Classic Gaming Expo 2005

August 19-21, 2005

Photos courtesy of Don Rogers and Chris Cavanaugh

Friday Night Alumni Dinner - for more photos click HERE

The Friday Night Alumni Dinner is part of the CGE tradition, an opportunity for the show organizers to re-unite our guest speakers. The event was held at El Torito which was about 3 blocks from the show. At the end of the dinner the organizers have a short award ceremony where these gaming luminaries are recognized by CGE for their lifetime achievements. This year, awards were also given to CGE staff, without whom the show would not have run so smoothly for so many years.

Show Floor, Saturday and Sunday - for more photos click HERE and HERE

The exhibit floor consisted of approximately 30 vendors, two live acts, 50 arcade machines, a dozen home console game stations, and lots and lots of community action. Part of the fun of CGE is getting together with old friends, online friends, and mingling with the Expo alumni.

Saturday Night CGE Auction - for more photos click HERE

One of the most anticipated events of the Expo is the annual auction, where 40 "lots" of gaming goodness are put on the block. There were some great items and big surprises this year. Certain auction items, as well as a small charge for each item on the block proceeds were donated to Special Olympics.

CGE "After-Party" - for more photos click HERE

If CGE attendees didn't let their hair down during the day's events, you can be certain they did so at the party on Saturday night.

CGE Museum - for more photos click HERE

You wouldn't think the museum could get any larger than last year, but it did. Over 5700 square feet of classic gaming artifacts, memorabilia, and one-of-a-kinds were displayed at CGE2k5. Some highlights include the FIRST ever Pong machine - the very machine that sat atop Andy Capp's and was reported "broken", where later it was discovered that the coin box had filled up. Another new addition is the actual model spacecraft used for the cover of Imagic "Star Voyager", which consists of model pieces from a dozen different sets.

Behind the Scenes - for more photos click HERE

What does it look like before it's ready to roll? Here are some shots from Friday's set-up.

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