech   Backgammon                                    3k   gp   __   Tape
Star Tech   Bunny                                         0k   gp   __   Tape
Star Tech   Cosmiads    (galaxian clone)                  0k   gp   BA   Tape
Star Tech   Meteor                                        0k   gp   __   Tape
Star Tech   Panic                                         0k   gp   __   Tape
Star Tech   Ski-Run                                       0k   gp   __   Tape
Star Tech   Vicmen                                        0k   gp   __   Tape
Synapse     Astro patrol                                  0k   gp   __   Tape
Synapse     Harrier                                       0k   gp   __   Tape
Synapse     Salmon run                                    0k   gp   __   Tape
Synapse     Squeeze                                       0k   gp   __   Tape
Totl Soft.  Mailing List and label                        0k   gp   __   Tape
Totl Soft.  Research assistant                            0k   gp   __   Tape
Totl Soft.  Small business accounting                     0k   gp   __   Tape
Totl Soft.  Totl time manager                             0k   gp   __   Tape
Totl Soft.  Word Processing                               0k   gp   __   Tape
Tronix      Galactic blitz                  [102-002]     0k   gp   __   Tape
Tronix      Sidewinder                      [102-004]     8k   gp   __   Tape
Tronix      Swarm!                          [102-003]     0k   gp   __   Tape
Umbrella    Math Magic                                    0k   gp   __   Tape
UMI         3-D Maze                        [6624]        0k   gp   __   Tape
UMI         Alien blitz                     [6619]        0k   gp   __   Tape
UMI         Alien, the                      [6621]        3k   gp   __   Tape
UMI         Amok                            [6611]        0k   gp   __   Tape
UMI         Kosmic kamikaze                 [6634]        3k   gp   __   Tape
UMI         Pox                             [6612]        8k   gp   __   Tape
UMI         Raceway                         [6627]        0k   gp   __   Tape
UMI         Simon                           [6602]        0k   gp   __   Tape
UMI         Skymath                         [6803]        3k   gp   __   Tape
UMI         Spacediv                        [6804]        3k   gp   __   Tape
UMI         Sub chase                       [6610]        8k   gp   __   Tape
UMI         Super hangman                   [6806]        3k   gp   __   Tape
UMI         Vicat                           [6___]        3k   gp   __   Tape
UMI         Viterm A                        [6___]        _k   gp   __   Tape
Victory     African Escape                  Adv pack #2   0k   gp   __   Tape
Victory     Annihilator                                   0k   gp   __   Tape
Victory     Big bad wolf                    Adv pack #1   0k   gp   BA   Tape
Victory     Bomb Threat                     Adv pack #2   0k   gp   __   Tape
Victory     Computer Adventure              Adv pack #1   0k   gp   __   Tape
Victory     Cosmic Debris                                 0k   gp   __   Tape
Victory     Grave Robber                                  _k   gp   __   Tape
Victory     Hospital Adventure              Adv pack #2   0k   gp   __   Tape
Victory     Kongo Kong                                    0k   gp   __   Tape
Victory     Ludwig's Lemon Lasers                         0k   gp   __   Tape
Victory     Moon Base Alpha                 Adv pack #1   0k   gp   __   Tape
Victory     Trek                                          _k   gp   __   Tape

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