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Hand-picked samples from some of our favorite games. WAVs are perfect for event association!
Everything here is "editor's choice", and many were created right here at DP HQ. Enjoy.

Video Game MP3's! Video Game Sound Effects! Video Game Theme Songs and Anthems! SID Tunes!
Ripped for your pleasure - download and play on your favorite MP3 player. WAV files suitable for Windows, much like a really good curtain. All of these EXCLAMATION points are starting to remind me of the Odyssey2! (ack! Another one!) Commodore 64 fans can listen to the harmonies of the SID chip emulated on your PC.

Everything here is WAV or MIDI format.


Arcade Hits
from the DP HQ archives

Bomberman (alt)
Bubble Bobble
Captain Commando
Dig Dug 2
Frogger (start)
Galaga '88 (bonus)
Ghouls 'n Ghosts (dead)
Ghouls 'n Ghosts (start)
Kung-fu Master
Metal Slug
Neo-Geo Theme
Pac-Mania (game over)
Panic Bomber
Super Pac-Man
TRON (end)
TRON (start)
TRON (next level)
Tutankham (start)
Up 'n Down

Actraiser: Stage 1 (20k midi)
Pretty dramatic stuff. Sounds great in midi format.

Altered Beast: Between Stages (900k wav)
It's big, but it's really good. You know this song. It haunts you. By Matt Adams-Wenger.

Archon (4k midi)
It never gets old! One of the truly great strategy/action games of all time also has a kick-ass theme song.

Bruce Lee: Theme Music (3k midi)
This one will stick in your head so badly that your friends will begin throwing kicks and karate chops at you. It's worth it though.

Bump 'N Jump: Theme (3k midi)
Original MIDI production courtesy of Michael J Hayes at the Digital Conservatory:

Burgertime: Theme (31k wav)
From the NES version, brings back memories of being chased around by a hot dog and a pickle. Also memories of playing this game, where the same thing can happen.

Burgertime: Theme (6k midi)
Original MIDI production courtesy of Michael J Hayes at the Digital Conservatory:

Buzz Bombers: Theme (2k midi)
From the Intellivision game. Original MIDI production courtesy of Michael J Hayes at the Digital Conservatory:

Cannon Rider: Theme (9k midi)
From the Commodore 64 game. SID music is hard to reproduce, but this is very well done.

Castlevania: Opening Theme (2K midi)
You'll find this hauntingly familiar riff rather... well, familiar, really.

Columns: Falling Gems (22k midi)
The Sega gang sure knew how to weave a catchy tune.

Dig Dug: Theme Song (2k midi)
One of those really catchy classics.

Donkey Kong: Level One (13k wav)
Familiar riff from the first stage of the coin-op classic.

Donkey Kong 3: Death (32k wav)
Remember "Stanley"? Whatever happened to him?

Doom: Episode 1, Mission 1 (28k midi)
My personal favorite of the Doom themes, a minute into it and you're treated to some incredible synthesizer jamming, along the lines of "Peter Gunn". Dig it!

Doom: Episode 3, Mission 1 (22k midi)
Great driving beat.

Earthworm Jim: New Junk City (51k midi)
The rich score of Earthworm Jim provided many memorable themes, here's one of our favorites.

Elevator Action: Main Theme (2k midi)
Nice interpretation of one of the more memorable themes in Taito arcade history. By Matt Adams-Wenger.

Final Fantasy III: "Awake" variation on theme song (6k midi)
The Final Fantasy III theme turns up in many variations in the game. This one is rich in background.

Final Fantasy III: Coliseum (36k midi)
A ragtime sound. Actually, I believe it's called "Spinach Rag". Doesn't sound very appetizing, does it?

Final Fantasy III: GoGo's Theme (11k midi)

Final Fantasy III: Kefka's Theme (26k midi)
Kefka is the heavy in this game. His theme music is appropriately sinister.

Final Fantasy III: Magitek Factory (13k midi)

Final Fantasy III: Opera House (13k midi)
This one still brings a tear to my eye. There are "words" to this theme but you'll have to play the game in order to sing along.

Final Fantasy III: Overworld Main Theme (24k midi)
The main theme to FFIII. Brilliant.

Final Fantasy III: Shadow's Theme (6k midi)
Shadow's the loner in the game. This one sounds like it came from a spaghetti western.

Final Fantasy III: Ultro (42k midi)
One of the few "hopping" tunes in the game.

Final Fantasy III: Umaro (11k midi)
I can't remember for the life of me where this song plays in the game, but I remember things were'nt going well for me at the time! A bit devious, like Kefka's theme.

Final Fantasy III: Veldt (25k midi)
Tribal beat.

Final Fantasy III: Zozo Town Theme (9k midi)
The evil town of Zozo where thieves run amok. God I wish I could live there. I wouldn't have to pay for nothin'!

Flashback: Quest for Identity - Opening Theme (7k midi)
Your quest for identity begins with this dramatic opening theme from this spectacular game which appeared on many platforms in the 90's.

Frogger: Theme Music (75k wav)
One of the most recognizeable jingles in videogamedom.

Ghosts 'N Goblins: Level One (7k mid)
A remix of the memorable opening theme from the equally memorable arcade game. Remixed by Matt Adams-Wenger.

Ghouls 'n Ghosts (mid)
Here's the theme that I'll go on record as saying it's the most likely of all to pop into my head at any given moment.

Gyruss: Game Start Theme (132k wav)
Huge build-up to one of the best shooters of all time.

Gyruss: Stage One: Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (199k wav)
The first few seconds of the opening wave, Bach on a Casio!

Gyruss: Theme (93k mid)
For those who cannot get enough Gyruss, here's a re-mix of the full theme in MIDI format.

Karateka: Theme (96k wav)
Hopefully many will remember that this was a GREAT game until it turned up on the Atari 7800. The music matches the cinematic cut-scenes.

Major Havoc (52k au)
This classic color vector coin-op designed by Owen Rubin has a little of everything: shooting, platforming, and even memorable music. Here's a snippet of the game's opening theme.

Mappy: Theme song (6k midi)
A cute little tune. Reminds me of a mouse running around, being chased by cats. Hey! I guess it fits.

Mike Tyson's Punch Out!: Opening (117k wav)
One of my favorite NES games.

Mission AD: Stage 2 (14k midi)
From the Commodore 64 game.

Moon Patrol: Theme Song/Gameplay (268k wav)
Call it "funk" or call it "house music", this could have been a huge pop hit!

Mr. Do's Castle (mid)
The hammerin' sequel has some pretty nice background music. Ever notice?

Ms. Pac-Man intermission 1 (mid)
They meet!

Ms. Pac-Man intermission 3 (mid)
By this time, Mr. Pac-man has found a mistress and Ms. is barefoot and pregnant. Such is the way of video game life.

M.U.L.E: Theme song (8k midi)
Another of those "can't get it out of my head" songs that makes people wonder what else is in my head anyway.

Pac-Mania - Block Town (mid)
You'll quickly remember this one, the theme music to the first level of the game.

Pac-Mania - Pac-Man Park (mid)
Groove with Pac-Man as he hops, skips, and jumps a park full 'o ghosties.

Paperboy (19k mid)
Hum along as Paperboy blasts weapons of mass destruction through windows, at punk rockers, and sometimes even into mailboxes!

Pitfall II The Lost Caverns: Suite (10k midi)
A suite of the music from this game. A friend of mine and I wrote words to the "got the prize" portion of the music years ago. Write me if you wanna see them.

Pole Position (mid)
OK so maybe it's not a theme song, but it's a familiar little number.

Secret of Monkey Island: Theme song (mid)
Who could forget this classic theme? Well, I did... but you're smarter than I am!

Shadow of the Beast: Theme song (19k midi)
Hated the game. Love the theme song.

Silpheed (mid)
Used in our October 2002 Mystery Game Contest. You remember it... for its time it was considered pretty cutting edge despite the fact that the game elements (everything but the graphics) were dated and rather generic.

Snafu: Alternate Theme (100k wav)
One of those ditties that you can't get out of your head. When they hear me humming it I get funny looks.

Snafu: Theme 1 (1k midi)
Original MIDI production courtesy of Michael J Hayes at the Digital Conservatory:

Snafu: Theme 2 (8k midi)
Original MIDI production courtesy of Michael J Hayes at the Digital Conservatory:

Sonic CD: Theme (21k midi)
You may be thinking "no way I'd remember this one", but if you played the game for any length of time, you'll remember it right away. It's just lurking in the back of your spiny skull.

Space Harrier: Level 1 (60k midi)
Truly inspirational music - enough to make you want to grab a jetpack and blast away at a Chinese Dragon.

Spy Hunter: Theme from "Peter Gunn" (12k midi)
If I had a MIDI player in my car, I'd play this with the top down.  May as well throw in the other Spy Hunter stuff, like the oil slicks and missiles while you're in there.

Streets of Rage: Opening (8k midi)
The Genesis isn't known for it's music, but there were a few classics, such as this from Sega's premiere street fighting game.

Star Trek: Vectrex Theme (90k wav)
It doesn't sound pretty but it gets the job done.

Super Mario 64: Slide (49k midi)
This song is so groovy. Strings, flute, piano. Classic Nintendo stuff!

Super Mario Bros. (mid)
Here's that song that you used to hear ad infinitum as you worked your way through the game. And now you get to hear it again. And again.

Super Mario Bros. 2: Theme (26k midi)

Super Mario Bros. 3: Underworld (4k midi)
A familiar classic.

Super Mario RPG: Latin Beat (58k midi)
This is a very big MIDI file, but you'll hear why! Crank up that island sound, mon!

Super Mario World: Level 2 Rag (9k midi)
A catchy little piano ditty.

Super Mario World: Theme Song (11k midi)
Yes, it's another little piano ditty. Come to think of it, were'nt they ALL piano ditties in this SNES game?

Tetris - Medley (mid)
A really nice set of remixed Tetris themes.

Thin Ice: Theme (1k midi)
From the Intellivision game. Original MIDI production courtesy of Michael J Hayes at the Digital Conservatory:

TRON Solar Sailer: Theme (.8k midi)
From the Intellivision voice module game. Original MIDI production courtesy of Michael J Hayes at the Digital Conservatory:

Up 'n Down: Theme Song (114k wav)
In short bursts this one's just fine, but remember how it droned on and on in the game?

Venture: Little ditty number one (60k wav)
The music from the ColecoVision version of Exidy's sleeper is too groovy. Here's one...

Venture: Little ditty number two (36k wav)
...and here's another.

Warhawk (mid)
One of the greatest C64 musicians, Rob Hubbard, in one of his greatest works - not quite as nice as the SID version but still smashing.

Way of the Exploding Fist (mid)
A memorable C64 game with a very memorable opening track.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors (755k wav)
Familiar theme from the first level of this cult classic.

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