CGE and DP at E3 2005

May 18-20, 2005

Photo Gallery courtesy of Larry Anderson, Don Rogers and Joe Santulli

The History of Videogames Exhibit
for the second year, Digital Press and Classic Gaming Expo collaborated for The History of Videogames exhibit at Kentia Hall. The exhibit included over 2500 square feet of vintage gaming goodness. 30 classic arcade machines, 50+ home consoles (in an interactive museum, with many systems playable), the music of 8-Bit Weapon, and lots of special guests. Click HERE for more pics.
E3 2005
ah, the show itself. We've got over 1000 photos in all. If a crowded lobby or a very lonely Namco stage show doesn't grab ya, check HERE for more pics.
The History of Videogames Exhibit (behind the scenes)
What did it look like before it got all set up? Could the set-up itself be as low-tech as the exhibit itself? If these pictures don't cover it, click HERE for more.
Quiet E3
Here's a side of E3 that even attendees don't get to see. As exhibitors, we had free roam of the place. Wonder what the booths looked like when you could actually see them? Wonder no longer, click HERE.
Booth Babes
Courtesy of our roving eye, Don Rogers. Click HERE for the full set.
The Xbox 360 Demo
For those lucky enough to get inside, you got a nice preview of the upcoming system. We've got some stills for ya, right HERE.


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