NJ Classic XXVII

October 25th, 2003

Though photographers are rarely allowedinto this "underground" event, we figured it's almost Halloween andwe're a spooky group so what the F. Here's a quick peek at the bajillionthedition of the "NJ Classic" held in scenic Pompton Lakes, NJ, yetteeming deep in the not-so scenic subterranean depths of DP Headquarterscentral, miles below the earth's crust.

Welcome to NJ Classic... grab as many freebies as you can coming in or going out! A boxed VIC-20, a Logitech Game Cam, loads of strategy guides, Viewtiful Joe bobble heads, Spy Hunter 2 model motorcycles, buttons, wall scrolls and various loose games were donated for everyone to grab. This is all that was left when the event was over. Besides this perfectly functional TRS-80 CoCo there was also a pile of slighty used underwear oddly unclaimed. Tim "Sniderman" Snider drove 8 hours from the Cincinnati Ohio area just to see the fabled "laundry room", where many legendary gaming trades have been struck. Tonight would be no exception, as Nick "Drexel923" Milicia (on the left) and Dave "Portnoyd" Warmingon (right) revel in the art of haggling. Jeff "Kid Ice" Belmonte, Greg "geelw" Wilcox and John "where's my beer" Hardie haggle over a piece of art which was accidentally left in the trade zone. Side note: this is the first and last picture you will ever see from this angle, as my skin was singed badly standing up against the furnace.
We'll call this the "Dungeons & Dragons Contingent", Adam, Tom, and Carmen getting in some early practice with Beach Spikers Volleyball. Could this be the night that house champions Santulli and Hardie fall? Deer caught in the headlights or cunning photographic strategists? That's Ronen "vgwiz" Habot in red and Don "TVs Hasselhoff" Evanoff (on the right) hanging with Greg. "Gather round, children", says the wizened John Hardie, "as I tell you a tale of wonder, of tragedy, and of redemption... but first, where's my beer".
Tim learns early in the evening that east coast gamers cheat like they drink. Excessively. Adam pulls the ol' cough/unplug controller/cough routine that has earned him the well-deserved "house thug" reputation. As mentioned earlier, Tim drove from a distant land, where they don't put this "BBQ SAUCE" all over their captured chickens before consuming them. It is a dark and primitive land, this "Ohio". Far far far far left of this photo: photographic evidence explaining why there may be a pepperoni slice in the free strategy guide you picked up here. That is all.
Let the gloating begin, as NJ Classic champions Joe "digitalpress" Santulli and John perform their "I thought you had that one. Which color am I again?" ruse, again sweeping the competition in Beach Spikers Volleyball. 7 in a row, folks. Al Backiel prays to the god-like power of the PC Engine LT. Greg, James "Kasumi Ninja" Dean and Don discuss the Atari Jaguar's best games. Later, James mysteriously catches fire.
Don insults Ronen for not having a Digital Press t-shirt. Later, Don mysteriously catches fire. Tom and Adam are still somewhat dazed by the bludgeoning they took at the hands of Santulli and Hardie earlier.

It's sheer chaos, but at least they walked away with some nice consolation prizes.

Hey, anytime you can walk out of one of these things with CASH is a bonus. Somehow Nick manages to pry a few bucks from Jeff's hands. What exactly goes on in this room, you're probably wondering. You'll just have to come next time to know for sure.

My haul for the evening, all via trade:

  • Boxed complete TeeVee Golf controller for Genesis (via Kid Ice)

  • Minty Sega CDX unit (via Kid Ice)

  • Boxed complete Crab Grab Nintendo Game & Watch (via Kid Ice)

  • Boxed complete Climber Nintendo Game & Watch (via Portnoyd)

  • Elevator Action, Omega Race and Continental Circuit marquees (via superstonic)

  • A modified ColecoVision, works with A/V output, SWEET! (via superstonic)

  • PlayStation Pocket Fighters (via CX2K)

  • Xbox D&D Heroes (via TVs Hasselhoff)

  • Big box o' promo goodies, including a Lara Croft bobblehead, PS2 and Gamecube demo discs, t-shirts and counter standees (via TVs Hasselhoff) Thanks again, Don!

  • A stack of miscellaneous boxed NES and Genesis titles (via Drexel923)

  • XBox Live start-up kit (via TVs Hasselhoff)

  • Coleco Donkey Kong tabletop (via Portnoyd)


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