"Arcadia 2001 console group" 
                           Console listing
                    37 consoles currently listed
        List originally created by Sylvain "Sly DC" De Chantal, 
        April 2002. List now maintained by Ward Shrake, with a
        lot of input from other Arcadia 2001 researchers. The
        latest version of the list, including versions sorted 
        differently, can be found on Ward Shrake's web site at:

        Modifications began:    April  5, 2002
        File last updated:      April 20, 2002 at  2:16 PM (PST)


 MPT-03 console         ?                       Intelligent Game MPT-03
 Emerson console        Advision                Advision Home Arcade
 Emerson console        Bandai                  Arcadia
 Emerson console        Eduscho                 Tele-Fever
 Emerson console        Emerson                 Arcadia 2001
 Emerson console        Emerson                 Arcadia 2001
 Emerson console        GiG Electronics         Leonardo
 Orbit console          Grandstand              Video Master
 MPT-03 console         Hanimex                 Hanimex MPT-03
 Emerson console        Hanimex                 HMG-2650
 Emerson console        Hanimex                 HMG-2650
 Emerson console        Hanimex                 Home Arcade Centre
 Emerson console        Intercord               Intercord XL 2000 System
 Ormatu console         Intervision             Intervision 2001
 MPT-03 console         ITMC                    ITMC MPT-03
 Emerson console        Leisure-Dynamics        Leisure-Vision
 Emerson console        Monaco Leisure          Tunix Home Arcade
 MPT-03 console         Morning-Sun Commerce    Dynavision
 Palladium console      Mr. Altus               Tele Brain
 Orbit console          Orbit Electronics       UVI Compu-Game
 Ormatu console         Ormatu Electronics BV   Ormatu 2001
 MPT-03 console         P.I.C.                  Ekusera
 Palladium console      Palladium               Palladium Video Computer Game
 Palladium console      Polybrain               Polybrain Video Computer Game
 MPT-03 console         Poppy                   Poppy MPT-03 Tele Computer Spiel
 MPT-03 console         Prestige                Prestige Video Computer Game MPT-03
 MPT-03 console         Rowtron                 Rowtron 2000
 MPT-03 console         Rowtron                 Rowtron Video Computer Game MPT-03
 Emerson console        Schmid                  Schmid TVG-2000
 Ormatu console         Sheen                   Sheen Home Video Centre 2001
 MPT-03 console         Soundic                 Soundic MPT-03
 Emerson console        Tchibo                  Tele-Fever
 Emerson console        Tele-Computer           Cosmos
 MPT-03 console         Tempest                 Tempest Video Computer Game
 MPT-03 console         Tobby                   Tobby MPT-03
 Palladium console      Trakton                 Trakton Computer Video Game
 MPT-03 console         Tryom                   Tryom Video Game Center

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