Who are we? OK... you ASKED!

Founder: Joe "digitalpress" Santulli

DP co-founder and slave master Joe Santulli has been playing video games since the original retail version of Ralph Baer's Odyssey appeared under his Christmas tree in the early 70's. Since that time he's been hopelessly addicted. He claims to own just about every system - domestic and import - that there is, and well over 10,000 unique games. Time NOT spent playing video games is dedicated to writing about playing video games.  When he's not doing that, he's thinking about writing about video games. It's a sad life, really.

Founder: Kevin Oleniacz

What, you think Joe did all this by himself?  Ha!  Kevin was right there with Joe, long before there even was a Digital Press, knee-deep in those bloody, pixilated trenches, repelling hordes of endless attackers, armed with nothing but a stick, a rock, and his Katana-sharp wits.  Alas, even the mightiest of video warriors eventually leave their homeland to seek out that which the rest of us mere gamers can only read about, but his spirit still shines through on everything that is DP.


System Admin, Staff Writer, & Forum Moderator: Chris "GrandAm" Chandler

Writes "Event Horizons" for our newsletter.  Chris is one of those straight-shootin multi-taskers we sometimes here about, except he's on one of the few who's actually good at it.  What that means to us is, he's got some rather flash cheat codes that he's keeping to himself (*grumble* damn multi-taskers.....).  He also actually owns a GrandAm (*grumble* damn straight-shooters....).

System Admin & Forum Moderator: Steve "PapaStu" Wilcox


System Admin: Karl "sisko" Luedke

Karl helps keeps the DP machine running, against all odds, and long after the manuals and blueprints have been lost (i.e. traded away for games).

System Admin: Sean "Nz17" Robinson

The latest member of DP's tech crew has been putting in some serious keyboard time in the short time he's been here. He was instrumental in moving the site over to a new host, revamping the online guide, upgrading the forum software (as well as bringing back the forum arcade and meseta features), creating a new (Wiki) DP Knowledge Base, and at least a dozen other major accomplishments.  By the time he's done, we might need another host just to list them!

System Admin: Laura "Atar1G1rl" Tisdale

Laura breaks the mold of what most peeps think of "gamer girls" - she's smart (like, IT tech specialist smart), cute (but very married. Sorry fellas.), and classy (she once wore high heels at a game convention).  Now, WHY she'd hang out with the lot of us, we've yet to figure out, but we're sure glad she does.

Co-Editor & Forum Mod: Jeff Spega

Jeff took over the DP newsletter, starting with issue 66.  As we all know, that's what usually happens to folks who've been here a bit too long.  Their desk gets moved around a few times, and before long they're given the "fanzine" promotion.  Next thing you know, they're sitting down in the basement - outta sight, outta mind.  But what we've yet to figure out is why he volunteered to do it....

Site Artist & Forum Moderator: Dave "Arcade Antics" Giarrusso

Dave's responsible for much of the art on the site and even took over the DP newsletter for issues 40-65 when the last editor left it to rot in the hot, desert sun.  He's also a fan of just about every system and a whiz in the arcades, which means he's overqualified to write the "Quarters and Tokens" column in our 'zine. Think otherwise?  Well, YOU tell him...

Staff Writer: Ian "Ianoid" Baronofsky

Ian's still "On the Prowl". A long-time eBay nemesis, Ian and Santulli share a common fascination for the out-of-the-ordinary in classic gaming. He has the best Brazilian Dactar collection we've ever seen. And no, Brazilian Dactars are NOT Doctor Who characters. He's also great fun at parties, especially when medieval weapons are within reach. Just be sure to have your health and home insurance paid up. Trust us.

Staff Writer: Jared "Gapporin" Bottorff

Writes "The Brewery" for our newsletter.

Staff Writer: Kevin "ubersaurus" Bunch


Staff Writer: Paul Z. "Pantechnicon" Cortez


Staff Writer: Nathan "Doonzmore" Dunsmore


Staff Writer: Kevin "k8track" Moon

Writes for our newsletter.

Staff Writer: Rob "Flack" O'Hara

Rob "flack" is a gamer's gamer, who has a gift for articulating in his newspaper column, "Retrocomputing", experiences that all us non-articulate gamers can relate to.  Aside from writing for lil 'ole us, he also penned the book, Commodork: Sordid Tales from a BBS Junkie. In the DP forum, he walks softly and carries a badge ... and an even bigger gun.  In all serious, he's as nice in person as he is in cyberspace.  Just don't tell him he looks like one of the Blues Brothers.

Co-Editor & Forum Moderator: Tim "Sniderman" Snider

DP's friendly neighborhood 'Sniderman' is a man of many interests. He writes the "Bargain Bin Bliss" column in our newsletter (videogame related), collects stuff (videogame related), attends shows (videogame related), sells merchandise (videogame related), and even hosts DP's annual CGE game show (which is, oddly enough, videogame related).  Good thing he's friendly, otherwise he might be labeled some kind of unfriendly kook (of the videogame-related type). Starting with ish #67, Tim got a new gig - co-editor of the DP newsletter!  Whether or not it's a promotion or demotion remains to be 'zine...

Staff Writer: Rob "Dire 51" Strangman

Writes "Matters of Import" for our newsletter.

Staff Writer & Forum Moderator: Sarah "Lady Jaye" Szefer

Writes "Eight Bit Lit" for our newsletter.

Forum Moderator: Steve "NoahsMyBro" Jacobs

Steve's an "even-keel" in the sometimes turbulent seas of forumdom, and quick with a story around the NAVA campfire. Though you can't tell from the photo, he was wearing his infamous Atari Adventure Halloween costume (featuring a sound sample from the game!), so scribble "creative" on his card as well.

Forum Moderator: Jaime "punkoffgirl" Moreau

Jaime Moreau has come a long way since her origins as a humble chimney sweep in her native Croatia. Kidnapped at age 13 by the Flemish Allied Resistance Troupe (FART), Jaime was forced into servitude by having to solder circuit boards for bootleg Vectrex cartridges, igniting a lifelong love affair with video games. “I freakin’ love ‘em!” Jaime cackles wildly, her left eye twitching.  She's also the leader of the eco-terrorist organization CLIT, (she's the CLIT master!) and how she's being pursued by a representative of the Federal Wildlife Commission, Marshall Will Enholly.

Forum Moderator: Charles "ubikuberalles" Pearson

Born in Minnesota on the north shore of Lake Superior but raised in the high deserts of New Mexico, Charles sometimes gets culturally confused by saying things like "You betcha esÚ!" and "Uff Da hombre!". He also has a strong desire to add green ChilÚ to lutefisk. Charles likes pizza, long walks, merging random video threads and stickifying Birthday threads.

Forum Moderator: Mat "Mayhem" Allen


Forum Moderator: Will "Jumpman Jr." Bowins

Forum Moderator: Frankie "Frankie Says Relax" Viturello

Being knowledgeable on a slew of video game topics makes him a formidable forum presence... that, and the shiny, new moderator badge that adorns his DP uniform.  Plus he's always helping out around the store, and his gf Lissette is one of the culinary experts who often treat our NAVA attendees to some real kitchen magic (there are rumors she's actually a member of the Deadly Viper Squad, but nobody around here is brave or stupid enough to ask...).

Forum Moderator: Micky "vectorman0" Wright



Store Employee: Daria


Store Employee: Mike "killersquirel"


Store Employee: Matt "osaka"


Store Employee: Nicole "NicoleyBoBoliey"


Senior Consultant: John "CX2K" Hardie

The whole story surrounding how or why John took over the ROMpage column from Sean Kelly is a sordid tale - one filled with greed, corruption, jealousy, and Coronas.  Lots of Coronas.  Which, as anyone who knows John, he'd be willing to step over his own mother to get one.  As long as the printing press is running and the Coronas are aplenty, you'll find him ROMping around.  You can PM him, but don't expect a reply unless you attach a Corona to it..

Senior Consultant: Leonard "Rolenta" Herman

Author of the Phoenix: The Rise & Fall of Videogame and ABC to the VCS books.

Senior Consultant: Sean "Sean Kelly3" Kelly

Sean created the "ROMpage" column for the 'zine, and produced our first DP CD-ROM.  But it's been all downhill since then.  Rumors abound as to whatever became of him.  Some say he was buried alive under a teetering pile of gaming paraphernalia and his ghost now terrorizes unsuspecting shoppers in convenience stores all around Chicago.  Others say he retired due to 'advanced cragginess' and now spends his days front-porching it while getting his kicks by throwing verbal jibes at passerby's.  All we know is, if you see him around here, the end is nigh.

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