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Digital Press is dedicated to the "Pac-rats" among video gamers... those with short attention spans, library-sized collections, and consoles precariously wired in a web-like fashion. Does this sound like you? Check around - we cover just about everything "retro" including Atari, Nintendo, SEGA, Intellivision, ColecoVision, Vectrex, and Odyssey, as well as all of the other consoles, both new and old.

Be sure to stop by our forum and check out all of our great articles in the library section!

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  • [Article] Have Games Changed Too Much from the Old Days for You?
    published on Sun, 19 Apr 2015 23:22:09 GMT
    === I apologize in advance for the long length of this post. It wasn't supposed to end up being so lengthy when I started to write it. I would appreciate it if you read at least most of what I wrote before replying. Heh. Excuse my verbo...
Retrogaming Roundtable RSS feed for Retrogaming Roundtable
  • Factory Sealed keio flying squadron
    published on Mon, 27 Apr 2015 00:29:31 GMT
    Hey all. Been forever since I posted anything here, but just wanted to let the forum know that I just posted my sealed Sega CD keio flying squadron for sale. Yes, it's mine. No, I'm NOT trying to drive the price up through the roof. I don't...
  • PS4 glacier white
    published on Sun, 26 Apr 2015 22:00:00 GMT
    Is there news of the PS4 glacier white model coming back to the US market? I am looking for one and would like brand new but don't want to pay the exorbitant prices on Amazon for the Japanese version or discontinued Destiny bundle. ...
  • Looking for CUBIVORE or Any Armored Core gamed. Ps1 games, list inside
    published on Sun, 26 Apr 2015 21:01:06 GMT
    WII CONSOLE with power cord only. Works fine, no controller port doors or sd card door, little beat up cosmetically but ,mechanically its perfect, works great WII U Hyrule Warriors NFS Most wanted GCN SSB Melee 3DS Brav...
Classic Videogame News RSS feed for Classic Videogame News
  • Chris Donlan on: Closed doors []
    published on Sat, 25 Apr 2015 07:01:17 GMT
    There is a book at the bottom of the ocean. A book that Mario will never get to read. He can stare at the book through the cracks in a door, but he will forever be unable to reach it. He can do so much, Super Mario, but access to this parti...
  • The Logistics of an eSports Tournament [Slashdot]
    published on Tue, 21 Apr 2015 15:10:49 GMT
    An anonymous reader writes: Wargaming's hugely popular World of Tanks game sees its biggest tournament of the year, The Grand Finals, taking place this weekend. In an interview published today, the developer's eSports director, Mohamed Fadl...
  • New PCIe SSDs Load Games, Apps As Fast As Old SATA Drives [Slashdot]
    published on Mon, 20 Apr 2015 21:40:06 GMT
    crookedvulture writes Slashdot has covered a bunch of new PCI Express SSDs over the past month, and for good reason. The latest crop offers much higher sequential and random I/O rates than predecessors based on old-school Serial ATA interfa...
Room of Doom Photo Galleries RSS feed for Room of Doom Photo Galleries
  • Pal Maggio
    published on Mon, 20 Apr 2015 02:02:47 -0700
    In album Guglielmo Ninjamaster's collection from Torino Italy...
  • misto novità
    published on Mon, 20 Apr 2015 02:02:47 -0700
    In album Guglielmo Ninjamaster's collection from Torino Italy...
  • Raiden Pvc statue
    published on Wed, 15 Apr 2015 10:15:55 -0700
    In album Guglielmo Ninjamaster's collection from Torino Italy...
Site News about Digital Press RSS feed for Site News about Digital Press
  • Forum Configuration Changes
    published on Thu, 23 Apr 2015 04:38:24 GMT
    Forum Search Option Changes --- Minimum Time Between Searches changed from 0 seconds to 3 seconds. This cuts down on denial of service attacks and improves performance. Maximum Search Results to Return changed from 500 to 2000. Sea...

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