Flipper Slipper


Review by Al Backiel



Graphics: 7

Sound: 5

Gameplay: 4

Overall: 5

flipperslipper.gif (9571 bytes)Call me a traditionalist, but if I play pinball, I want to use flippers. If I play a Breakout variant, I want to see paddles. If I play a combination of both, which this game is, I would still like flippers because the game is still closer to pinball. In spite of the title, what this game really has are two semi-circles which work in tandem to direct the rebounding ball. They remind me of ice cream scoopers or catcher’s mitts and they can be tilted left or right.

The major malfunction is that they are just to damn slow to react. Add to this the fact that they do not cover the bottom completely. If a ball comes in to either side at a certain angle, it will drop behind the paddle and you are powerless to save it. Grrrr... very frustrating. As far as graphics, the game has quite a few interesting things going on. The left and right corners each have Breakout-style grids. The center has the disembodied head of a dog behind a fence (although at times it looks more like a pig). Break down the fence and the dog escapes and provides a little entertainment and bonus points. A turtle crosses the screen and each hit provides extra points. In later rounds it becomes a fish, then a crab. Clearing the breakout bricks bumps up the levels. As in the original Breakout, if you can get the ball on the top of the rows, it will take out more bricks. There is a beach house (looks like a tent) which also crosses the screen. Hit it a few times and the game will mercifully pause. Oh, I almost forgot. There are 2 strange splotches, one on each side which are supposed to represent beach front. Crossing the area will sometimes net you some more points.

You get 5 balls to start. Keep missing and GAME OVER will gradually show through.. The closing screen shows floodwaters taking over the screen and you obviously drown. There are the usual 8 Coleco game variations. The highest I was able to score on Skill Level 1 was 20,400. Hey, for a pinball game, this is a little stingy with points!


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