Review by Tony Bueno



Graphics: ?

Sound: ?

Gameplay: ?

Overall: 10

Around 1990 or 91, Leland's little-seen masterpiece Pig Out appeared in arcades. We've complained countless times how games from the 90's lack the creativity, charm, and addictive game play of those from the 80's. Pig Out is one of the few exceptions.

Imagine if you will, game play mechanics from such classics as Donkey Kong, Burgertime, and Food Fight in a modern game with TONS of levels, digitized speech, and a wonderful sense of humor. The object is to manipulate the swine protagonist to eat all the food while avoiding wolves and occasionally a mad butcher. Weapons are used to fend off enemies, ranging from tin cans to boomerangs to bowling balls. I don't remember all the levels, but I do remember a library, Italian restaurant, burning building, sewer, circus, factory, and parking garage. And each level had its own special nuances, such as the tightrope and ball balancing seal in the circus, the chef constantly tossing meatballs in the Italian restaurant, the trampoline held by firemen beneath the burning building, alligators and vines in the sewer, conveyor belts in the factory, and elevator in the parking garage.

Some of the game's humorous moments include the pig experiencing flatulence, getting temporarily buzzed after drinking a mug of beer, the librarian getting pissed off and shouting, "QUIET!", and the butcher stamping "GRADE A" on a package of pork chops when he catches you. This game never had a home incantation, which is a tragedy. Pig Out to me is the only video game that might give Mr. Do! a serious run for his money.


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