Wario Land II

Game Boy

Review by Doug Jackson



Graphics: 9

Sound: 4

Gameplay: 8

Overall: 7.5


Most have played a Wario game of some kind before so you'll know what to expect. I actually hated this game at first but have since warmed up to it a little more. I wish I could say this game feels as good as a NES Mario game but it doesn't. It is however, better than any previous Game Boy Mario outing from my experience.

warioland21gameboy.jpg (77029 bytes)This time around it's villain-fighting-villain as Wario's castle has been invaded by Syrup who sent his Gooms out and has stolen his treasure. Bombing and flooding his castle is the topping. Each level has an objective and there are over 50 stages. Wario is invincible through the whole game. He loses coins when hit by an enemy. His moves consist of charging forward with his elbow out, picking up and throwing enemies ala SMB 2, head stomping, rolling down hills, and butt stomping Yoshi style.

Wario's moves give the game a fair amount of depth and a unique feel. Enemies and stages are varied. Bonus stages can be found to regain Wario's prized treasures. At the end of each stage is a mini game with a chance to win a piece of map showing Syrup's castle. The control however can be fidgety at times giving it an unfinished feeling but overall it works well.

Graphics are outstanding; some of the best the GBC has seen easily. Everything is bright and detailed and almost could pass as an early GBA game. Sound is where this game falls flat again. The sound effects pass but need help. Wario's jump sounds like a thud and the others don't always fit the action they accompany. Music is pathetic; too much of it sounds like it's from a pre-NES console at best and the early stages are just crude blips and bleeps, Nintendo could have done way better.

I would recommend this game for any Nintendo fan and Mario fan alike. Just don't expect a groundbreaking game experience though.


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Last updated: Wednesday, December 28, 2005 01:41 AM