Classic Gaming Expo 1999

August 14th & 15th, 1999

We attended the Classic Gaming Expo in August '99, and took a bunch of pictures while we were there - check 'em out! To read more about the show, see our regular subscription issue #41: Dignitaries.

Clint Dyer preparing for the big show at the CGE booth The B&C booth before the show Dan Kramer preparing the Nyko booth before the show
Preparing the Blast From the Past booth before the show Jayson Hill readying the Hasbro booth before the show Jeff Cooper, Clint Dyer, and Tom Keller making pre-show deals
David Crane and Garry Kitchen signing autographs Clint Dyer making more deals The CGE booth, with loads of games on hand
Quick Step programmer David Johnson displays his copy of DP The Intellivision guys (Blue Sky Rangers) at their keynote speech The swap meet after day one
Collector Roloff de Jeu displays his prized possessions at the swap meet Editor Bill Kunkel shares his goods with Tips & Tricks editor Chris Bieniek at the swap meet A signed Star Wars NES game
DP's Jeff Cooper making off with a haul Relaxing in the room after day one: Don Rogers, Clint Dyer, Tom Keller, Kevin Gifford, and John Hardie The DP guys, completely united for the first time: Sean Kelly, Jeff Cooper, Clint Dyer, John Hardie, Joe Santulli, Keita Iida, and Al Backiel.
David Crane Garry Kitchen A roomful of collectors - TOP ROW: Marco Kerstens, Ian Baranofsky, Sean Kelly, Don Rogers, Clint Dyer, John Hardie, Joe Santulli, Al Backiel, Kevin Gifford, Keita Iida and Keisuke Fujita. KNEELING: Steve Bender, Jeff Cooper, Roloff de Jeu, Larry Anderson, and Tom Keller.
Same gang as above, two seconds later The Howard Jones concert at the Freemont Street Experience The Men at Work concert at the Freemont Street Experience
Joe Santulli and electronic gaming pioneer Ralph Baer Atari 2600 hardward designer Joe DeCuir at his keynote speech The Plaza at Night
The Activision guys (David Rolfe, Steve Cartwright, Garry Kitchen, and David Crane) at their keynote speech The Digital Press and Phoenix booth, manned by Leonard Herman and Al Backiel The show floor
The Blue Sky Rangers booth The Telegames booth Arcade machines lining the east wall
Live game demos running on the north wall (note the new Pac-Man game on the second set!) The Cyberpunks' booth Howard Scott Warshaw grabs Bob Polaro by the ear
The Cyberpunks' booth Editors Katz (back), Kunkel (front), Worley (left), and Santulli (right) Kunkel, Worley, and Katz at their keynote speech
Collectors Roloff de Jeu, Marco Kerstens, and Kevin "tsr" Gifford Collectors Steve Bender and Jeff Cooper Frenzy of 50 cent games from CGE at the close of the show!
The frenzy continues Fremont Street Experience Fremont Street Experience

One of the cars on the train outside of my room actually had SEGA written in graffitti

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