Digital Press Goes to Chi-Town Classic

September 27th, 2003

The 6th annual gathering at the Chicago-based lair of videogame godfather Don "Sean" Kelly took place on September 27th, and forthe first time ever, indoors. His new store Videogames Etc. opened in June andthis was an inaugural event in many ways, one of which was peeing in the cornerto christen the store. The guests began to gather around noon for a full day oftrading and smack talk. Here is how it all went down.

For a change of pace, this gallery is being captioned by thevenerable Retrogaming Roundtablemembers over the course of 30 days. The best caption for each picture will beused and credited back to the winning entrant. Get in on it, start HERE.

sean2k3_01.jpg sean2k3_02.jpg sean2k3_25.jpg
Joe "man-child" Santulli demonstrates his cart-powered propeller an unimpressed media. (superstonic)
sean2k3_23.jpg sean2k3_03.jpg sean2k3_26.jpg
And John suckers another guy with the old "I'll give you whatever's in my pocket for your box of games" gag. (scooterb23)
sean2k3_04.jpg sean2k3_05.jpg sean2k3_06.jpg
sean2k3_07.jpg sean2k3_08.jpg sean2k3_09.jpg
Under here should be my yellow arrow, then we can get that duck back there. (Chunky)
sean2k3_10.jpg sean2k3_11.jpg sean2k3_12.jpg
Testing the recently-discovered prototype of a one-handed, wireless X-box controller...code name "Corona." (Goodwill Hunter)
sean2k3_13.jpg sean2k3_14.jpg sean2k3_15.jpg
sean2k3_17.jpg sean2k3_18.jpg sean2k3_19.jpg
sean2k3_20.jpg sean2k3_21.jpg sean2k3_22.jpg
sean2k3_27.jpg sean2k3_28.jpg sean2k3_29.jpg
sean2k3_30.jpg sean2k3_31.jpg sean2k3_32.jpg


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