Sean's Chi-Town Classic 2008

October 11th, 2008

Photos taken from Sean Kelly's store "Videogames Then & Now" in Norridge, IL during this annual gathering of gamers.

Sean's place from the road. Everyone should go.   I didn't take a lot of pictures. There were 25-30 of the local hardcore crowd there.
Sean picks through the day's trade boxes.   It is only at these fall classics that I get to catch up with old friends like Ian and Dan.
I haven't seen Matt "Tempest" Reichert in years! (center'ish, gray shirt) These photos of Sean's back room were taken to demonstrate that if the overstock situation at the Digital Press store is overwhelming, the situation at Sean's store can only be called "dire".
Sean has that "can't throw anything out" disease that I've got. He's definitely better at stacking things at precarious angles than I am, too. Rock Band was out
This is the first time the three of us played together. Probably the last.    
  Russ "slapdash" Perry Jr. gets in on the action. Russ has some range!  


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