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The go-to site for all things Adventurevision.



AppleCare Support
Software downloads for English North-American versions of Software for Macintosh, Apple II and Newton released prior to Mac OS 8.1 in January 1998.

Apple II File Archive

Apple II History

Apple II game covers

Apple II related links

Asimov FTP Site
his large collection of disk images is probably the best known Apple II archive on the net.

Chebucto Community Net
Software for the Apple II and IIgs, with descriptions.

EmuAsylum's Apple II Archives
Over 3000 disk archives of Apple II programs for use with emulators.

Ground Apple II Archive
This huge Apple II FTP archive at the University of Iowa resides on a 1.7 GB hard drive purchased by donations from users. Also mirrors several other Apple II archive sites in the /Mirrors/ directory.

TFF Enterprises Apple Software Archive
Formerly the CalTech Apple II Archives, this second largest archive of Apple II public domain and shareware on-line is administered by Daniel M. Zimmerman.

The UM Apple II Archives
The University of Michigan Apple II archive site. This site is "in hibernation" and hasn't been maintained recently, but contains many files related to the Apple II for download.

Virtual Apple II
Almost every Apple ][ and Apple IIgs game ever made, ready to play in your browser.

What Is The IIgs (Alex Lee)
Three Apple IIgs software sites in one: The Apple IIgs Anachronistic Application Ring, The IIgs Gaming Memory Fairway, and The Apple IIgs Educational Retrospective Slam Dunk. Here you can find Apple IIgs applications, games, and educational programs in Shrink-It format for real Apples and .2mg disk image formats for emulators. Also has documentation and box scans for most of the programs.

The XGS Archive
An archive of 'abandoned' IIgs software in .2mg disk image format for the XGS and other emulators. Has brief descriptions of the files.


Arcade coin-op

96-in-1 Multipac
Mike Doyle's version.

Alva Amusements
Sell new monitor boards for most any tubes.  Also sells RGB-to-video converters.

Apache Controls
Home of the Blackhawk push/pull arcade spinner.

AMC Solution
Repairs Atari, Williams, and Sega pcbs.

Andy's Arcade
Great site for info on vector game restoration.

Arcade After Dark
What do arcade characters do after the games are turned off and the arcade is closed. Find out at Arcade After Dark!

Arcade Amusements Corporate Event Entertainment
We provide arcade game rental, corporate event entertainment and services. A perfect Corporate Event Idea.

Arcade Archive
Includes manuals, schematics, books, roms, and a host of other gaming-related files.

The Arcade Boneyard
Sells Neo Geo multicarts, as well as machines and parts.

Arcade Collecting
Lots of helpful info for doing repairs.
Specializing in monitor repair.

The Internet's premier reference for amusement industry reference material with over 1,000 coin-operated machine technical manuals.

Arcade Flyer Archive
Contains 3 separate archives - home video games, pinball machines, and arcade & amusement games respectively.

Arcade Finder
Your source for finding classic arcades.

Arcade History
Dear visitor, welcome to Arcade-History, a searchable & comprehensive database which provides a listing of known antique & modern coin-operated game & machine, including : video games, pinballs, slot machines, pachislots, pachinkos, bat games, bingos, gun games, bowlers, shuffle alleys, jukeboxes, trade stimulators, fortune tellers, strength testers, kiddie rides, redemption games, allwins, working models, vending machines and more...

Arcade In A Box
Specializing in complete at home arcade systems such as JAMMA, Neo-Geo MVS, and more.

Arcade Overlays, LLC
Specialize in both Repro and Custom Graphics.

Arcade Relics
List of arcade game repairers around the world.

Arcade Restoration
Excellent resource for restoring classic arcade games. Invaluable articles on "how to," and plenty of links to other restoration websites. A must read.

Arcadeshop Amusements
Distributor and manufacturer of arcade games, pinball games, and game parts.

Asteroids Troubleshooting Encyclopedia

Atari Football restoration site
This site is intended as an aide for arcade collectors that are attempting to restore a 1978 2-player Atari Football video arcade game.

Helping the arcade game addict one location at a time.

Back To The Arcade
Specializing in custom game room signs and Multi Williams artwork.

California Extreme
Annual show devoted to arcade and pinball games.  Usually have a great assortment of prototype machines!

Cinelabs is dedicated to vector based coin-operated arcade video machines. We are primarily focused on the line of arcade machines based on a design by Larry Rosenthal, and later manufactured by Cinematronics, Inc. Although we have no affiliation with either Larry Rosenthal or Cinematronics, Cinelabs is committed to preserving their work, enhancing it when time allows, and assisting collectors in repairing and preserving their own collection of Cinematronics and Vectorbeam machines. Also carry flybacks for W-G 6100, Amplifone, and Sanyo monitors.

Classic Arcade Game Locations

Classic Arcade Grafix
Offers custom reproduction artwork.

CoinOp Warehouse

CoinOp Yellow Pages

Crazy Kong Arcade
Has info on pinouts, dipswitches, manuals, etc.

Dragon's Lair Project
Great source for information on laserdisc games.

Eldorado Games
Offer flat-rate board exchanges.  Also sell boards, power supplies, and other items.

The Electronic Playground
Gaming on the Silver Screen. For merely interested and gaming freaks alike, The Electronic Playground presents to you the ultimate list of videogames, pinball machines and arcade games featured in movies and television series.

Elektron Forge
Board repairs for many different classic arcade boards.

Free Web Arcade Classics
Classic games remade in Flash. Includes classics like Pac-Man and Frogger

This website exists to provide you with information on arcade video games and pinball machines. This is a community website and we ask that you join our community and assist others by sharing your knowledge about the games you own, collect or have info on. To make a community work, we need participation from the members of the community, YOU. Please add your comments, suggestions, data or whatever else you can to help this community grow. If you have information that you would like to add feel free to contact us as we always credit our sources! We look forward to having you back soon!  collectibles.

GameRoom Magazine
Regularly features articles covering pinball machines, arcade video, jukeboxes, arcade games and other coin-operated collectibles.


Dedicated to the 1982 Atari classic video arcade game Gravitar. Hints and playing tips with screen captures, etc.

Great Games Database
A lot of classic games have been made, and here will find a partial listing of those games. This list include Arcade Games, Console Games (for various platforms), and handheld or counter top games.

Great Western
An online website providing the widest range of coin operated / amusement / arcade / gaming / video game / and merchandise products at the lowest possible prices.

Arcade spinners and controllers.

Happ Controls
Game room supplies and more.

Hawk-Eye Picture Tube
Hawk-Eye Picture Tube is a CRT repair and supplier. We also offer antique picture tube repair, color picture tube repair, cathode ray tube repair, and video game repair.

Sells laserdisc player conversion cards for Dragon's Lair and Space Ace.

High Scores Arcade
Welcome to the High Scores Arcade web site! The primary purpose of this site is to provide high quality content related to the arcade and pinball world.

International Arcade Museum
Companion site to KLOV.

Ion Pool
Wealth of arcade knowledge.

JAMMA Boards
We are here to offer you the best Jamma Fingerboard adapters you can find for the best price around! Our Signature JAMMA Fingerboard / Adapter has been designed to provide a high quality & reliable way to convert any arcade game PCB into your video Arcade Game Cabinet. You can even use this fingerboard / adapter as an easy to convert method for adding a MAME game system into your video Arcade cabinet!

Jim Skilskyj's
Load of manuals.  Also has schematics, roms, and some repair info.

Jrok's Classic Arcade Games
Excellent site for technical info.  Also sells RGB to NTSC Video encoders.

Killer List of Videogames
Huge list of Arcade Machines with forums and events features.

LV2000 Atari color vector monitor upgrade

MAME Marquees
The largest variety of Mame Marquees and Side Art on the Net.

My Arcade Games
Pinouts and more.

Mikes Arcade Shop

The site for Pac-Man board repair info.
Home of Clay Cowgill's awesome multi-game kits for Space Invaders, Star Wars, Tempest, and others.

Mundo Bizarro
Website in Spanish language with some old classic arcade games ported to flash enjoy it!

Namco Arcade
Official website.

Outerworld Arcade
Good repair information on some obscure b&w games.

Peter Hirschberg's Arcade
Wrote the LEDhead handheld emulator, as well as an awesome C++ version of Atari's VCS Adventure.

Phoenix Arcade
Highly recommended for repro artwork.

The Pinball Resource
A unique blend of parts, service, and technical support. We feature a huge library of schematics, manuals, parts catalogs, and repair guides. Whether you're a novice or expert, The Pinball Resource can help with your pinball need.

Good source of older arcade games and parts.

RAM Controls
Custom and reproduction controls for arcade games.

Reproduction Arcade Artwork
New CPOs and sideart for several classics, such as Armor Attack, Black Widow, Missile Command, and others.

RePlay Magazine links

Richard Cross
Repairs older game PCBS such as Tron and Omega Race.

If you're looking to download free ROMS, this ain't the place for you! ROMHACK is for serious arcade game collectors who enjoy customizing their games. Here you'll find programming tools, software disassemblies, and customized ROMS to help you get the most out of your arcade collection.

SBL Network
A network of sites with a section dedicated to Arcade machine emulation and the real things.

Supplier of colored gels, similar to those used on early arcade games such as Battlezone and Space Invaders.

Sega Amusements
Official website.

Sega 'suicide battery' replacement

Sil's Arcade
Collection of Pac-Man hacks.

Stern Pinball
Currently the only company still manufacturing pinball games.

Super Auctions

Team Wolfpack MSN - Third Party Revolution Games
JBProArcade Third Party Site, with over 2000+ hot titles a game discussion board, friendly environment and much more :)

Tempest flowchart

This Old Game
Screen printed reproductions and fabrications of coin-op parts.

TNT Amusements

Home of the worlds most popular interfaces and controls for arcade gaming on PCs and consoles.

The Ultimate Space Invaders Shrine

US Amusement Auction

Video Arcade Preservation Society.  As an organization, VAPS is dedicated to the arcade game collector. This site strives to reflect that by providing collectors, collectors-to-be and enthusiasts a way to resolve their coin-operated informational needs.

Video Connection
Distributor of used arcade games and boards.

Videogames History section in the Toy Museum

VIDEOTOPIA is the only accurate exploration of the art, science, and history of video games in the world. The exhibit has become a resource for historians, educators, and television & print journalists from around the globe. VIDEOTOPIA has become the principle resource for the appreciation and understanding of this unique combination of art and science.

The Wastelands
A large multi-topic forum community. With Arcade, games and emulation discussions. Also with large selection of flash arcade games for participating members to compete in!

Best known for arcade controllers, they carry everything from leg levelers to monitors.

Has multigame kits for Q*bert, Exidy 440, DECO cassette, and System Sega 1 games. Also hase misc arcade info, such as the Falcon pinout, Z80 cracking, and more.

Wiretap Arcade Game Collector's Archive
Arcade Game schematics, manuals & technical information for the "bronze" and "golden" eras of games.

Wizzes Workshop
Sells MCR Switching adapters.

The World of Owen R. Rubin
Personal site for the former Atari designer/programmer, who's best known for the superb game, Major Havoc.

Zanen Electronics
Specializes in monitor "cap" (rebuild) kits for most popular models.


Arcade emulators

1UP Arcade
Article on hacking arcade analog controllers to the PC.

What is the purpose of this site? We hope that this site will grow to become a general repository of assets for building a virtual arcade and more specific for 3d models free for personal, non-commercial and non-public use. This site will not only provide geometry models but also bitmaps and videos that can be used as (animated) textures.

Sells arcade-style light guns for PCs, as well as driving controllers.

Atomic Front End (Multi Emulator Front End)
Front Multi-emulator , optimized to work in Arcade Cabinet. Hide windows completely, support ArcadeVGA , JPAC as well keyboard hack and other video card. 100% customizable. Support horizontal, vertical, Mirror screens. Cocktail mode , more and more.. Try it!

Sells the Cheep Spinner USB controller for MAME machines.

Daphne laserdisc game emulator
Currently the only laserdisc game emulator.  A sometimes frustrating program to configure, but once you do, it's the next best thing to the real thing.  Sadly, it hasn't been updated in over a year.

Keyboard emulator for joysticks.

Official site.


MAME Action Replay Page

MAME Compiler
Allows you to customize MAME!

Invaluable site for the do-it-yourself MAMEr.

The official site of the MAME development team.

For all your MAME and Daphne needs.

MAME Marquees

MAMEWAH is a customizable multiple emulator front-end capable of running countless emulators, including everyone's favorite arcade emulator, MAME. MAMEWAH is primarily intended for use with real arcade controls, including joysticks (digital or analog), trackballs and spinners. MAMEWAH hides the Windows environment which makes it ideal for use in a home arcade cabinet.

MAME World
The largest MAME resource on the net!

Maximus Arcade
MAME front-end.

Pugsy's MAME Cheat Page
Welcome to the MAME cheat page, this page is home to the most popular cheat files available for use with the amazing Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator.

RAM Controls
USB flight controller interface.

SlikStik Tornado Spinner
Happ Controls sells these PS2/USB controllers for MAME machines.

Home of the I-PAC (Interface for Pc to Arcade Controls) and Opti-PAC (Optical interface for Pc to Arcade Controls). The worlds most popular PC game control interfaces.

unMAMEd Arcade Games
If you can help get any of these games supported in MAME, please do!.

Zektor Vector Generator
A PC driven vector generator that will drive Wells-Gardner, Amplifone, Sega, and Vectrex monitors!

Zophar's Domain
Looking for a specific variant of MAME?  Chances are this site has it.


2600 Connection
Official site for this venerable newsletter.

A.N.A.L.O.G. Computing Compendium
Home of Analog magazine programmer Tom Hudson.

The Anarchistic Atari Page
Contains some great Atari dev software.  Also an official source for the book, "Zap! The Rise and Fall of Atari".

Atari 2600 PAL Carts Database

Atari 2600 Variation List
This is a detailed list of all the variations known of labels, cartridge types, instruction manuals, boxes, and other paperwork.

Atari 2600 Video Mods Comparison Project
Great site for those trying to decide which a/v mod to get.

Includes games and consoles for the pre NES-era, not just Atari specifically.

Atari 2800 History
Plenty of information and pictures about the Japanese version of the 2600.

Atari 7800 Developer's Page
Info on how to modify your 7800 for cart dumping.

Atari 7800 Diagnostic cart page
John Harvey's reverse-engineering of the 7800 diagnostic cart.

Atari 7800 Page

Atari 7800 XBoard
The Xboard is a multifunctional expansion board for the Atari 7800 gaming console. The board is equipped with 128Kbyte of fast, banked SRAM, as well as a socket for an Atari POKEY sound chip.

Atari 8-bit Computer File Archive

Atari 8-bit Computers FAQ

Atari 8-bit Domain
Makers of various audio/video mods.

Atari 8-bit Forever
Huge information library of software, hardware, books, source code, etc.

Atari 8-bit Projects & Stuff
A page dedicated to the best computer ever made.

Atari800Win Plus
Quite possibly the best Atari 8-bit emulator out there!

Atari Ace
Video Games systems, games, and accessories for sale.

Atari BASIC Programming Vault
Dave Britten's collection of programs for the VCS cart.

Atari Cave
Welcome to Atari Cave - a website devoted to the Atari 8-Bit Computers that were first introduced to homes in the 1980s and still have a strong following today. Probably one of the main uses of the computer was for playing computer games and it is this section of the format that I shall concentrate on in this site.

Atari Document Library
Collection of rare Atari arcade paperwork.

Atari Fandal cz
Great games database.

Atari Force Headquarters
Everything you've ever wanted to know about this cool but short-lived D.C. comic.

Atari Fun
Classic video games sales and service.

Atari Games List
Great site for Atari-related links.

Atari HQ
Excellent archive of Atari games and materials.

Atari Landfill Revealed Project
The real story behind the once urban legend story of how Atari dumped millions of dollars worth of their inventory in an Alamogordo, New Mexico landfill.

Atari Legend
Currently you'll find the most complete library of ST games on the net, with info on the people involved in its creation, reviews, screenshots and much more! You'll be amazed how many rare and previously undiscovered games we have gathered together!

Atari Magazines Archive

Atari Manual Tome
Collection of VCS manuals.

Atari Noise
Puts the 'ole VCS on stage and on display.  Quite 'dope'.

Atari Online
Foreign games database.

Atari SAP Music Archive
Welcome to the pages of the biggest and only official Atari XL/XE music archive. Many of you have surely missed those great square-wave sounds and noises, that often belonged to your childhood :-) The archive you will find here contains almost 2200 songs (this number rises - see the diagram below) including both old-time and new-wave tunes from the early 80's till the latest 2006 contributions.

Atari ST game covers

Atari Times

Great Atari site featuring articles, interviews, and loads more.

Atari Video Music
Screenshots aplenty showing this rare console in action.

Atari XL/XE Homesoft disk images
Huge collection of 8-bit software. is a group of Atari 8-bit computer enthusiasts from the 'old daze' that refuse to give up their love of these wonderful machines. We figured that since some of the fan sites for Atari 8-bit systems are starting to disappear, we would start our own, and keep it around FOREVER! (Ahem, well... as long as humanly possible.) We aim to have a one-stop-shopping approach to information and discussions about the Atari 8-bit computers in a friendly and professional manner. Yes, that's a tall order, but with your help, we can achieve this goal! Come and Join us! Share your love of the 8-bit!

Atarian Sun Developments
Featuring The Atarian Atmosphere and NUONica. Home of the AtariNews: On the Prowl Newsletter.

Monstrous collection of information on Atari-related books, articles, magazines.. even APX!

Nice database of information on Atari 2600 games, and other systems.

Huge database of pre-84 games.

Makers of the Atari 8-bit SIO2PC cart, amongst others.

AtariSoft FAQ

B&C ComputerVisions
Sales and service of Atari products for over twenty years. Quality customer service and reliability.

Batari Basic
Batari Basic (bB) is a BASIC-like language for creating Atari 2600 games. It is a compiled language and the compiler runs on a computer, but it creates a binary file that can be run on an Atari 2600 emulator or used to make a cartridge that will operate on a real Atari 2600.
Ben Heckendorn official site for his custom console mods, including his famous portable Atari 2600 systems.

Best Electronics
Specializing in parts for all things Atari.

Bob Colbert's Web Site
Bob created the first homebrew game for the Atari VCS - Okie Dokie.  He also created several tools such as makebin, makewav, and Cheetah.

Cartridge Dumping
Nir Dary's site on how to dump all the various types of 8-bit Atari cartridges.

Cartridge Mold Differences
Comparison site for Atari VCS cart casings.
Atari STuff, news, rumors, and updates.

Dan Boris' Atari 2600 tech page

De Re Atari
Online version of the programmer's "bible".

Eckhard Stolberg's VCS Workshop
If you're handing with a soldering iron and love to mod Atari stuff, this is the site for you.

A nice screenshot database of Atari 8-bit games.

Foreign Atari Commercials

Hozer Video Games
Randy Crihfield - long time maker of custom Atari VCS carts.

John Saeger's Home Page
Home of the popular Atari 2600 emulator, Z26.

Kermel Laurent's Atari 2600 page
Nice pictorial database for Atari PAL, SECAM, and prototype carts.

Kroah's Game Decompilation Page
Contains reverse-engineered info on a few Atari 8-bit and ST games.
Fantastic site with a mountain of screenshots and software (the "Holmes CD" collection).

Mapy Atari 8-bit Info
Great collection of maps for Atari 8-bit games.

Michael Current
Maintains the Atari 8-bit FAQ.

Mountain King 2600
Roy Tony's site of instructions on how to access and navigate the hidden levels of Mountain King for Atari 2600. A largely unexplored secret area in this video game where all kinds of strange things occur. Simply follow the step-by-step, walk-through instructions below to see some of it!

Planet Atari
German site that has specialized pages for Atari, Nintendo, Sega, and several others.

PROMblaster court hearings
Court documents detailing Atari's cast against PROMblaster maker JS&A.

Stella - Atari 2600 Programming list
This list was designed as a support group for Starpath CD owners and anyone else trying to write 2600 games or just to understand how they work. Since 1996, Stellalist has established itself as THE meeting place for the select few people around the globe who still understand the 2600 to congregate, share techniques, and learn from each other.

Stella - Atari 2600 VCS Developer's List

Swordquest Archive of Adventure
Fantastic website devoted to Atari's effort to create a 4-game contest for the Atari VCS.  Sadly, only 2 of the 5 contests were held (the whereabouts of the remaining prizes is currently unknown), and the 3rd game barely made it out the door.

VCS Simulator
VCS Simulator is a program which simulates the functions of the ATARI VCS 2600.

Video 61 & Atari Sales
We are a 22 year old Atari mail order house & service department. We service and sell hardware and software for Atari 2600,5200 and 7800 game machines. We service, sell and publish hardware and software for the 400/800/XL/XE/XEGM computers. We service and sell software and hardware for the Atari Lynx and Jaguar game machines.

Vjetnam 8-bit Atari Games Archive
Nice database of game software.

XL Search
XL Search is a search engine, similar to C|Net's "", which lets you find files (software programs, images, documents, etc.) at an FTP site and download them to your PC. If you've got an Atari 8-bit computer or emulator, this is the best spot to find software fast!!

Collection of Atari VCS homebrew authors.



Bally Alley
Welcome to Bally Alley, one of the precious few web sites dedicated exclusively to the Bally Astrocade computer/console. This site is a treasure trove of information for all Bally Astrocade owners, users, programmers and collectors.



Interactive Dreams
Everything is discussed about CD-I here, including all kinds of media and opinions.

Welcome to the information portal about CD-I, currently the only active portal on the internet!


Classic gaming (general)


The 8-Bit Joystick Gallery
Nice (albeit incomplete) visual collection of various joystick controllers.

8 bit Lab Rat
John Soper's excellent site for fun and educational electronic projects for classic video gaming (Atari, Intellivision, Colecovision, and others).

8-Bit Rocket
Primarily a collection of Flash games, but notable for several video game articles.

An independent video game reviews site, showcases games by developers from around the world on each of the various games platforms available today. Check out how they incorporate the classic video games of the 70s and 80s in their navigational interface.

Adventure Point
Website for true point & click Adventure game fans.

Acts of Gord
A hilarious, satirical, and brutally honest account of one man's experiences in running a video game store.

Almighty preserving legacies one at a time
WWW.GAMELEGACIES.COM PRESERVING LEGACIES ONE AT A TIME from great movies from The Shining/Labyrinth to great games such as Phantasy Star/Shining force/Diablo II and MUCH MORE!!!!! Grand is it not? Come take a look, it's all here!!!

Retro Classics ported onto phone , palm , Pocket PC and other formats , plus all new retro remakes , free demos of many games.

Ancient Worlds
Free game similar to Risk.

Androbot, Inc.
Rick Rowland's awesome website devoted to Nolan Bushnell's attempt at personal robots in the early 80s.

Arctic Computer and Console Museum
Finnish collector Manu Paerssinen maintains this fine site, along with Ville Heinonen and Mikko Heinonen, which includes a wealth of information for non-U.S. consoles and systems.

Arqueologia Digital
First Argentinean site dedicated to retrogaming and collecting in Latin America. Articles, interviews, F.A.Q.´s, pics, forums and tons of info!. Official Argentinean VG collectors' community site.

The Basement Arcade
The only site on the net where you can find reviews, sounds, history and articles about all your favorite Classic 80's Arcade Games.

Bits of History
The free podcast covering the history of video game consoles.

The Button Masher
Video Game Resources, News, Reviews and Previews. Video Game rental - try it before you buy it

We are all about gaming on all systems new and old, and consuming lots of caffeine too!

CASA - Classic Adventure Solution Archive
The best resource for solutions for classic (8-bit) text adventures and interactive fiction - this means Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Apple II in particular, but also BBC, TRS-80, Amstrad, Dragon etc. A few Amiga solutions have also made their way into the archive, as there doesn't seem to be any dedicated adventure site for that machine.

Cheat Codes Emporium
Providing cheats, cheat codes and hints for ps2, xbox, gamecube, gba, pc games, 3d0, sega saturn, SNES, NES, dreamcast, n64, gameboy, nintendo, sony, psx, and playstation.

Classic Consoles Center
Great site for classic game info, especially on the Odyssey2/Videopac.

Classic Gamer Magazine
An awesome but sadly short-lived publication.

Classic Gaming Expo
The largest and longest-running show devoted to classic home video games.

ClassicVille: Your Greatest History Lesson Ever
Large classic gaming site with reviews, tech specs, in-depth details and more!

Try this! here you can play for free or join as a member. Win money/prizes. Fun games of skills.

Computer History Museum
Where computing history lives.  Fascinating exhibit showing the chronological history of the computer.  There is also a small (and we do mean small) section devoted to electronic and video games.

Console Classix
Legal emulation of Atari 2600, NES, SNES, Gameboy/Color, and Genesis.

Console Database
Database of Console History, FAQs, Cheats, Game Info, System Specs, Programmer Credits, and Online Games.

Home of the A.N.A.L.O.G Archives and the Jag CD Project.

DaNaca's Games Collection, 75+ systems and 600+ games!
My console collection ranges from consoles from the early 80's, like the Atari 2600, Mattel Intellivision, Videopac G7000 (Odyssey2), MB Vectrex to the "next-gen consoles", like the PlayStation2, XBox and GameCube. My handheld collection ranges from the "oldies" like the Atari Lynx, Game Gear, etc. to the newer ones like the Neo Geo Pocket (Color), GBA, GamePark32, Nintendo DS and the PSP.

The Dot Eaters

Charles Dysert presents a comprehensive picture gallery of all things electronic.

Galactic Conquest
Sci-fi Strategy Massive Game.

Game Consoles
Includes a history of over 50 consoles.

Game Developer Research Institute
Our mission is to find out who really developed all your favorite games from the past! preserving legacies one at a time!
WWW.GAMELEGACIES.COM PRESERVING LEGACIES ONE AT A TIME from great movies from The Shining/Labyrinth to great games such as Phantasy Star/Shining force/Diablo II and MUCH MORE!!!!! Grand is it not? Come take a look, it's all here!!!

Game Set Watch
News site for any and all videogame-related stories.

Game Swag! (formerly Video Game Press Kits)
Have you ever pre-ordered a video game just to get the free bonus that came with it? Have you ever gone to E3 or some other gaming show and stuffed a shopping bag full of goodies and not even notice the games on display? Have you ever seen an Ebay auction for a really cool gaming-related item and wonder where in the world someone would find that? If so, you've come home.

GameGavel is the best Video Game Auction Site on the internet to date! Committed to excellence and offering a fun and free alternative to the other auction sites is our motto. Whether you are the avid collector or a casual gamer, is your source for great Video Game Auctions!

Gamepulse is designed for mature gamers, we cover everything from your boyhood systems such as the Amiga 500 through to the next generation of home systems. We bring you news, articles and staff blogs, plus a friendly community of people who love to do nothing more than talk about Games.

DP's own resident Ebay guru Niccola Ferrarese runs this very comprehensive site that monitors auctions for prototypes and rare video game items.


GameTrends - Illusion Software!
Download Unique and Popular video Games from Illusion Software! The #1 for all your gaming needs.

Giant List of Classic Game Programmers
This is a Who's Who of classic game programmers, where "classic" generally refers to "8-bit" (Apple II, Atari 2600, Atari 800, Commodore 64, etc).

Globetrotter World Tour

Good Deal Games
Classic Gaming Interviews, Articles, News, Puzzles, Humor, Online Arcade, Game Publishing, Sales, WGDG Game Radio, Collectors List, Links, Chat, Release Lists, Fan Fiction, Token Museum & more... much more.

GPD Classic Video Games
Selling, buying, trading classic video games like Atari 2600, 7800, CV, Intellivision, NES, SMS, and MORE!

Hall of Video Games
If only you could remember what that game was called! Search the visual database at to view and search screenshots of video games from the earliest days of arcade madness through the home consoles of today. Includes information on video games, game systems, developers, and emulators.
Do you buy your games to play them, or collect dust? If you chose the first answer than this is the perfect site for all of your gaming needs! A community of hardcore gamers that aren't afraid to voice their opinions. Life is hard, game accordingly.

Nice console database with history and pictures. Other various stuff is included on the site.

History of Gaming
Offers a nice set of cards, with each card  covering a different system.

I Want To Play Free Games
The SuperHiperMegaSite of FREE Games where you can play 100's of Free games with screen shots and descriptions!. If you want to play free games, you've come to the right place. Search in ours categories: Adventure, Arcade, Casino, Fighting, Platform, Puzzle, Racing, Shoot, Sports, Strategy, Only Girls, Kids and Paper Airplanes. Everything is FREE and we have it ALL!

ImagiNation Revival
The goal of the project is to create a server architecture that is compatible with the ImagiNation Network client software that you may still have lying around somewhere, forgotten, on a stack of floppies or a CD-ROM. This goal is being pursued by reverse-engineering the client software to determine the network messaging protocol that was used. We have had great success with this process so far, and by watching this site regularly for updates you will be able to keep up with our further progress and see what we have already done.

The Infocom Bugs List

Infocom Documentation Project

International Video Game Hall of Fame

Just Games Retro
The greatest classic game reviews ever written by deity or man.

iWin offers a chance to play free online games and find many popular game downloads.

Killer Instinct Arena
Information on every Killer Instinct game made.

The only fan site dedicated to brining you info about every game in the Klonoa series. Guides, Reviews, Characters, Midis, Wallpapers, Fanart, Screenshots, and more all archived here!
Rob Kudla did some of the earliest (and impressive) hacks of some classic games, including his improved version of VCS Pac-Man, Pac26.

Los Gatos Museum of Amusement
Los Gatos is a museum dedicated to the preservation of classic coin-op video games. The museum hopes to educate the public about the significance of these games.

Le Geek
Ben Langberg's cool website for video game reviews.

Lost Levels
Lost Levels in an independent, not-for-profit magazine that is produced as a labor of love by a group of hobbyists

Lowscore Net
The source for all your video game media needs. Spoofs, Montages, Time Attacks, Parodies, Short Films, Music Videos, Displays of Skill/stupidity, and much more.

Kevin Gifford breeds ferrets and runs this site for collectors and fans of old video-game and computer magazines. He owns enough magazines to smother himself with should the need arise, and his secret fantasy is for someone flush with game-publisher stock options to give him a monthly stipend so he can spend a year researching their full history and finishing the site. In his "off" time he is an editor at Newtype USA magazine.

Mega Man VG
Fansite dedicated to the classic Mega Man series!

MicroMusic is an international hub for artists and musicians who love old school videogame style music and art, also known as chiptunes!

Museo Retro
Retro Museum of vintage consoles.

NFG Games
Includes a forum and a wealth of modifications including video modifications. Also includes articles on various things such as the obscure Capcom CPS changer.

No Game No Glory
A great personal collection as well as many game information. Classic and new.

Northwest Classic Gaming Enthusiasts

Numb Thumb Club
Welcome to the Numb Thumb Club. This page is dedicated to one of the most creative and unique game designers and publishers to come out of the pre-1984 video gaming era. Imagic published many titles for the various game consoles and home computers of the time period, and I thought it was time to create a web site dedicated specifically to their outstanding and diverse library of video game releases.

Oklahoma Video Game Exhibition

The Old Computer Dot Com
This site is dedicated to all aspects of retro computing, collecting and gaming. In here you will find a large collection of emulators for many weird and defunked formats, Rom's for all the major retro consoles and computers as well as libraries full of material like commercials, magazines and manuals.

The Pac-Man Dossier
This web page is dedicated to providing Pac-Man players of all skill levels with the most complete and detailed study of the game possible.

Old Game Mags
Offers PDF scans of magazines and posters.

The Arctic Computer and Console Museum.

Penny Arcade
One part swash, two parts buckle.

Perfection Conversion
Australian classic gaming website focusing on Sega and Nintendo 8/16-bit consoles.

Rick Rowland offers parts and repair service for these obscure Androbot robots.

Professor Igglewatsit Bigziddlezot's Free Kiddiesafe Games
Free non-violent games of skill and FUN

Quake Wars
UK Quake Wars Clan

Classic videogame nostalgia and more.

This web site is dedicated to my USB adapter for 16-bit games, the Retrode (was: snega2usb). Feed your SNES or Mega Drive / Genesis emulator with games from your original cartridges!

Retrogaming Radio
RetroGaming Radio is a monthly internet radio show all about classic gaming - interviews, news, hardware and software reviews, flashbacks, editorial commentary, and more!

Retroware TV

RF Generation
The classic and modern video games database.
Lots of random videogame reviews (among other things!)

Rocket Worm
Artistic tribute to the original video games developed by Shiny in 1994, and it's creator Doug TenNapel

Rogue Synapse
Fantastic recreations of 'fake' games that have appeared in films (The Bishop of Battle, The Last Starfighter, Space Paranoids, etc.).  Also has a DarkBasic version of Exidy's Death Race.

Rolenta Press
Home of the classic books by noted author and historian Leonard Herman, such as, "Phoenix" and "ABC to the VCS".

Schell's Electronics
Chad Schell is the guy who makes the awesome CuttleCarts for the 2600, 7800, and Intellivision!

Official site, with some great archived footage.

Strange and Rare Videogame Pics Page
Includes pictures and history of various rare consoles both released and not released.

Super Kaga Magma-Nastic Computer Game Museum
Collection of Arcade Machines Computers + Consoles also Computer Cameos (reviews of movies where computers/games have had a small or major part)

Swap Adjacent Gems to Make Sets of Three: A History of Matching Tile Games by Jesper Juul
This article aims to write the history of a video game genre. The genre is that of matching tile games, video games where the object of the player is to manipulate tiles on a grid in order to create matches. For a few years, the best known and best selling matching tile games have been the Bejeweled series from PopCap games.

Toad's Castle
A Super Mario fan site.

Tomorrow's Heroes
If you are into comic books or classic video games, then this is the page for you! Over 2,500 pages of stuff for you to check out!

Unifications Wars
Sci-fi Strategy Massive Game.

Videogames Unseen, Unreleased & Beta Archive!

Video Game Collector
Published magazine related to classic gaming. Includes price guides and other various things.

Video Game Console Library

Video Game Critic
Reviews for both classic and modern games.

Video Game Escape
Video Games and Game Consoles cheats, news, specs, prices, controllers, accessories, release dates, screenshots for Sony PSP, Playstation 3, PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii & Nintendo DS game consoles and systems. We provide all of what was just described to you, but with a spin.

Video Game Music Archive

Video Game Reviews, Classic Video Games
Visit DiscussVideoGames for relevant video game reviews, buy video games, and video game forums for all systems

Video Game Saga
Video Game Saga is a new gaming web site dedicated to anything and everything video game related; past, present and future. We also produce original shows, articles and content on a weekly basis and we strongly encourage a gaming community on our forums and blog.
This site includes a year by year progression in its museum, but provides links to other sites mostly. It is under construction, and it's unclear if it will be re-developed.

This is a huge gaming site with reviews, art, and info on some of the greatest consoles of all time

Articles, editorials and reviews of current and classic games.
Welcome to where you'll find over 1,000 images of videogame consoles, games, accessories, videogame related merchandise and much more. Besides the images, there's information to go along with most of it!

U64 is an archive with articles, screens and videos for cancelled, beta & unseen videogames. Every change & cut creates a different gaming experience: we would like to save some documents about this evolution for curiosity, historic and artistic preservation.

Atari founder Nolan Bushnell's latest endeavor. 



Coleco Industries
The mission of Coleco is to enrich people's lives by enhancing their appreciation and understanding of the history, toys, design, development, and technology of Coleco.

A monthly assemblage of items pertaining to and inspired by the ColecoVision: Arcade Quality Video Game System.
A Danish ColecoVision site with Games in details, the expansions, high-score list and much more.

Colecovision Zone
Dedicated site featuring lots of pics.

CollectorVision brings you games you've never thought possible.

Opcode Games
Bringing new life to your ColecoVision!



1541 Ultimate Project
The '1541 Ultimate' is a storage solution for your Commodore home computer, such as the C64, C128, C plus4, C16, etc. This piece of hardware implements a 'real' 1541 disk drive for Commodore computers, and is capable of storing the floppy disks on a modern SD-card, or MMC-card. It contains a replica of all the necessary hardware to be fully compatible with a real drive.

(Recorded) Amiga Games
Amiga speed runs and longplay videos.

(Recorded) Amiga Games
Amiga speed runs and longplay videos.
Serving the Amiga community since 1994.

C-64 game covers

C-64 Gamevideoarchive
This collection showcases games playthroughs from the classic Commodore 64 computer, charting its evolution chronologically, with in-depth videos of the games being played. This collection is a work in progress and will be updated periodically.

C-64 Longplays
Complete videos of games being played from beginning to end.

C-64 Scene Database
A site dedicated to gathering as much information as possible about the productions, the groups, the sceners and the events in the Commodore 64 scene.

Commodore MAX Machine/Ultimax/64GS/64CGS
Site dedicated to these rare computers.

Commodore Turk
Turk Amiga & Commodore Users Official Support Forum. Commodore Int. Corp. Turkish Dealer classified our forum as " Official ". This portal/forum has 1040 members and growing each day. Game, intro, demo music, and PD games archive. You may post English.

The Commodore Zone
Please visit the Commodore Zone for Commodore 64 emulators, rare games, discussion forum, online databases, SID music, demos, links directory and much more! Just click for Commodore!

Great source for information and ROMS.

GTW 64
'Games That Weren't' searches for the lost Commodore 64 games that never were. Currently featuring 839 review entries with various scans, screenshots, downloads, interviews and more. GTW64 aims to find the games for you to play, giving credit to developers whose unseen hard work has never been fully appreciated and to preserve what we can... can you help us find these lost games?

The High Voltage SID Collection
The High Voltage SID Collection (HVSC) is a freeware hobby project which organizes Commodore 64 music (also known as SID music) into an archive for both musicians and fans alike. The work on the collection is done completely in the Team and contributors' spare time and is proudly the largest and most accurate computer music collection known.

This is your one stop site with anything about everything regarding the popular Commodore 64 computer.

Companion site to Lemon64.
A World of C-64 and Amiga Music Remixes.

The Ultimate C-64 Tape Page
Welcome to The ULTIMATE C64 Tape Page. One of a handful sites which specializes in Commodore 64 tapes. On this site, you will find tape-images (.TAP-files) of many good old classics. They have been carefully cleaned up and tested. If you want to know the process these TAP-files have been through, please check the "convert"-part of this site.

VIC-20 Denial

Dealers (general)

4Jays has been buying, selling and trading videogames for many years and has an incredible supply of Atari, Nintendo, and Sega goods, as well as nearly every game manufacturer since classic gaming's heyday, across all eras and consoles.

8-Bit Classics
Online store specializing in selling items related to the 8-Bit computer and game console era. We offer more than just 8-Bit-gen also, will be all the way up to current-gen but based on classic remakes.

Billy Galaxy
Great vintage toys and classic videogames

Blue Rose Video Games
Blue Rose Video Games buys and sells games and accessories for all systems. Our primary focus is cartridge based systems. We have one of the largest selections of Sega Master System items available anywhere in the world with well over 1000 items in stock. We also stock a large selection of Nintendo NES and SNES items.

Classic Game Source
Features a fair amount of games and systems and offers trade in. Tend to be overpriced. Also known as United Game Source.

Collector's Cards and Games
Very healthy amount of games and accessories for all consoles dating back to the Odyssey 2.

Console Passion Retro Games
Online ordering of Classic Games and Vintage Consoles. All the major systems and Japanese imports. Modification services, competitions and polls.

Dave's Portable Systems
"Turning systems of yesterday and making them portable today" Nintendo - Dreamcast - Playstation - Jaguar - N64.

David's Classic Video Games
David's Classic Video Games is located in Cleveland, OH. I buy and sell Atari 2600, Atari 7800, Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Gameboy, Nintendo 64 and Playstation Games. I have lots of items up on my site many complete with boxes and manuals. I also have other items not yet listed.

Direct 4 Games
UK based online games supplier at amazing prices and service!

E Game Addiction
Wide variety of games and systems such as neo geo and super grafx. Includes forums, and seems to be based in Indiana.

Emu Go
Mostly console sales, plus some backup devices and related things. Not US based, and the site owner is not the most fluent in English.

Family Game
Includes various modification and backup devices and import converters as well as games. Based in the UK.

Game Asylum
Plenty of accessories for a bunch of consoles. Includes some games as well.

Game Collectors Finland
Game Collectors Finland - Specialize collectors video games, console games and computer games and hardware in Finland!

Game for Fun
Includes games and systems, especially variants of systems if available. Also includes sales of more obscure systems such as the FM Towns Marty or the Bandai Playdia.

Game Gavel
Since launching in March 2008, GameGavel has become the premier video gaming auction site, growing to several thousand members. Less expensive selling fees combined with a dedicated gaming auction environment make GameGavel the auction site of choice for gamers. In 2009 it merged with competitor Chase the Chuckwagon.

Game Grave
Games for some of the older and newer systems. Inventory includes third party products such as the game axe and the tristar converter.

Game Over? Shop Amsterdam
We have a game shop in Amsterdam and buy and sell used games/consoles/handhelds. from 1976 to 2004. from Atari/Pong to X-Box 360/PSP.

The Game Trader
Online retailer selling games and systems from virtually every Video Game System ever created!! Games and systems are available for Atari, Intellivision, ColecoVision, GameGear, Genesis, Nomad, Saturn. Sega CD, NES, SNES, Dreamcast, Sega Master System, Atari Lynx, Atari Jaguar, 3DO, TurboGrafx, Jaguar CD, Odyssey 2, and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!! If They don't have it, they will find it for you!!

Game Trading Zone
Subscriber-based game trading site.

Genki Video Games
Imported Japanese videogames: from rare, retro releases to the funkiest, freshest titles that's got them queuing around the block in downtown Akihabara, Tokyo. Our unprecedented access to the largest video game market on the planet allows us to hand pick those gems of games that remain undiscovered in the West. Gameplay is the golden thread running through our classic collection. Crystal pure, undiluted gameplay from across the gaming spectrum.

Buy everything from the 2600 to the Dreamcast at the GOAT Store, LLC! You can even get tons of new developments for all of your favorite systems like the Dreamcast, Jaguar and Lynx!

Includes games, systems, and accessories including some rarities and expensive collectibles. Based in Hong Kong.

J2 Games
From Atari to Xbox, stocks 1000's of games, systems, accessories, manuals and collectibles for your favorite classic to modern game systems!

Japan Game Stock
Specializes in a variety of game and console imports straight from Japan from the NES to the dreamcast.

JJ Games
Online retailer of software and hardware for Nintendo 64, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Gamecube, Xbox, Playstation, and Playstation 2.

Joystick Junkies
British Fashion Icon Joystick Junkies offer a unique range of retro gaming t-shirts and clothing. For free world wide shipping and a 10% discount use voucher code 'JJD'.

McVan's Video Games
Chain of retail stores in Indiana that sell systems and games ranging from the Atari 2600 to current generation. Tends to be a little overpriced. 

Messiah Entertainment
Makers of retro-themed products including things like wireless NES controllers and Atari joysticks. These are actually for the original systems.

Mmmonkey Console Mods
mmmonkey will gradually build up guides on modifying Sega and Nintendo consoles, if a guide has been completed then it will be displayed as a link.  mmmonkey is not a technical genius, but isn't too bad at soldering and following the different guides elsewhere on the internet.  It is hoped that the guides published here are easy to understand and follow for anyone with a little bit of knowledge and soldering skill. 

National Console Support
Sell games and accessories, including imports, for a fair amount of systems and hardware for the newer consoles.

Repurposed Atari cartridge wallets sold here.

In O'Shea, Ltd.'s Underground Limestone Cave, there are over 1 Million Mint Condition Atari Video games! All games are in their original never before opened boxes from the 70's and 80's.

Old School Gamer
OSG performs repairs, A/V upgrades, and other improvements for virtually all home video game systems, classic to modern, Atari to Xbox360, and iPods.

Old School Video Game
Decent amount of games and systems for sale. Items tend to be overpriced. Based in Wisconsin.

Older Games
Following the successful launch of OLDERGAMES.COM, and the CD-I releases at the Classic Gaming Expo OlderGames signed a publishing deal to bring Citizen-X out for the SEGA CD and began acquiring long-forgotten and high profile unreleased game prototypes. It is at this time that co-founder RW BIVINS was promoted to Creative Director and CEO of OlderGames. RW started his new role by developing KII ONLINE (a browser-based MMO similar to Warcraft meets command and conquer), and WEIRD WORLD (for the Commodore 64 /128) - a title that eventually led to follow-up sequels which were published by OlderGames.

Opcode Games
Fantastic arcade ports for the Colecovision - MUST SEE!

Packrat Video Games
Sells games for consoles pre-jaguar time. Includes some 2600 homebrews.

Pink Godzilla Games

Play A Game
Decent amount of games for older and newer consoles. Based in Depew, New York.

Play-Asia was established in 2002 and is a leading online retailer providing video games, DVDs, music CDs, gadgets and toys.

Portable Systems
Gaming consoles converted into portables such as the jaguar and dreamcast. Interesting design pictures and model pictures included.

Rare Vids
Decent amount of games and systems. Based in San Diego. Mostly fair prices.

Recycle Video Game Network
This site is actually a representation of 5 retail stores in Oregon and Utah. They have a nice selection of games and systems for sale.

Retro Action
Sells a variety of consoles and systems, some Japanese imports. Based in the United Kingdom.

Retro Trader
Offers various games and systems. Based in the United Kingdom.

Retro Video Games
Sells a small selection of games and systems, most of which are considered classic. Based in the UK.
Classic games licensed , re-released , ported , plus all new classic games ! Also looking for both older games to license and authors and developers to create new games!

Devoted to the classic retro gaming, including On-line store, Arcade Machines and latest News and Reviews!

Classic controllers upgraded to USB!

Songbird Productions
The Premier Game developer and publisher for the Atari Lynx and Jaguar.

Tons of import toys and videogames from Japan.

Canada's Retro-Entertainment Store.

Trade Games Now
Member based game trading site. This site is not paid, but it is similar in structure to Gametz. You can find plenty of things for most of the older consoles.

Trade-N-Games is not just another online store! With over 10,000 games and systems in stock and new stock coming in daily, we probably have that hard-to-find item on your list. Our Retail Store designed for collectors and gamers alike. With Great quality, service and pricing, we our the #1 source for all your game needs.

Turbo Zone Direct
Specializes in products for the NEC consoles.

Used Games
Games and accessories for a variety of consoles, with the history of many consoles to boot!

Used Video Games
Web site with various older games and consoles. Based off of two retail stores that operate in New Jersey.

Video Game Connections
Wide variety of games and consoles going back to the Odyssey 2.

Video Game Exchange
Decent amount of games for various consoles. Based in Stockton, CA

Video Game Trader
Wide variety of games consoles and accessories going back to Odyssey 2.

Video Games and Such
Video Games and Such is a one-stop shop for you classic, neo-classic, and modern gaming needs. Hundreds of items are always for sale, for a variety of consoles.

Video Game Central
All the Classic names from All your Classic Games. Relive your gaming past with a large selection of Video Game Classics from Atari to XBOX.

Video Game Imports
Includes Japanese import games for a variety of systems. Based in the United Kingdom.

Viking Video Games
Offer refurbished and modified classic consoles.

Warpzone Video Games
Includes a variety of games and systems, including an entire distinction between boxed and loose games.

World of Games
Specialty store that deals in classic games.

Ye Old Infocomme Shoppe
Vintage computer software for sale/trade, plus a collector's column.

Yobo Gameware
Specializing in Retro and current gaming accessories and more.


Dedicated consoles

Quite possible the coolest Pong game ever.  Not only is it in a plexi-glass cabinet, it's completely mechanical!

Pong Picture Page
This site is a collector's project. It is meant to be a comprehensive resource for serious collectors who want to get information and pictures about rare or unusual systems as well as a helpful tool for rookies who are just starting their own collections.

Nice collection of photos, although the database is far from complete.



Amigan Software
Emerson Arcadia 2001 Central.  Also supporting Interton VC 4000 and Elektor TV Games Computer

Arcadia 2001 - Digital Archeology
Ward Shrake's awesome website devoted to this classic console.



Fairchild Channel F

Fredric's Channel F page

Fredric's other Channel F page

Sean Riddle's Channel F page



Handheld Games Museum
Great archive of those classic handheld games we loved.

Another equally impressive database for handheld games.

Mattel handhelds

A comprehensive on-line museum of handheld games.

Nerd Watch Museum
collection of vintage lcd watches that featured games.



Intellivision Brazil
Nice site based in Brazil, which claims to have a genuine competition version of Astrosmash on cartridge.

Intellivision Gumbo Website
At this site you'll find a tasty Intellivision stew, with pictures of rare Intellivision hardware, games, catalogs and fanzines!

Intellivision Lives!
Official home of the Blue Sky Rangers.

Intellivision US
Excellent Intellivision database.

The news house of makeINTVgame

Intelligentvision Games
Homebrew game developers site (no longer active)

INTV Funhouse
Yet another great Intellivision database.



8 bit Nintendo Games
A place to discuss, buy, sell and trade the original Nintendo systems and equipment.

Game Boy game covers

GameCube game covers

Itsr's NES Archive
Although no longer updated (since 2000), it contains some good info.

A site dedicated to my NES collection. Lots of rare items like, Test Carts, Test Stations, all Sachen games, all Panesian games, tons of multi-carts and over 1000 different NES games.

NES game covers

NES Player

NES Warp Zone

NES World
Dedicated to Nintendo Entertainment System fans and collectors.


Nintendo Code Book
Codes, tips, tricks, glitches and undocumented features for more than 2000 Nintendo games.

Nintendo Community

Nintendo Games 4 Sale

USB "RetroPort" controllers, controller USB conversion kits, homebrews, repros, NES dev carts, and more.



Classic Consoles Center
Great site for classic game info, especially on the Odyssey2/Videopac.

Odyssey2 Homepage

Odyssey Mania
Nice site but it's in Portuguese, so fire up your Babelfish.

Online Odyssey Museum
An online museum for the first videogame the Magnavox Odyssey from 1972.

Ozyr's Odyssey2 Archive
Instructions, tips, and much more for the Odyssey2 and Philips game systems.
UK's Premier Videopac Website, Highest resolution cover scans on the net, covers all game variations including Odyssey2, Jopac, Philips, Brazillian Releases. Projects, Technical data, advertisements.. EVERYTHING !!!



PC Engine FX
Includes a forum, interviews, homebrew info, and much more all about the NEC consoles.



Mike's PCjr page


Cartridge Dumpster Workshop
The old mission of this site was to find all the versions of the Sonic games, however, all 3 revisions of Sonic 2 have been dumped, as well as all the revisions of Sonic 1 so that seems a little pointless now. So, this site now exists purely to: 1: To provide a service to the sonic community that allows any Prototype/Strange Sonic Cartridge in the UK (and possibly the rest of the world) to be dumped. 2: Provide information about the Double Pro Fighter ROM backup unit.

Dreamcast game covers

Eidolon's Inn
Eidolon's Inn is devoted to the classic SEGA videogame systems of the 1980's and '90's. For these consoles, we offer a wealth of information, both on their history and their technology. Consequently, all available emulators and ongoing development projects are discussed.

Planet Dreamcast

Specializes in Sega Saturn games.
The NIGHTS into Dreams Gameplay Resource.

Sega 8-bit

Sega Master System Museum

Sega Universal Historical Society
Welcome to Sega Universal Historical Society! Our website it committed to preserve the history of Sega's past systems spanning from the Master System to the Dreamcast. Feel free to check out our music videos, commercials, and other cool multimedia.

Covering Genesis, Sega CD, and Sega 32X.

Sega-Parts is authorized by Sega to sell products. We carry a wide range of games, systems and accessories for Genesis, Master System, Saturn, Dreamcast and more. We are currently adding the newer platforms to our inventory (ps2-cube-psp-360 and more). We are an authorized Sega site and we sell ONLY Sega. WE NOW SELL TO OUR INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS. Please keep checking back for we will be adding tons of inventory in time. Check out our newly-designed site.

Sega Saturn NetLink
Great forum for people still interested in NetLinking. - Sega Development Site serves as an information database on Sega development hardware and software, mostly the Sega Dreamcast, as well as other Sega rarities. Unfortunately a lot of information has already been lost. We focus on preserving what remains. In the message boards, you will find discussion on official and unofficial Sega development as well as general gaming discussion.


SMS Power!
Sega 8-bit coverage (Sega Master System, Game Gear, SG-1000, SC-3000, SF-7000, OMV). Scans, dumps, development, music, etc. and a healthy active community.

A Sega Master System site which includes a games database with rarity guide, user written reviews, cheats and much, much more.

This is a page created to document every single official, scene, and community recognized Sonic the Hedgehog related cartridge (backup) in existence.



Jeff Vavasour's Page
Home of the TRS-80 and Timex/Sinclair emulators.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum game covers

The TZX Vault
The aim of this site is to provide an archive of Sinclair ZX Spectrum games in .TZX tape format for preservation purposes. The .tzx files archived here can be used to re-create games on tape or to play them with an emulator.

World of Spectrum
The official world archive for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and the largest on-line gaming center on the Internet.



Site for UK Playstation owners.

Playstation game covers

Playstation Perfect Guide



Area 99

Rob Patton's MBX page
Now here's a site that's been on the Internet for some time (since about 1996), and it's all dedicated to the MBX system for the TI-99/4A! There are some really great screen shots, reviews (be sure to check out the Championship Baseball review if you go there), cartridge/overlay images, and more. This site is highly recommended for anyone interested in reading up more on the MBX and all that it has to offer.

The TI-99/4a Tech Pages
These pages are dedicated to the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A home computer. They contain mainly technical information on the various processors and memory chips found in the console, on peripheral cards and cartridges and on additional hardware.

TI-99/4a Video Game House
Nice database site for this computer.



Ira Goldklang's TRS-80 Revived Site
Contains information on emulators and offers an arhive service for transferring disk or cassette-based media to a PC format.

Jeff Vavasour's Page
Home of the TRS-80 and Timex/Sinclair emulators.

Sock Master's Web Page
Home of the excellent Donkey Kong port. Also check out his links section.

The TRS-80/Tandy Color Computer SuperSite!
A rainbow 30 years wide! Long live the CoCo.



Super PC Engine Grafx



Spike's Big Vectrex Page
Your one-stop Vectrex link resource.
Your resource for Vectrex info.

Vectrex Game Database
The comprehensive list of Vectrex games past, present, and future.


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