Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller


Review by Kevin Oleniacz

Take 2





Overall: 5

Iíve always been a great fan of fantasy/RPGís. My interest originated from hours of play with the Atari 2600ís Adventure and Dragonstomper, which paved the way for home role-playing. Hell doesnít follow the pattern of a typical RPG. Itís an adult oriented adventure utilizing the familiar point-and-click system similar to the Sierra computer games (ie Leisure Suit Larry, Kingís Quest, etc) or Maniac Mansion. The interesting storyline involves two former agents who must solve the mystery of why their government is trying to bump them off, discover the secrets of "Hell", and rescue rebels who are prisoners, eternally damned to "Hell". The graphics are comprised of caricatures of actors, including Dennis Hopper who plays an influential demon. My gripe is that the plot really drags on... Extremely lengthy monotonous conversations do not help the already slow pace. Unfortunately you canít skip past them - well, you CAN... but youíll miss something important most of the time.

Overall the game is very unique, borderline interesting. For the most part, however, the challenge and pace wonít meet most gamerís standards, even RPG fans.


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Last updated: Wednesday, April 21, 2004 04:40 PM