Food Fight

Atari 7800

Review by Kevin Oleniacz



Graphics: 9

Sound: 7

Gameplay: 8

Overall: 8

Surely one of the most comical arcade translations to enter the market, this enjoyable cart can be found exclusively on the 7800. In control of Charley Chuck, maneuver your way toward a rapidly melting ice cream cone on the far side of the screen. Scattered across the playfield are piles of food (i.e. pies, parsley, bananas) which Charley can fling at chefs (up to 4) which pop out of manholes and are immediately in pursuit. The chefs can also be lured into manholes for bonus points. However, after a few seconds the chefs will return to the hunt.

There are four difficulty levels to select from, and the pace quickens with 1) an increased number of manholes to avoid, 2) chefs retaliating by picking up food and flinging it at Charley, and 3) the speed of the chefs. Besides splattering your pursuers, points can be accumulated by the number of food items remaining at the end of each round. No points are received for watermelon, but the slices are limitless.

Non-stop "panic" action is provided instantly. All of the characters and items are designed nicely and are easily distinguishable. the sound effects and music are above average for this system, but they match the arcade version. An interesting feature is an instant replay, which appears whenever you do particularly well on a round.

With plenty of food to toss, and with comical antagonists present, you can't go wrong with this cart. This is arguably the best arcade translation ever for a classic system.

TIP: In the tougher rounds, make sure you carry an item when you eat the cone. At the start of the next round, you will still be carrying that item, and if you start out in a tough spot the odds of survival will greatly increase.


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