Who was involved in the
"VIC-20 Digital Archaeology CD Project"

Primary Contributors



Cliff Gregory 144 images, moral support.
Gary Pearson 87 images.
Ward Shrake 236 images, (plus 116 magazine cover images), processing scanned art from others, tracking contributions, overall project management.
Other Contributors Contributions

Linus Åkerlund Various interviews, moral support.
John Britanik 7 images.
Nate Brooman 1 image.
Anders Carlsson 11 images.
Michael Davidson 1 image.
Wendell Davis III 2 images.
Mike DeWit 2 images.
Charles Dysert 16 images.
Eric Gustafson 15 images.
Thomas Hechelhammer 1 image.
Jon Kade 1 image.
Paul LeBrasse 16 images, helped to create cart gameplay and rarity listings. (Helped to archive cart library.)
Steven Lyon 8 images.
Marko Mäkelä (Was planned to write HTML code, later on.)
Rick Melick 1 image, various interviews, moral support.
Tom Piatkowski 1 image.
Steve Reed 3 images.
Kevin Rogers 1 image.
Brent Santin 1 image, considerable photocopied info that Ward never finished scanning, helped clarify some cart rumors about "Wizard of Wor" and others.
Roger Sinasohn 4 images.
David Strutt 27 images.
Tom Truszkowski 23 images.
Patrick Wickwire 4 images.
Scott Williams 2 images.

Lists shown in alphabetical order. This is a summarized list, based
upon what was actually contributed by each individual during the
time the project was under Ward Shrake's control. (As of October
2001, Ward has officially ended his involvement with this project.)
See also the more detailed, item-by-item list of contributions.
My apologies for any missing or incorrect information.

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