Digital Press Goes to NECG

Feb 8th, 2003

A long-standing event held at the home of classic gaming's best-known collectors, Digital Press correspondents Santulli, Hardie, Barr, and Jurado attended to gather information and also to gather priceless electronic artifacts from the "vintage" era of video gaming. What we found there was shocking, titillating, and sometimes extremely silly. Read on.

First let's meet some of our forum members who in turn met for the very first time. Here, Scott "ClubNinja" immediately displays his love of all things satanic with DP Industries VP Adrienne "Achika". I talked to this fellow for nearly an hour before he finally divulged that he was Kevin "Kevincure". He didn't get to keep the shirt. Way on the left there, that's none other than Todd Street. Sorry, I mean Todd "Toddst". The other two have more prominent shots with which to be introduced and would also probably be very insulted if I mentioned their names after Todd Street.
This photographic evidence proves that Keir "to the Nth" is devious. I'm not sure exactly how it proves this, but I'm quite certain it does. That's John "CX2K" on the right there. You'll never guess why he's smiling. OK maybe you will. The fine gent on the left is none other than Christian "Christanscott27", the host of this event. I was impressed by his ability to mingle with everyone in the room, tour his game room and "secret stash", and have the computer school him at Warlords.
Time to break out the surprise goods! "CX2K" has his ultra-rare collection of pre-viewed Ernest Borgnine Betamax tapes in that box! After a short scuffle to claim these prize items, things settled back down. So that's where my beer went. It was a FULL HOUSE, with lots of goodies from many platforms to wheel and deal with. True story: "Property of H 96" here knocked over a whole box of valuable trade items. Some of them shattered and pieces were kicked under the carpet. Hilarity ensued.
My goal was to work a trade with every single member of this group, and it almost worked out... If not for this dude, who brought his one-of-a-kind Atari 2600 Ewok Adventure. As you can see, the people around him both despise and envy him. It's a tough situation, but we figure he'll turn up missing and the game will turn up dumped very very soon. There's always this sense of indifference that sweeps over a veteran crowd of collectors, as is witnessed here. "I wonder who's winning the Knicks game", "Mom always liked Ted the best", "I wish I were in France", and "Who farted?" were big on the DP brain-scan-ometer.
"Achika" is not afraid to shove the bull in a china shop out of the way. Over the course of the night, she ducked, weaved, leaped, and even pirhouetted her way across the crowded room. Just don't toss her. She really doesn't take well to that. Goddamn there was a lot of stuff. Not a bad deal for "Achika". Many such good deals were witnessed but this was the only one where I caught the action as the deal went down. Hey, isn't "Rush Hour" a rare game?
I forget who the guy on the right is, but he's someone, all right! Trust me, he's SOMEONE. I guess I'll show up on both of these guys' sites soon enough so it won't be long before you know exactly who this SOMEONE is! Further proof that the DP Collector's Guide is used at every trade meet.


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