Digital Press Goes to Chi-Town Classic

October 16th, 2004

Seems like only yesterday CGE-guy Sean Kelly opened his doors to the public at this gala annual event, but here we are, seven years later with pics from this year's gathering. His store, Videogames Etc. opened in June 2003 and after christening the store last year the place simply needed to be trashed. Here is how it all went down.

Another annual event is the "captioning o' the gallery", courtesy of the fine folks at the Retrogaming Roundtable. The best caption for each picture will beused and credited back to the winning entrant. Get in on it, start HERE.

The line for the "Mary Kate and Ashley Network Tournament" was surprisingly long. [Flack]   Green-Shirted Guy to the Left at the Back: "No two beings share the same perception of reality. Thus, it must follow that personal perception is a layer, warping the preexisting template. But if the only way to know reality is to perceive it, and perception must always wreak its alterations, how could any true base reality be defi--Ooo, Actraiser!"  [Dahne]
Everyone thought it was funny to dare him to poop in the middle of the store. No one thought it was funny when he did ... [Flack] Guy on right: "...and at that point I though: well, I could continue on my main quest, but I'd so much rather go try to join the Thieves Guild with my Level 13 Thief named Eldercroft Raventhorn. But just then I was attacked by a pack of rabid gnats..." [Scooterb23] The precious ... look at all my precious ... [Flack]
  Somewhere there's a musical group with this exact same shot as a CD cover. [Dangerboy] What's sad is..these were the two sober people.... [Dangerboy]
It's Bottom of the 9th and it's Heads: 3, Crotches: 5 [Dangerboy] The winner of the LAN Tournament stands next to his first place price, a date with a real girl. [Flack] Guy: Look baby, real gold!
Girl: So is my "real" ring. [testament89]
  John Hardie pauses to enjoy his breakfast. [punkoffgirl]  

For last year's photos, click HERE

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