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Hand-picked samples from some of our favorite games. WAVs are perfect for event association!
Everything here is "editor's choice", and many were created right here at DP HQ. Enjoy.

Video Game MP3's! Video Game Sound Effects! Video Game Theme Songs and Anthems! SID Tunes!
Ripped for your pleasure - download and play on your favorite MP3 player. WAV files suitable for Windows, much like a really good curtain. All of these EXCLAMATION points are starting to remind me of the Odyssey2! (ack! Another one!) Commodore 64 fans can listen to the harmonies of the SID chip emulated on your PC.

We have Arcade, Atari VCS/2600, and Intellivision sounds on 'tap' for your listening pleasure.



"Chicken, fight like a robot!" -  ... you're not leaving the maze without cleaning up on bonus points, are you? 46k wav
Got the humanoid - Ouch 60k wav
"The humanoid must not escape" - Isn't Evil Otto the baddest bad guy ever?   Have a nice day. 98k wav
Start music 30k wav
End music - Game over, man, GAME OVER! 19k wav
Death Ditty - Never will you hear a game get so "cheerful" about the slaughter of one of your men. Chef dies, world rejoices. 123k wav
Descending Duck - This was our May 2004 Mystery Game sound byte, probably the toughest one ever! Would you have recognized this one? 42k wav
Congo Bongo  
Roar of the Beast - I ain't ascared! Anyway, Donkey Kong looks meaner. 17k wav
Crazy Climber  
Falling - Anyone else have recurring nightmares of being bonked with a flower pot and falling 67 stories to your doom? Anyone? Any... one? 77k wav
Crystal Castles  
Hat: Acquired. - This is quite the little victory ditty. You've got the hat, kick some ass. 182k wav
Captured Humanoid - The distress call that puts your eyes on the radar map. 10k wav
Free Ship 55k wav
Materialize - If only we could do this in real life... 13k wav
Start 33k wav
Swarmers - They have a sound all their own, the little bastards. 8k wav
Donkey Kong  
Intro Theme - Dum de dum dum. 59k wav
Stage Start Tune 29k wav
Final Fight  
Grunt - Gyaaah! 97k wav
Bang Bang You're Dead - The all too familiar sound of a laser connecting to your frail body. Zappo! 45k wav
Coin In - The coin-drop sound that kicks off every game of Frogger. 388k wav
Extra - A subtle tune indicating bonus frog. Everyone loves bonus frog. 431k wav
Hop - That familiar sound of a frog moving, only without the squishy bits. 129k wav
Plunk - Into the drink, frog. 258k wav
Squash - Under the truck, frog. 215k wav
Alert - Panic time - the alarm you hear when you've only got a few seconds left. Great for meeting reminders in Outlook. 215k wav
Chance Stage Start - This tune always meant to me: "you're not going to get killed for the next 20 seconds, enjoy!" 30k wav
Galaga '88  
Bonus Begins - The short notification tune you get when it's time to start a bonus stage. 345k wav
Key - Here's that sound you hear when you grab a key. 25k wav
"Your Life Force Is Running Out" - Doncha just hate that? 431k wav
"Someone Shot the Food" - Bastard! 345k wav
Laughter - You screwed up - and that makes the alien commander happy. 11k wav
Impossible Mission  
"Destroy him, my robots" - The sound we wait for our whole lives Evil scientist sicc'ing the robots on our human asses. 27k wav
Egg 4k wav
Flap 4k wav
Free Bird - In this case it's a good thing. 14k wav
Lava - The pool is closed.  Permanently. 8k wav
Materialize - Your rider appears, Star Trek style. 124k wma
Pterodactyl - One of those great classic game baddies and its terrifying squawk. 10k wav
Skid - "Jane!  Stop this crazy thing!" 11k wav
Start 20k wav
Thunk 4k wav
"You Son Of A Gun" - We think... 43k wav
Major League Baseball  
Roar of the crowd - I love the Intellivision "virtual" fans. Loyal to their sport but not their team, cheering even when the visitor scores! 108k wav
Bounce - That tiny little bounce that tells you all is well and right with the world once again. Now let's get back to stealing stuff. 22k wav
Mr. Do!  
Start Stage - The deadliest clown in video games begins the carnage. 21k wav
Three Stage Intermission - Even an energy ball wielding apple dropping psychopath needs a break. 70k wav
End of Game - He gets knocked down, but he gets up again... 45k wav
Dead - This is usually the last sound I hear before passing out drunk on a Friday night. 17k wav
Pac 'n Pal  
Dead - It's the same old you-are-dead-and-kerplop sound but newer and faster. 231k wav
Just Wait - The end boss' mid-game intermission muttering. 215k wav
"The Best" 113k wav
Wuss - One can never grow tired of some street ho taunting "Come on, wuss!", can one? 164k wav
Yeah - A sort-of rimshot followed by an emphatic "Yeah!" 420k wav
You got 'em - "The annoying cornerman is rarely right" - Confucious 11k wav
Cussing - That foul-mouthed little... little... little thing... with a nose... 39k wav
Bye, Coily - Off you go! 41k wav
Slick - These guys all talk jibberish, little demonic hellspawn that they are. 54k wav
Ugg & Wrong-way - Few gamers realize that what Ugg and Wrong-way say, when played backwards is "Buy Digital Press!  Buy Digital Press!". 50k wav
Completing a Box - It's that SOUND... that the thing makes... when it, you know, does that thing... with the box. 51k wav
Shark!  Shark!  
Shark coming! 69k wav
"Beware, Coward!" 19k wav
"Beware, I Live!" 21k wav
"I Am Sinistar" 23k wav
"I Hunger!" - I have this one set to go off just before lunchtime. 11k wav
"I Hunger, Coward!" 21k wav
"Run, Coward!" 16k wav
"Run! Run! Run!" 19k wav
"ROOOARRRRR" 28k wav
Dead snake! 35k wav
Space Fury  
Alien head - Never mind the file size - this is the COOLEST wav going... Cantcha just picture that alien head taunting you? 73k wav
Space Spartans  
Hello Commander - "Hello commander... computer reporting", in a sexy futuristic cybersexy voice! Erm... right. I really do need to get out more. 26k wav
Star Strike  
Bye bye, Earth! - The entire planet gets destroyed when you lose this game, but doesn't it sound great? 65k wav
Winner! 47k wav
Star Wars  
With You Always - A digitized Obi Wan assures you that "The force will be with you, always". 21k wav
Shake Him - A digitized Luke cries out "I can't shake him!" 302k wav
Use the Force - Like a broken record with this force business, Obi Wan repeats "Use the force, Luke". 431k wav
Yahoo - The good guys always win in the end, as proven here by this enthusiastic "Yahoo!" 517k wav
Super Pac-Man  
Start 776k wav
Dead - A long, drawn out death scene, Pac-style. 313k wav
Wakka - Your basic "wakka wakka". 95k wav
Time Pilot  
Bonus - Sounds like gunfire but it is, in fact, bonus points being added to your tally. 172k wav
Dead - Time Pilot ships don't so much explode as they do "de-rezz". Witness. 215k wav
Total Carnage  
"Total Carnage!" - Our favorite game show host, hosting this sequel to Smash TV. 345k wav
"I Love It" - Game show host guy stating the obvious, "I love it!" 258k wav
Woop Woop Woop - When you grab the shoes for speed in Total Carnage, you get this little sound byte from The Three Stooges' Curly. 172k wav
Discs of TRON  
De-rezz! 49k wav
Wizard of Wor  
Gameplay chatter - It's funny because it's OLD! A web visitor translated this for us: "I'm out of sight, ha ha ha ha". 136k wav


Atari VCS/2600

Slain Dragon 10k wav
Eaten Alive 35k wav
Win! 49k wav
Shoot 16k wav
Killed 11k wav
Bowling 113k wav
Centipede 24k wav


Dig Dug
Theme 60k wav
Killed 23k wav
Donkey Kong
Jump 9k wav
Killed 14k wav
Flash Gordon
Shoot 6k wav
Explode 15k wav
Warning 10k wav
Killed 29k wav
Haunted House
Door 5k wav
Stairs 31k wav
Keystone Kapers
Thud 9k wav
Prize 10k wav
Bounce 26k wav
Jump 7k wav
Shoot 41k wav
Killed 13k wav
Ms. Pac-Man
Theme 52k wav
Prize 16k wav
Start 18k wav
Power Pill 63k wav
Killed 26k wav


Pressure Cooker
Theme 118k wav
Score 6k wav


Swing 23k wav
Killed 28k wav
Fall 8k wav
Prize 10k wav


Pole Position
Race Theme 41k wav
Qualify Theme 32k wav
Lights 64k wav


Raiders of the Lost Ark
Flute 84k wav
Killed 113k wav
Theme 146k wav


River Raid
Fuel 7k wav
Space Invaders
Invaders 79k wav
Mystery Ship 31k wav
Killed 15k wav


Theme 61k wav
Street Racer
Game 15k wav


TRON Deadly Discs
De-rezz 12k wav
Killed 45k wav


Video Pinball
Game 66k wav


Yars' Revenge
Cannon 23k wav
Swirl 123k wav
Win! 132k wav


Advanced Dungeons & Dragons  
Got him! 94k wav
Damn rat! 75k wav
Something's there! 33k wav
B-17 Bomber  
Suite - Everything from the "Mattel Electronics Presents" to the final crash of a doomed run. Great "voice" samples from an Intellivision classic. Unzip to play them. 523 zipped wav

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