Classic Gaming Expo 2004

August 21st & 22nd, 2004

The world's premiere event honoring the people and the games that created an industry held its seventh annual show in San Jose's McEnery Convention Center in August 2004. This was the Expo's first appearance in the bay area and the first opportunity to spread out and grow over future years. Here is the pictorial account of the show, as seen through the eyes of Chris Cavanaugh, Charles Dysert, and Don Rogers.

The Show

Here are shots taken during show hours, mainly in the exhibit hall.

The Museum

Hundreds of photos of the items on exhibit at this years' event, where the museum team had no problem filling up the 4700 square foot room!

The Alumni

The keynotes are a primary function of CGE and as an added bonus, take a behind-the-scenes look at CGE's alumni dinner, where the guests are honored and well fed.

The Auction

A signature of the show, Saturday night's auction this year included a dozen lots where the proceeds went to Special Olympics. Over $2800 was raised in total.

The Products

Take a peek at the goods we found on the tables of CGE's exhibitors.

The Place

Shots taken in and around the Expo center when things were a bit quieter.

The Party

Behold as DP staff and friends makes complete horses asses of themselves. Hosted by Digital Press and sponsored by Backbone Entertainment.

The People

Here's the reason why WE attend each year - to meet and re-unite with friends we've made through the hobby and on the forums.

The Setup

More behind-the-scenes as the show was taking shape on Friday and into early Saturday morning.

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