April 24th, 2004

Though photographers are rarely allowed into this "underground" event, we figured it's almost Halloween and we're a spooky group so what the F. Here's a quick peek at the bajillionth edition of the "NJ Classic" held in scenic Pompton Lakes, NJ, yet teeming deep in the not-so scenic subterranean depths of DP Headquarters central, miles below the earth's crust.

njclassic28_84.jpg njclassic28_82.jpg njclassic28_83.jpg
As the alien confusion ray strikes this event, everyone seems unfocused, uncertain about what to do next or where they even are. It took the courage of John "CX2K" Hardie and the liquid courage of BEER to get things on track. Hundreds of items were given away, including a Mega Drive clone, the Telstar Pong you see here, and one million dollars! There was MAME aplenty here, as Dave "Portnoyd" Warmington once again bests his house record in Juno First. He's like a machine, only with skin and stuff.
njclassic28_85.jpg njclassic28_88.jpg njclassic28_86.jpg
The Digital Press team spirit abounds as the boys prepare for the celebrated "ass whoopin at Beach Spikers", which was again administered by host Santulli and partner Hardie. That's 8-0 now, folks... though the competition is clearly closing in and John desperately needs to work on his game as only the superior play of Santulli saved the otherwise lackluster team display. There is almost no pleasure greater than four Wavebird controllers and a GameCube. Well, maybe some female attendees would be a greater pleasure, but this group would not find out at this, the "boys-only" event. NY contingent Jessen "Tetsu" Jurado and Greg "Geelw" Wilcox keep their eyes peeled on all sides for would-be NJ assassins. Later that night, a lone member from Connecticut appeared and then mysteriously vanished with a horrifying scream. It pays to have a partner.
njclassic28_91.jpg njclassic28_93.jpg njclassic28_92.jpg
Yet another game station set up in the "house of games" that is NJ Classic. This is the scene moments before the four player mayhem of Bomberman 2 on Super NES. Some games simply never get old. Meanwhile, in the "back room", deals were being made by uber-collector Mike Etler. Note Jessen and Greg still sticking together - a wise move in this, the most dangerous of all places at NJ Classic. A person could get impaled by falling stored goods! Jeff "Kid Ice" Belmonte and Nick "Drexel923" Milicia "bring it home" with a soft melody to send off the night's game crew. Unfortunately pictures cannot properly convey the soulful nature of this melody, though if you use Photoshop and zoom in you may notice Carl "TrippsK"s ears bleeding through a reflection on a picture frame.


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