Digital Press Goes to
Super Auctions (TX)

by Wes Southern

The Pinball auctions have become my favorite part of theseevents. There is something about Pinball machines that touch some unknown'kick-ass' nerve in my skull. It's too bad I don't have a nice arcade sizebasement to put a few pinball machines and such in. Something we all should workfor I guess. A goal to reach in our lifetimes to live in the 80's Aladdin'sCastle or Chucky Cheese every evening after work.

race drivn_darts.jpg
race drivn_darts.jpg
sit down racers1.jpg
sit down racers1.jpg
sit down racers2.jpg
sit down racers2.jpg
sit down racers3.jpg
sit down racers3.jpg
snes coin-op.jpg
snes coin-op.jpg

In the end not the best of these auctions I have been to, but it is always fun to play some classic pinball and arcade machines on free play. I was in a bit of a hurry though as Quakecon 2k3 was also in town. So I said goodbye to the auction after one last game of Earthshaker.

space invaders ctail.jpg
space invaders ctail.jpg
space wars.jpg
space wars.jpg
spy hunter 2.jpg
spy hunter 2.jpg
third row.jpg
third row.jpg
ticket machines.jpg
ticket machines.jpg
truck stop fodder.jpg
truck stop fodder.jpg

The arcade list was only complete for the first row of gamesleaving out the prices for the three other rows, the gentleman who usuallyrecords the values felt the prices were going out of control and there was noneed to record more. I'd have to agree :

Listed in the order they were auctioned off. Prices recorded
are the hammer prices. Please add 13% buyers premium + 8.25%
sales tax to figure what was actually paid for the machine.


Ms Pacman UR handpainted side art, looked clean but paintsloppy $1000 yikes!
Ms Pac/Galaga reunion good $1650
Galaga UR good $750
Tempest, clean $750
Asteroids $600
Marble madness a little rough needed cpo and side art $550
Space Zap $150
Pacman fair $550
Frogger (german mini cabinet?) $375
Baby Pac $500
Centipede cabaret, needed CPO and cap kit $525
Asteroids deluxe $375
Dig Dug clean $475
1942 fair cond $425
Mr. Bubbles $450
Popeye, clean $400
Gorf good $375
Satans Hollow $225 needed cpo
Scramble dedicated fair $200
Tron ?????
DK Jr. $450
Ms. Pac fair $575
Super Pac fair $300
Dig Dug 2 $225
Escape Robot Monsters $225
Asteroids deluxe NW $175
DK Jr. dedicated $400
DK $500
Galaga/??88 25 " monitor $850
Bubbles $375
Moon Patrol $375
Joust 2 $775
Tempest clean $700
Berzerk NW $125
Tron good $550
Dig Dug $475
Defender $700
Robotron $600
Centipede and Manuals $400
Popeye $375
Ms Pac NW $375
Joust clean $575
DK $600
88 games Konami $150
APB needed cap kit $200
Satans Hollow fair $275
2 Tigers-blue screen $100
Nintendo R-type fair $175
Sidearms Romstar-$100
Dragon Spirit? NW $50
SWAT $125
2004 Golden Tee $3800
Blitz 2K gold $625 2-player
Gauntlet Dark Legacy 4 palyer $1600
2player marvel vs. Capcom needed cap kit $350
Mortal Kombat 3 $600
Revolution x $575
Golden Tee 2k $550
Golden Tee 2k $750
Golden Tee 3d $650
Blitz 2k $575
Tekken 3 (really big three screen) $1100


Flinstones (ICE) $750
Striker Xtreme $1600 (very nice, clean)
Airborne $1050 (very nice, clean)
Dirty Harry $1250 (excellent condition, clean)
Jurassic Park $1075 (superb, with topper, clean)
Demo Man $1500 (clean, working, 2 lines out on DMD)
Funhouse $1250 (nice playfield, rudy not working)
Whirlwind $800 (ok shape)
Jurassic Park $1025 (very nice)
Lethal Weapon 3 $1050
Back to the Future $650
Taxi $525 (worked, inserts very worn off)
Earthshaker $950 (nicest cab and playfield, backglass bubbling)
Cyclone $450 (working, shot playfield)
Skateball $100 (not working, rough)
Cyclone $850 (super condition)
Aquarius $200 EM (very nice condition, not working)
Black Knight $450 (nice playfield, bad backglass, not working)
Cyclone $750 (very nice)
Blackout $400 Reserve PASS (not working, very nice)
United Big Bonus Bowler EM $200 (not working, outstanding condition)
Stingray $150 (rough)
Eight Ball $75 (stripped bare playfield, nice cab, backglass ok)
Monday Night Football $25 (parts machine)
Street Fighter 2 $25 (parts machine)
Pinch Hitter $250 EM Pitch n' Bat (project, included extra complete
head w/running unit, plus another running man unit)
Twin Joker $75
Dolly Parton $425 (very nice mylared playfield, working, faded cab)
Mata Hari $75 (shot playfield, no boards, no displays, great bg)
Sinbad $50 (complete, rough)
Blackout $50 (rough, missing boards and displays)
Dracula $150 (complete, very dirty, not working)
Mystic $50 (rough, missing boards and displays)
Monte Carlo $75 (ok condition, missing some parts)
Charles Angels $50 (rough, missing parts)
Time Warp $25 (trashed)
Wild Fyre $25 (missing parts trashed)
Supersonic $75 (rough)
Stars $75 (trashed)
Volley EM $275 (very nice condition wedgehead, working)
Soundstage EM $200 (ok condition, not working)
Spooksville EM $225 (right flipper didn't work, very nice, unique)
Fire $1000 (very nice condition)
PinBot $450 (working, 3rd player display not working, pretty nice)
Comet $200 (somewhat working, nice playfield, faded backglass)
Comet $575 (working, nice playfield, nice backglass, flaking cabinet)
Pinball Lizard $75


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