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Short version: We need to raise $85 per month every month to keep the DP Web site and forum running well. Please use these links to help out. Thanks!


So you found our secret Web page with all the info about our connections to the mafia. OK, we can let you into the club. Besides, if we had mob connections we wouldn't be running a videogames Web site, we would be living a life of danger, crime, and money.

But this page still serves an important purpose. And that purpose is to inform you of our various "associates." And by associates, we mean "affiliates." And by affiliates, we mean that WE DON'T HAVE CONNECTIONS TO ORGANIZED CRIME.

What we really mean is Digital Press has a variety of affiliate programs of which it it is a member, and by using our special links you can help support the Digital Press Web sites. Every time you make a purchase using one of the affiliate links, we get a small commission which helps us pay for improvements to the sites.

So who do we have connections with?

Digital Press's Amazon Affiliate link for one. By using the Digital Press associate link, a percentage of your purchases will go to those who run the site. It's a good idea to bookmark that link for convenient access whenever you need it.

DP's eBay Guide

We also have a special page dedicated just to helping you buy things from eBay. Yes, you could go to eBay directly and use its default search options, but by using the Digital Press eBay Guide not only do you help the site earn commissions, but the links to eBay searches from that page actually help you avoid the usual B.S. you find when looking for things on eBay and instead you get right to the meat of matter by finding exactly what you are looking for and adding to your collection of classic games.

Financially contribute to DP.

And for those who would just like to give directly, there is always the option of PayPal. We will gladly accept your contributions through PayPal, and any money sent our way will help improve the Web site. Thanks!