Jim Power


Review by Matt Paprocki

Micro World


Graphics: 8

Sound: 9

Gameplay: 2

Overall: 2


Known for a 3-D gimmick on the Super NES and Genesis, Jim Power is a disaster. It's easily one of the hardest video games ever produced, and without the addition of cardboard glasses, any and all of the appeal is lost. He's a weak hero in a world of strong opponents… like the deadly "leaky pipe."

jimpower.bmp (589878 bytes)With the ability to take a meager single hit before dying a painful, agonizing death, Jim Power has no business trying to save the world. He can't even save himself. Enemies are too fast for him to keep up with, his gun underpowered, and clunky jumping impossible to adjust for anyone who has played more than one video game.

Jumping from one platform to another, Jim "sticks" to the one he was moving to. In other words, even if his leap would go higher than the platform, it doesn't matter. It feels like he's magnetically stuck. It's an awful case of trying to do something different.

That's one of the contributing factors to the absurd and almost impossible difficulty level. Others include an amazing array of hazards, some which barely qualify as deadly. The only way you'll learn of their death-dealing properties is to be caught by them, and you will (repeatedly). The colorful world (though subdued on the Duo) Jim inhabits isn't worth the effort.

On the very small plus side, the music is fantastic, an excellent upgrade to the cartridge versions. It doesn't make up for the sound effects that are horrid, but at least the music takes away a little frustration. It's not enough to prevent a controller through a window though.

This all leads to the inevitable thrashing of the developers. They've created a nice world to visit, but you don't want to play a game here. Jim Power has to be one of the weakest heroes the gaming market has ever come across. His game isn't much better.


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