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     "Ahoy!" magazine

1984:   I have 10 issues, need 2 more.
	I have jan84 (#1), apr84 (#4), may84 (#5), 
	jun84 (#6), jul84 (#7), aug84 (#8), sep84 (#9), 
	oct84 (#10), nov84 (#11), dec84 (#12). 
	I want: feb84 (#2), mar84 (#3).
1985:   I have all issues from 1985.            (#13 to #24.)
1986:   I have all issues from 1986.            (#25 to #36.)
1987:   I have all issues from 1987.            (#37 to #48.)
1988:   I have 10 issues, need 2 more.
	I already have: jan(#49), feb(#50), mar(#51), apr(#52), 
	jun(#54), jul(#55), sep(#57), oct(#58), nov(#59), dec(#60). 
	I want: may(#53), aug(#56).
1989:   I only have jan89 (#61).

Notes:  The magazine itself says their first issue 
	was January of 1984. They were always monthly. 
	Jan89 seems to be their last issue ever?


I have every issue they ever put out. Don't need any more
of the actual magazines. (Run put out a seperate disk you
could buy, with all the issues contents on it. I have next 
to none of those, and might be interested in buying some?)

Notes:  Their first issue came out in January of 1984.
	Their last issue came out in Nov/Dec 1992. After 
	that, they filled subscriptions with another title
	(unrelated) put out by the new publisher.

	CMD bought up the rights to all the RUN magazines
	and disks. They still sell RUN disks to this day.
	(Ward's web page lists them in the links section.)

	I had a number of things printed in this magazine,
	for what that's worth. These issues were the ones:
	    October 1990    =  A "magic trick" published.
	    May / Jun 1991  =  A cover article published.
			       It was a profiler, used to 
			       speed up C64 BASIC programs.
	    Sep / Oct 1991  =  A "magic trick" published.
	    Nov / Dec 1991  =  Three programs published
			       on the ReRun disk, as they
			       were far too big to type.
			       All unique disk utilities
			       I wrote some years before.
	    Jul / Aug 1992  =  A "magic trick" published.


Volumes 1, 2, 3:        
	I need all 30 of them, to have a 100% "complete" set.
	But if I don't get these it won't kill me: see notes.

Volume 4:               
	I have issues #1 and #3 on paper, and #2 on microfiche.
	I want paper originals of every issue in this volume.

Volumes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9:  
	I have a complete set of all these issues. (Issue 9-2 
	is only a good photocopy; I would not mind being able
	to get a paper original of it. However, all others are
	original paper magazines, in good or better shape.)

Notes:  The Transactor was originally put out by Commodore
	Canada. It later became an independent publication.
	Among those who know and respect Commodore computers,
	this magazine is still very much revered. It was the
	magazine of choice for hardcore technical people.
	The Transactor started out in 1978 as a two-page news
	letter, stapled in the top left corner, according to an 
	editorial printed in The Transactor, Volume 5 Issue 1.
	Quoting Jim Butterfield in TPUG news Volume 1 Number 1 
	(an insert to Transactor Volume 7 Issue 4, by the way):
	"It was a few mimeographed sheets... sometimes with a
	technical bulletin attached. When Karl Hildon joined
	Commodore Canada, there was a marked change in The
	Transactor. There was more material, more carefully
	edited. Karl was aware that The Transactor, as a
	Commodore publication, had the 'stamp of authority'.
	If the magazine said it was OK to make a modification
	to your computer, Commodore would have to stand by it."

	Volume 4 marked the point where The Transactor became 
	independent of Commodore. It was still led by the same
	editor, Karl J. Hildon. It was still published from 
	within Canada. Volume 4 Issue 1 talks about the new 
	publishing venture the magazine was then embarking on.
	The magazine was bi-monthly from this point forward.
	(Simple math would lead one to believe that 30 issues 
	were published prior to Volume 4's arrival, and this is
	confirmed by Volume 4 Issue 1's editorial page. But was
	it six issues the first year, then twelve issues for 
	both volumes 2 and 3? Or was it ten issues, spread out 
	evenly? I don't know for sure at this point. Anyone?)
	For whatever reason, it is easier to find Volumes 5 and
	up a lot easier than it is to find copies of the early
	ones. Perhaps that is when they were sold in the States?
	I do recall every good computer shop carrying them, at
	around the beginning of Volume 5. (Can anyone confirm?)
	Some issues of the magazine had special inserts. If you
	were a member of the "Toronto PET Users Group" when the
	Transactor put out Volume 7 Issue 4, you would have found
	a copy of "TPUG News" Volume 1 Number 1 in your magazine.
	(I wasn't, but while filling out my collection, was lucky
	enough to have found some of these "special" magazines.)
	TPUG still exists. You can find out more about what they
	published next at:   http://www.icomm.ca/tpug/nl.htm

	As of Volume 8 number 2, many changes were made. (Last
	part of 1987.) This was because the editor and staff had
	bought the magazine from its parent company. At this
	point, the magazine had become "subscription only"; no 
	more newsstand sales were made, although some computer
	stores carried the title later, as I recall and the
	editorial for 8-2 mentioned. Paid circulation at this
	point was quoted as being 15,000 customers. 

	Up until this issue, the cover artist had been John 
	Mostacci. His last cover was Volume 8 issue 1. His art
	work was great; I (and others) were sad that no more
	of his covers were made at this point. There was one
	interim cover by another artist, then really boring
	and plain covers from then on. (Mostacci's covers had 
	been adorning the magazine from at least volume five.)
	The magazine ".info" says in its jan/feb 1989 issue 
	that "the Transactor is back! The transactor has had 
	some financial difficulties that have kept them from 
	publishing for several months. Those hard times are 
	apparently now over -- the Transactor has been sold 
	to Commodore Computing International, a British 
	magazine publisher. Chris Zamara and Nick Sullivan 
	will still be the editors, and you should see new 
	issues of both the 8-bit and Amiga versions by the 
	time you read this." (Note that last; a reference
	to two different versions. I concentrate on 8-bits
	myself, and own no Amiga Transactors at all.)
	When did the Transactor stop publishing? I don't know.
	Was Volume 9 the last one? (The last copy I have, 
	called Volume 9 issue 6, is dated as August 1989.)

	One also has to factor into all this, the idea that
	the Commodore 8-bit line was being replaced by the
	Amiga line of home computers. That influenced things.

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