Pitfall II: Lost Caverns

Atari 5200

Review by Al Backiel



Graphics: ?

Sound: ?

Gameplay: ?

Overall: 8.5

The 5200 version of Pitfall II is the same as the 2600 as far as game play. It has been upgraded graphically so that the trees look more like trees. The caves look more like caves and so on. The big difference is that this game really does contain "lost caverns". A second quest is accessed by completing the first. Itís not even mentioned in the instructions. A friend of mine, Jeff Adkins, brought it to my attention.

The same layout used in the 2600 version can be used here to complete the first adventure. Sort of like Zelda in a primitive way. I also drew a 2600 map which can be found in the 2600 Connection issue #10. Cross over the threshold which appears at the end of Game 1 and you enter the all new world of Game 2. The game difficulty just went up a notch! The bats have to be jumped over this time because they swoop downwards. The frogs can come straight at you now. There are precipices that have to be bridged by timing your jumps across. There are now 4 new objects to collect: the Swami, basket, flute and golden rope. The golden rope is found in the upper left-most section and it is a bitch to try to get. You have to cross a very long hazardous corridor to reach it, so save it for last. When you have all 4 objects, go to the large room on the right side. Stand in the middle. The swami will charm the golden rope out of the basket with the flute. You and all of your friends will then climb the rope and be able to escape to the surface. Nice ending to a beautiful game! A masterpiece originally created by David Crane and added to by Mark Rutkowski.


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