John Madden Football '93


Review by Bill Schultz

EA Sports


Graphics: 9

Sound: 10

Gameplay: 10

Overall: 9

When I heard EA was putting out John Madden Football '93, I immediately thought "my God. This is really overkill". I mean, they couldn't possibly improve John Madden '92, right? Wrong! This game is actually better than its predecessors. The things that make this game better are actually a logical progression towards what a computer football gamer would want in a game.

First, gameplay is much more difficult, the computer is not as easy to beat in this third installment, so you really need a well-thought-out gameplan. Next up is improved playcalling on both offensive and defensive sides of the ball. The most important added play being a stop-the-clock play on offense which is really important if you're out of time outs in a critical, perhaps game-winning situation.

The programmers at EA have even added the 8 greatest pro teams ever, such as the '72 Dolphins (undefeated!), the '84 49'ers, and my personal favorite, the '86 New York Giants. I would also like to mention the drastically improved statistics screens which give you updated player and team stats which are saved throughout the playoffs. Perhaps the funniest thing about this cart is John Madden's color commentary, done with amazing realism.

My only problem with John Madden '93 is that there is some slowdown in the game, especially on punts. Overall, a most enjoyable and worthwhile addition to the EASN lineup. I can't wait for Madden '94!

EDITOR'S NOTE: There is a "championship" version of this game available at rental stores across the country. The differences are the gold box, the words "championship edition" at the bottom of the opening screen, and the team contents, which include 38 superbowl teams from 1966 to present. The gameplay is identical in every regard.


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Last updated: Wednesday, December 10, 2003 02:27 PM