The article below is a reprinted editorial, originally seen in the December 1983 issue of Electronic Games magazine. I think Mr. Katz was really onto something back then. Today, with all the new toys we have to play with, including the Internet and emulated classic games, boy is he ever right!

Some Dreams Really Do Come True
By Arnie Katz

      As I sit here in Reese Communications' palatial offices overlooking the historic Hudson River, I almost feel like I should give myself a quick pinch to make sure that I haven't drifted out of this world into fantasyland. That's probably what the 12-year-old Arnie Katz would have thought, if he could see how things stand now.
      Like most kids, I had a storehouse of wants and wishes, none of which I ever really expected to see come true. One fantasy stands out in my memory from all the other notions about humungous train layouts and the like; I wanted to be rich enough to own a personal arcade.
      I think I got this idea from reading articles about millionaires who had their own indoor swimming pools, target ranges and bowling alleys. None of these actually appealed to me that strongly, but I'd have given my mint baseball card collection to cram a half-dozen pinball machines into one of the rooms in the finished basement of my parent's Long Island home.
      I can still see that adolescent vision in my mind's eye. What heaven, my younger self thought, to play and play without having to shovel silver into the coin slot.
      That dream of 20 years ago has come true so thoroughly and completely that it makes my childish imaginings seem pale and uninspired by comparison. Thanks to technology that was little more than far-out science fiction back then, I've got an apartment that would have kept that teen-aged Arnie Katz pop-eyed for months. Instead of the four or five games that would've made me feel like a king in 1960, I've probably got over a thousand if you count up all the videogames, computer games and stand-alone units that line every shelf and fill every closet of my apartment.
      Quantity isn't the only way in which reality has surpassed my wish. Today's electronic games present a variety of mind and body challenges that pinball by itself could never equal. Imagine being able to blast a horde of attacking aliens one minute -- and then assume the role of a super-sleuth out to crack a tough murder case the next!
      So, as I enjoy the traditional holiday pastime of counting up my blessings, I hope you loyal EG readers are doing the same, and that you have many, many dreams-come-true of your own now and in the future. From all of us here at Electronic Games, a merry Christmas, happy Chanukah and joyous New Year to our fellow game-lovers everywhere!