NJ Classic XXVI

March 1st, 2003

Well, here we are again, casting aside our real lives to get as many local gamers together as possible for a night of pizza, beer, chips, and video gaming. A good turnout on this event brought a few new faces into the fray. Also there was a brassiere. Read on.

The boys gather around the bar, reading old gaming press releases and girlie mags. Left to right: Scott "superstonic" Stilphen, Al Backiel, John "CX2K" Hardie, Don Evanoff, and Stephen "goblin" Pietrucha. Two arcade stick setups in the room of doom. Adrienne "Achika" Barr and Dave "Portnoyd" Warmington are in a heated game of Twinkle Star Sprites (Dave's new favorite game ever); Greg "geelw" Wilcox setting new records in Sailor Moon R. Hey... what's with all the girlie games, anyway? Hmm. Maybe this is a hint. John is given a perfumed brassiere in a trade. Who's bra IS this, anyway? Perhaps the detectives among you will figure this out after examining the pictures to follow. Perhaps not.
The "NYC" contingent, Adrienne, Greg, and Jessen "tetsu" Jurado prepare to get schooled by the "other" DP team in Beach Spikers Volleyball. Tom Bruno and Jeff "Kid Ice" Belmonte didn't so much PLAY Beach Spikers as they did ogle it. There's that bra again.
Jaime "punkoffgirl" Moreau sidles up to Stephen in this, his first ever photograph! Adrienne teaches Don how to "get his groove on". Did he drive 2 1/2 hours just for THIS? We thought Dave could read. Brian Grego peers out of the background apparently to inflict murderous rage on Dave. Turns out he was just eying up the last piece of pizza, behind me.
Dave's virtual journey begins as Brian finally scarfs down the last slice. That's Joe "digitalpress" Santulli teaching Adrienne how to "get jiggy with it". Ah, the back room. Several secret meetings were held back here, some unbelieveable trades, and perhaps even a few intimate tales of lost innocence shared. I didn't stick around for that bit.
He's usually the most popular guy at parties, but we caught Steve "NoahsMyBro" Jacobs in a "quiet time" moment. Tom tests the durability of the HotRod SE arcade stick. Seems to have held up. Adrienne shows Jessen, Don, and Greg why she's known as "the queen of the maracas" back in her hometown in Michigan. Don wonders if this is why he drove 2 1/2 hours to get here.
Guitar Freaks. That about says it all, really. It's not so much music as it is AN EAR PIERCING TRAIN WRECK... but hey, they were just getting the hang of it. Don and John consume their respective beverages of choice. Did Don drive 2 1/2 hours just to drink Coke? We wonder.
This formerly innocuous laundry room became "the trade zone" for the evening, and everyone brought great items. I daresay this was the most wide assortment of trade stuff I've seen since CGE last year. Where's Waldo? Jessen and Dave beat the tar out of each other. Then, they play some of this here video game.
Adrienne brought her Vib Ribbon game, and then wowed us with the official Vib Ribbon T-shirt! We used her back instead of the manual. I think we can officially upgrade Adrienne from "cutie" to "hottie". Have you EVER seen this kind of intensity? John mesmerizes the crowd with his Vib Ribbon prowess. True story: his six year old son has beaten the game.
OK and finally, here are my "finds" from the gathering! Everything you see here was acquired through trade (and some cash) from the people who attended. I told ya there was some good stuff here! Couldn't squeeze this into the other two photos. Hm, I haven't seen one of these in a long time! And the rest of the stuff acquired last night.

I'm off to play!


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