Make Trax


Review by Tony Bueno




Overall: 5

I don’t understand this.  I was fully prepared to rip on this title to no end and give it a 3 or lower.  But I felt it just wasn’t fair to play a few games and abandon Make Trax without a second thought.  Subsequently, I’ve acquired a taste for this oddity.  Go figure.

Your androgynous character here is represented by a paintbrush.  You must paint the entire threshold of a section of highway while avoiding two surprisingly intelligent fish.  There are two rakes, which make you travel faster and may be used to flatten the fish, but they only go in one direction and only for a short duration.  Several onscreen boxes contain other harmless enemies including bare feet, a mouse, bird, automobile, and cats.  These adversaries mark up the street and force the player to repaint whatever section they traverse, but are killed simply by touching them and otherwise pose no real threat. 

Stupid?  Um, yeah.  Pointless?  Well, yes, but then what game isn’t, when you really come right down to it?  Fun?  I guess.  Maybe.  I don’t know.  This game actually kind of sucks, to be quite honest, but I still feel compelled to play.  Therefore, I am giving this one a passing grade.  If anybody said that this game was lousy and not worth playing, I’d be at a loss for words because deep down inside, I am not sure if I agree. 

Play this one at your own risk.  Or better yet, make tracks.


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Last updated: Wednesday, December 10, 2003 03:27 PM