About this web site

This web site used to be a stand-alone site that discussed the "Arcadia 2001" video game console group, which lived a short life around 1982 and 1983 . In July 2002, this site became an integrated part of a much larger whole: the web site run by Digital Press, which covers pretty much all of the classic gaming era. It is still run by the same person -- Ward Shrake -- that created it back in 1998.

A few "retrogamers" and game historians are interested enough in this video game console group to want to see it continue to exist and be seen in some form. So this site is sort of a one-stop shop for all of our Digital Archaeology finds. For more info than even this web site offers, be sure to see the printed "Digital Press Collectors Guide" version 7 when it comes out, on or about August of 2002.

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