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Hand-picked samples from some of our favorite games. WAVs are perfect for event association!
Everything here is "editor's choice", and many were created right here at DP HQ. Enjoy.

Please do not distribute these without checking with us first, thank you!

Video Game MP3's! Video Game Sound Effects! Video Game Theme Songs and Anthems! SID Tunes!
Ripped for your pleasure - download and play on your favorite MP3 player. WAV files suitable for Windows, much like a really good curtain. All of these EXCLAMATION points are starting to remind me of the Odyssey2! (ack! Another one!) Commodore 64 fans can listen to the harmonies of the SID chip emulated on your PC.

Note: MP3's and WAVs can be converted to standard CD audio as well, making these your perfect "driving tunes"!


Arcade Favorites

These samples were ripped from their ROMS or MAME sample folders and converted to MP3 right here at Digital Press Laboratories.

Altered Beast
Batman: The Video Game
Bomb Jack
Bomb Jack (alt)
Bubble Bobble
Dig Dug 2
Discs of TRON
Fatal Fury 2
Frogger (tweener)
Galaga '88 (bonus level)
Galaga '88 (start)
Ghosts'n Goblins (theme)
Ghouls'n Ghosts (area 1)
Ghouls'n Ghosts (area 2)
Ghouls'n Ghosts (area 3)
Ghouls'n Ghosts (area 4)
Ghouls'n Ghosts (area 5)
Mappy (main theme)
Mappy (game over)
Pac-Mania (fast)
Pac-Mania (stage 1)
Pac-Mania (stage 2)
Pac-Mania (weary)
Panic Bomber
Pit-Fighter (rap)
Pit-Fighter (rap-best)
Pit-Fighter (rap-yeah)
Star Wars: The Arcade Game
Star Wars: The Arcade Game (cantina)
Star Wars: The Arcade Game (dark side)
Star Wars: The Arcade Game (end stage)
Star Wars: The Arcade Game (theme)
Star Wars: The Arcade Game (tweener)
Super Pac-Man (intermission)
Time Pilot
Tower of Druaga
TRON (panic)


Buffy DP (recorded using MTV Music Generator)

Le Joue
A fan favorite! Some alterations to one of Final Fantasy X's themes does wonders for it. This is a very dramatic piece. Tears still well up in my eyes when I hear it. Then again I'm a little wimpy.

Moving Around You
It's funky stuff that you can swing your hips to! When my hips swing, things fly off of shelves! So run for cover - but for Christ's sake download and enjoy Buffy's rhythms.

Wherein Buffy "rocks out". I can just picture her with her air guitar belting out "it's gonna be fine, it's gonna be fine"! See what I mean.

To Joe
Be still my heart! This was the first track Buffy sent my way, and one of my favorites. Is it a dedication? Nah, it's a message: "the change is gonna be fine" :)

It's not "wasabe", and it's not "watanabe". And if you say it "want to be", then this definitely is not the song for you (go back and listen to that SQUARE music, Herbert)!

Gimme the Love
If you've heard the first few on this list then you're already well aware of Buffy's sense of soul. This one's the most soulful of them all. Perhaps the most soulful in the whole universe!

In a smoky corner, Buffy plays out this decidedly wicked little anthem. This is the theme song I'm going to use when I finally finish my first mob movie screenplay.

Japanese Tourist
Buffy grooves around dialogue from the movie "Go!", which, if you're like me, you haven't seen yet :) No matta, let the sista put ya righteous.

Anyone who's seen "Swingers" will recognize the samples here, turned into music by our favorite brit.

American Booty
Dramatic house music where Buffy says "get your groove thing on"! Well, she doesn't actually say it. But she really means it! Don't fuck with her, just listen and relate.

Joke Song
Laugh along with mixmeister B! She's a silly one.


Conquer The Video Craze

Conquer The Video Craze was released in 1982, and offers tips and strategies from "Atari champion finalist" (?) Curtis Hoard for 8 of the most popular arcade games at that time.  According to Atari's own magazine article on the 1983 World Centipede Championship contest, there's no mention of Curtis.  Hmm...

Dig Dug
Donkey Kong
Ms. Pac-Man



PlayStation Generation
Der Beat
Kleiner Mann Geht Spazieren
Yet Another Oldschool Sidtune
Tanzabares Lied
Full of Sid Remix
Die Hintergruende
Das Geheimnis
Mario Remix
Script Kidz
2Step Meetz Arcade
Sid It
Bedroom Activities & Raggapop Mix


Kid Stuff Records

Atari Theme
From the Asteroids album. No lyrics, which make this one of the BETTER tunes. Sounds a little like the Devo Corporate Anthem, if you can relate.

Lots of interesting background information comes from this album. For example, did you know that the exact number of asteroids is 4683? Of course not, because you're not nearly as clever as the smarmy Captain or his over-sensitive computer from this soundtrack. This track sounds more like a funeral dirge than a rousing space anthem, but there you have it. Space is a bleak place.

Asteroids Drama I
Introductions abound as Captain Jackass impresses young Billy with his big rocket. Ship. And "fires up his thrusters".

Asteroids Drama II
Red alert. Captain Jackass asks young Billy to join him in the "action". At one point he says "Oh my God, look at the SIZE of that thing!". Later he argues with his computer, 10 of 9, who is EVEN SMARTER than he is! Amazing.

Asteroids Drama III
The year is 1983, 600 years ago. You get to hear all about EARTH in this fascinating track. It's a relief to know that way way in the future, man and computer have evolved so much. As it turns out, mankind gets pompous and arrogant and computers will readily argue that they are better at both of these things as well as everything else. Whew. And I thought we were heading in the wrong direction.

Asteroids Drama IV
Once Captain Jackass and his brilliant computer 10 of 9 realize that it's not only Earth that would be destroyed, but ALSO their ship (now that's just plain irreplaceable), they finally decide to take the offensive in this thrilling sci-fi extravaganza. When it's all over, the Captain and his computer make mad passionate conversation.

Super Breakout part I
Finally, the definitive story of how Atari's marketing ran amok, over all the barriers of logic and reality.  To cushion the harshness of it all, we are told the quaint story of Capt. John Stewart Chang, who hauls ore from Jupiter to "New California" on the space shuttle Adventure. On approach to Venus, completely without warning, he runs smack into a giant force field.  As it happens, Capt Chang was running low on air at that very moment, thanks to an earlier encounter with an asteroid shower. But rather than stop at Earth to get repairs and air, he foolishly pushes on.  Yes, this ore is THAT important!

Super Breakout part II
When we left off, Capt. Chang's arrogance left him surrounded by what is described as an impenetrable wall.  Regardless, he decides to attack the field because he's convinced he can get through it.  Each missile Chang fires (of which he only has 3) makes a 'chink' in the armor which he then has to retrieve (apparently these are 'magic bullet' missiles and can be used endlessly).  Gasping for air, he laughs maniacally as though his struggle for survival is some kind of game.  Little does Capt. Chang (aka son of Earth) know, this is SUPER BREAKOUT, and another wall awaits him should he succeed.  So long, Capt. Sucka!

Time Warp
From the Asteroids album. Yeah, baby! "Let's do the time warp again"! Hey wait a minute... um, no. It goes "caught up in the time warp". Not nearly as catchy but still a sure-fire warp at parties immediately following a burial.

Yar's Revenge
From the Yar's Revenge album. Da Da Da Da. If you remember the 80's cult hit song by Trio (which was later used in Volkswagen commercials), you should already have the main "riff" in your head by now. Except THIS song has computerized droning voices to go with it! w00t!

Yar's Revenge Drama I
Yawn... this prequel explains how these space flies got out into space in the first place.

Yar's' Revenge Drama II
EeeeeeYAWN... all about the Yar warriors and their struggle against the Qotile. A little too much "history" and not nearly enough action for my tastes.

Yar's Revenge Drama III
Gah...YAWWWWWWN... here's the "strategy" to use against the Qotile and it's deadly swirls. Also a bit of theater as a mother and father Yar send their young lad into almost certain death.

Yar's Revenge Drama IV
Zzzz... oh waitaminit! Battle action! Bam! Blast! Swirlo! The young Yar dies, leaving distraught Yar parents childless and vomiting on their food so as to dissolve it. Actually they were doing that last part anyway, but now they'd have to do it without a young Yar warrior son.

Fly Yar Warriors, Fly!
From the Yar's Revenge album. Is there such a thing as an 80's new-wave folk song? If it's possible, this is it. Like Burl Ives' doing Flock of Seagulls.


The Minibosses

Ghosts 'n Goblins
Listen to these guys ROCK OUT! The shortest of the set hosted here, sample this one first and see the goodness of The Minibosses.

A jammin' medley of remixes from the classic Konami game. You wouldn't think "gettin medieval" could be THIS much fun.

Castlevania II
The sequel to the original classic is a classic in its own right, and has some truly memorable themes. Listen as The Minibosses turn those themes into roaring guitar and drum riffs. Smokin'.

A big 'ol medley of themes from this memorable game. If the video game themes stuck in your head back then, just wait and see what happens when you've heard The Minibosses update them on your audio system.

Wizards and Warriors
If you remember the game, this rendition of the Acclaim masterpiece will make you want to break out your NES again!

Metroid (Kraid)
This is the longest of the tracks hosted here, at seven minutes. That's seven minutes of sheer genius. I'd call this a "mellow" track, listen to Metroid as you've never heard it before!


8-Bit Weapon

Acid Groove (Orchestral Mix)
Seth's "thing" is Commodore 64 remixes, it's great to hear the SID alive and kickin' again! Listen to 8-Bit Weapon jazz up the SID version of this tune.

Bard's Tale II: Sanctuary Score

Chimera (Miles Mix)

Comic Bakery (4 The Dough Mix)

Commodore 64 (Bit Blitz Mix)

Intro (Project Firestart)

Mars Saga (Mr. Jetlands Slow Jam Mix)
I never really played Mars Saga on the C64, but the music is inspirational. If you're feeling weepy, give a listen.

Movie Monsters Game (Disco Terror Mix)

M.U.L.E (Bitblaster Mix)
If M.U.L.E. doesn't get your feet tappin', this remix certainly will. This was the song that got me hoppin' to get Seth and his band out to CGE to play LIVE!

Neuromancer: Ending (Warhol Edit)

Spy vs. Spy II (Drunk n Basement Mix)

Times of Lore: Intro (Remix)


Tony Fox NYC

Humanoid Master
This song does NOT appear on the "I Am Humanoid" CD, it's an MP3 exclusive. If you happen to be a professional wrestler looking for an entrance song, you might want to look up Tony for this one. Really gets ya charged up for his other music!

Tony's a pro, and here's our favorite. You get everything from NES Mike Tyson Boxing to Moon Patrol samples here but the theme is the robots - if the robots from Berzerk scared you, better not listen to this!

Prepare For Battle!
Here's the theme Tony put together to commemorate the Digital Press ten year anniversary. We have an affinity for the alien commander, and he's the main character in this very cool dance track.


Random "Other" Cool Stuff

If it defies ordinary archival description then it falls right here. Naturally, these are the ones we refer to most often. Kick back and enjoy some truly unique recordings...

8-bit Wrestler
This is an original 8-bit score composed by musician Joel Feinberg for the fake game, Wrestle Jam, for the movie, The Wrestler.

Mindscape by Data Age was a cardboard record that could be obtained directly from the company (who in turn is fairly notorious for a bunch of crummy Atari 2600 games). Their earliest games are particularly bad, and this dramatization of them only amplifies that. "Got... to.... find... the... HATCH KEY!" It's campy fun!  The record was created by Craig Hundley, who wrote the electronic music for the movies Star Trek II, The Black Hole, Firefox, and MegaForce.  Hundley also created audio effects for Bruce Springsteen and John Lennon.  A picture of Hundley can be found in the Nov. 1983 issue of Electronic Fun with Computers & Games magazine.

Road Avenger Theme Song
From the Sega CD game, a memorable 90's-ish rock ballad. Is it Bruce Springsteen? Frank Stallone? No. As we understand, it's done by a Japanese band called "J-Walk". Special thanks to Retrogaming Roundtable members "jerkov" and "wcmiker" for digging this up. They've even got the lyrics (click HERE for those)

Shark Attack - idle chatter track
Shark Attack - scream track
For those who might not know, this Pacific Novelty arcade game had a cassette player inside that played during a game, and the cassette was recorded in stereo - one track had "diver chatter" ("Where'd he go?" "I'm almost out of air." "Get your spear gun ready.", etc.) and the other track had diver "screams" ("Shark!" "My leg!" "AAAHH!"). Each track repeats about once a minute (on my tape) so we're guessing the original was a 1-minute loop tape. The recordings are - in a word - hilarious! We were impressed to learn that the game actually had 4-channel sound! 2 were used for the cassette tape, and 2 for game-generated sounds - 1 was a "heartbeat"; the other was a "Jaws" theme ("da dum....da dum....). Pretty advanced stuff for 1981. Too bad the same can't be said for the game's artwork.

Space Invaders
By "Uncle Vic", who was a nighttime DJ for WGCL in Cleveland back in the 80s. Gotta love the line, "He's hooked, he's hooked, his brain is cooked!". He's no longer on the air, but he's still making parodies - check out his site, NoisyPlanet.


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