Classic Gaming Expo 2007

These photos are from the 2007 Classic Gaming Expo held on July 28th and 29th of 2007. See below the photos for past galleries of the store and its setup. Click any photo below for a larger view.

Thursday Night: The label and box assembly for Classic Gaming Expo's two new releases: Lasercade for the Atari 2600 and Pitcher's Duel for the Atari 2600. Both games were produced in the limited quantity of 100 boxed with manual versions, both were sold out at the show.

Friday: As the exhibitors prepare, so do the CGE organizers, alumni speakers, moderators and sponsors. Over a few drinks of course! Exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from the CGE Alumni Dinner follow.

For many more photos from the Alumni Dinner, click HERE

Saturday: The show floor was buzzing. Vendors, particularly those with games for sale, were very happy.

For many more photos from Saturday, click HERE

The CGE Museum: Over 6000 square feet and an estimated 10,000 items on display, our biggest exhibit ever.

For many more photos from the museum, click HERE

Saturday Auction: the best one yet!

For many more photos from the auction, click HERE

Saturday's Digital Press "after-party": The biggest yet!

For many more photos from the DP party, click HERE

Sunday: a shorter day but as always, one filled with many great deals.

For many more photos from Sunday, click HERE

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