"VIC-20 Digital Archaeology CD Project"

It pains me to do this, but I am hereby formally announcing the end of my involvement with the "VIC-20 CD Project" as of October 2001. Completed or not, I need to get that chore off of my "To Do" list, which has literally stacked up for years. I have enough stress in my life already, and do not need the weight of having this chore hanging over my head.

Please do NOT try to guilt-trip me into continuing this project! I'm sorry, but I have made my decision and it is final.

A couple of people have told me they'd like to continue the project, without my involvement. My intent is to pass the baton to them, as it were. For the time being, I am merely going to collect names, and add them to a list. If you are serious about wanting to take this project over as part of that group, contact me by e-mail and I'll add you to that list. 

Here are some of the specific reasons this particular project met this particular end...

  • Unexpectedly heavy workload. Like every other project ever done, this one started out as just an idea. I knew from the start that doing this project would be a HUGE draw on any one person's time and efforts. Early on, I came to the conclusion that if I was going to be the only person doing this project, that I would not announce it or go forward with it. I went to Paul LeBrasse, who was the only person that I knew that had carried a project load anywhere near this heavy. (He helped me to archive the entire VIC-20 cartridge software library.) I asked him if he was interested in splitting this project with me, on a roughly equal 50/50 basis. He initially agreed to go forward with the project, on that basis. He even seemed excited about it, at first. Figuring my potential workload was now cut in half, I announced the project and began working on it. However, Paul found out early on that this was just too much like work, and he not only quit the project, but reduced his presence in retro-gaming circles in general. (Much like I am doing now.) I do not blame Paul for his decision. Obviously, I'm following suit. But the reality remains; I expected help that did not come, and ended up carrying the workload all by myself. Had I known that would be the case right from the start, I never would have announced this project. Simple as that.
  • Motivation. I did the best I could for quite a long while, but eventually I just burned out on the CD project. It got to be too much like real work, with little or no personal reward inherent in it anywhere. I tried for two and a half years to forcibly rekindle some kind of major enthusiasm for this particular project -- and for the retro-gaming hobby in general. At this point, I have to admit to myself that it just is not working. The reality is, I no longer care to see or collect video game packaging. (If I ever do, I have a vast collection of old gaming magazines to read.)
  • I'd much rather just play these games. They are supposed to be relaxing and fun. Time I got back to all that....

Go here to see the reasons I decided to scale back my involvement with the retro-gaming hobby, in general....

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