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Welcome to the Bandai Wonder Swan F.A.Q. 


1.0) Just these few words...
2.0) The Bandai Wonder Swan
2.5) The Bandai Wonder Swan Color
3.0) Wonder Swan specs
4.0) Cartridge List
5.0) Accessories
5.1) The Wonder Gate
5.2) The Wonder Wave
5.3) The Wonder Borg
5.4) The Wonder Witch
5.5) The Wonder Me-Xai
6.0) More Inputs and Links
6.1) Game Reviews
6.2) Tips and Codes:
7.0) Credits


1.0) Just these few words...

Hi there Readers, thanks for reading the Wonder Swan FAQ. By writing
this FAQ, i am hoping that Bandai (and Mattel) will see that North 
Americans and Europeans want to get the Wonder Swan (and all the 
games & accessories) at their local video game store.

With the rumors that "MAYBE" Mattel will sell the Wonder Swan here 
in North America, this is a good step to finally see the Wonder Swan 
available elsewhere than in Japan.

There is a Petition list for getting the Wonder Swan available in 
the U.S.A. at this web adress:

And if there are a kind soul that wants to make a Petition list in 
Europe, please me know and i'll include the link in this FAQ.

So if anyone wants to see the Wonder Swan, i invite you to please go 
sign the Petition list, if not for you then do it for the other video 
gamers like me. Thanks in advanced !

** Update ** 

Rumors is that Bandai and Mattel did sign together to release the 
Wonder Swan here in North America by the end of this year!! YEAH!!
Bernie Stolar, the guy responsible for the Dreamcast lauch and 
worked for Sony for the Playstation and other things that Sega Saturn
fans know too well (that's another story...) sign on with Mattel for
the launch of the Wonder Swan.

Other rumors is that the Wonder Swan could be in COLOR instead of
being in Black & White since Bandai will released the Color version
at the end of this year. (see section "2.5" for more details)

With the recent news that SNK has pulled-out the Neo-Geo Pocket Color
from the North American, European and China markets, this will surely
aid the Wonder Swan to get a move-on. 


2.0) The Bandai Wonder Swan

Released the forth of March 1999, the Wonder Swan is the latest 
Hand-Held Game System released by Bandai. This newcommer is a 16-bit 
system that displays in Black and White comes in different colors. 
Choices range from : 

Original Color:
* Pearl White * Skeleton Green 
* Silver Metallic * Skeleton Red/Pink
* Blue Metallic * Skeleton Blue 
* Skeleton Black 

Summer Two-Tone Color:
* Frozen Mint
* Sherbet Melon
* Soda Blue

Beside Color:
* Camouflage
* Gold

Bandai has released some few Special Edition Packages and Gift Sets.
Each packages or sets comes with a game and a Wonder Swan in a new 
color casing. Here's the list of the Special Edition Packages:

* Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeons 
* Digimon Adventure
* Mobile Suit Gundam MSVS: Earth Federation
* Mobile Suit Gundam MSVS: Zeon 
* Tarepan Gunpey (Tarepan WS)

And here's the list of the Special Edition Gift Sets:

* Gunpey (blue skeleton WS)
* Klonoa (blue skeleton WS)
* Digimon (orange skeleton WS)
* SD Gundam: Emotional Jam (blue skeleton WS)

Also Bandai had announced a Wonder Swan with a backlit light but
for now, i don't know if it was released or not. The only information
i have found on this backlit edition is how to make your own on some
few personnal japanese web site. Anyboby has information about this ?

The most unique feature about Wonder Swan is that it can be played 
both horizontally and vertically depends on the game you are playing.
It has a built-in speaker, sound button, start button, A & B button,
contrast-volume button and two directions pads buttons. As now the 
Wonder Swan is the smallest handheld game system and takes only one 
AA battery to make it work for about 30 to 40 hours.

The rectangular screen is relatively large, being almost as wide as 
Game Boy's, but not as tall. The monochrome screen has 8 shades and 
provides decent graphic quality even for fine text. The absence of 
backlighting, however, means that the unit is suitable for use only 
in well lit places. 

The unit can be used horizontally or vertically depending on the game. 
Laid horizontal, the left thumb controls the direction pad while the 
right thumb is used for manipulating two pushbuttons, much like Game 
Boy, Game Gear and Neo Geo Pocket. Held vertically, the player controls 
two direction pads in a style similar to PlayStation's analog controller 
pads. Wonder Swan also features a port for accepting a link cable and a 
slot for connecting yet-unannounced peripheral devices. In addition to 
a standard AA battery, WS can also be operated on a dedicated, slim, 
long life rechargeable battery.


2.5) The Bandai Wonder Swan Color

Bandai officially announced on August the 30th that the Wonder Swan
Color will be available at the end of this year in Japan. The sale 
schedules begins December. The price announced will be 6800 Yens 
(about 65$ US). As for the size, the Wonder Swan Color is larger, 
and has a hyper voice which can be heard only when the headphone is 

Also the Wonder Swan Color will be available in five different
color casings, they are: 

* Crystal Glass Black
* Crystal Glass Blue
* Crystal Glass Orange
* Pearl Blue
* Pearl Pink

Here's the Specs of the Wonder Swan Color:
* Size: 74.3mm X 128mm X 24.3mm (with AA battery)
74.3mm X 128mm X 17.5mm (with rechargeable pack)
* Weight: about 95 grams (without the battery)
* Buttons: 13 (X 1to4, Y 1to4, Start, A, B, Volume & Power)
* Power: 1 "AA" Battery which gives about 20 hours of play
or a battery rechargeable pack.
* Display: LCD screen reflection type FSTN
2.8 inch size
* Color: 41 colors at once of a 4096 color palette.
or 57 colors in extended mode.
* CPU: 16 bits at 3.072 Mhz
* RAM: 512k
* Sound: Digital sound source 4ch (2 for voices and 2 for Hyper voice)
* Communication: 9600bps/38.4kbps(for the Wonder Gate)
* Other Features: Fully compatible with Wonder Swan Cartridges.

* Size: 42mm X 67mm X 6mm
* Weight: About 12 grams
* Capacity: ROM or FLASHROM max512Mbit(LUXSOR2)
RAM max512Mbit(LUXSOR2)

Squaresoft also announced that they would participate for making
games for the Wonder Swan Color. Their first title will be a Final
Fantasy. More news will follow when revealed.


3.0) Wonder Swan Specs

* CPU : 16-bit 3.072 MHz processor 
* Screen (dot matrix section): FSTN reflective LCD, 224 x 144 pixels 
* Display performance : Max. 512 characters, max. 128 sprites (32 on 
one horizontal line), two screens (overlay 
possible), screen windows and sprite windows.
* Graphics : 8-shade monochrome in the dot matrix section and six icons 
at the static section.
* Audio: 4-channel digital stereo sound. Built-in speaker or optional 
headphones with stereo adapter.
* Battery Time : 40 hours on alkaline battery 
* Dimension : 121mm (L) x 74.3mm (W) x 24.3 (H) 
* Power : (x1) AA, or rechargeable battery 
* Weight : 93g (without battery) 110g (with battery)
* Connecting Ports : Link Port, Stereo Jack & cartridge port
* Cartridge Capacity: ROM and/or RAM up to 128Meg (like Beat Mania)
* Features: Can be played holding the unit vertically or horizontally.
Built-in EEPROM and 1Kbit RAM for backing up game data.
Several levels of energy-saving control.


4.0) Cartridge List

Name Company Type Year Plyr
5 Rever Toryumon Sammy Society 2000 1-2
Archer Field Z Sammy Misc 1999 1-2 
Armored Unit Sammy Sim ?? 1-2
Bakuso Dekotora for WS Human/Kage Misc 2000 1-2
Beat Mania Konami Sim 1999 1-2 
Bistro Recipe Red RPG 1999 1 
Buffers Evolution Bandai/Koto Misc 1999 1
Card Captor Sakura Bandai RPG 1999 1-2
Chaos Gear Bandai Sim 1999 1-2 
Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeons Squaresoft RPG 1999 1 
Clock Tower for WS Human/Kage Advent. 1999 1
Crazy Climber Nihon Bussan Arcade 1999 1 
Cyoaniki Otoko NCS Action ?? 1-2
Densha de GO! Taito Sim 1999 1 
Densha de GO! 2 Taito Sim 1999 1 
Detective Conan Majyutyushi Bandai Advent. 1999 1 
Detective Conan 2 Bandai Advent. 2000 1
Digimon (Digital Monsters) Bandai Sim 1999 1-2 
Digimon Adventure (1999 edition) Bandai RPG 1999 1 
Digimon Adventure (2000 edition) Bandai RPG 2000 1
Digimon Adventure Zero 2 Bandai RPG 2000 1-2
Digital Partner Bandai Misc ?? 1-2
Digital Partner Doukon Bandai Misc ?? 1-2
Dokodemo Hamu BEC Misc 2000 1
Engacho! Nihon Applic. Misc 1999 1-2 
Fever for Wonder Swan BEC Sim 1999 1
Final Lap 2000 Namco Sports 2000 1-2
Fire Pro Wrestling (for WS) Human Sports 2000 1-2
Fishing Freak: Bass Rise BEC Sports ?? 1 
Global Hexcite Gu Inc Puzzle ?? 1-2
Gun Pey Bandai Puzzle 1999 1-2 
Hanahuda Success Puzzle ?? 1-2
Handy Sonar Bandai Misc 1999 1 
Harobots ??? RPG 1999 1-2 
Hunter X Hunter Bandai RPG 2000 1
Jyajyamura Jaleco Action 1999 1 
Kaze Klonoa: Moonlight Museum Namco Puzzle 1999 1 
Keiba BEC Sim ?? 1
Keiba Yosoushinkaron Media Entert. Misc 1999 1 
Kiss Yori: Seaside Senerade Kid Advent. 1999 1
Kiwame: Professional Mahjong Sim. Athena Sim 1999 1-2 
Langrisser Millenium NCS RPG ?? 1
Last Stand Bandai RPG/Sim 1999 1 
Lode Runner Banpresto Puzzle 2000 1
Macross:True Love ?? Advent. 2000 1
Magical Drop Data East Puzzle 1999 1-2 
Maikamura[Ghosts & Goblins]for WS Capcom Action 1999 1 
Medarot Kabuto Natsume RPG 1999 1-2 
Medarot Kuwagata Natsume RPG 1999 1-2 
Mingle Mag HAL Puzzle ?? 1-2
Mobile Suit Gundam MSVS Bandai Sim 1999 1-2 
Morita Shogi for WS Yuki Ent/Kazur.Society 1999 1
My Angel Namco Puzzle 1999 1-2 
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Shito Gainex Sim 1999 1-2 
Nice On Sammy Sports 1999 1-2 
Nobunaga's Ambition Koei Sim 1999 1-2 
One Piece Bandai Advent. 2000 1-2
Ouchan Logic Sun Electronic Puzzle 2000 1
Pocket Fighter Capcom Fighting ?? 1-2
Puro Yakyu Jaleco Sports ?? 1-2
Puyo Puyo 2 Sega Puzzle 1999 1-2 
Puzzle Bobble Taito Puzzle 1999 1-2 
Rainbow Island Taito Puzzle 2000 1
Ring Infinity Bandai Misc 2000 1
Rockman & Forte Capcom Action 1999 1-2 
Sangokushi Koei Sim 1999 1-2 
Sangokushi II Koei Sim ?? 1
SD Gundam Emotional Jam Bandai Sim 1999 1-2 
SD Gundam Episode 1 Bandai Sim 1999 1-2
SD Gundam G Gen.:Gather Beat Bandai Sim 2000 1-2
SD Gundam G Gen.:Gather B.Doukon Bandai Sim 2000 1-2
Senkaiden Houshin Bandai Action ?? 1-2
Sennou Millenium Bandai Puzzle ?? 1-2 
Shanghai Pocket Activision Puzzle 1999 1-2 
Shogi Toryumon Sammy Misc 1999 1-2 
Side Pocket for WS Data East Sports 1999 1-2
Soccer Yaro: Challenge the World Coconuts Sports 1999 1 
Soutugyou Bandai Sim 1999 1
Space Invaders Taito Arcade 1999 1-2 
Super Robot Wars Compact Banpresto Sim 1999 1-2 
Super Robot Wars Compact 2 Banpresto RPG ?? 1
Surizalink Bandai Puzzle ?? 1
Taikyoku Igo Ken Chen Society ?? 1-2
Tanemaki Tori D's Garage Puzzle ?? 1-2
Tango Mebius Puzzle 1999 1-2 
Tanjyo Debut Bandai Visual Sim ?? 1
Tarepan Gunpei San-X/Gr.Camel Puzzle 1999 1-2
Tekken Card Namco Misc 1999 1-2 
Terrors Bandai Adv 1999 1 
Tetsuman Chatnoir Misc 1999 1-2 
Tetujin 28 Hikari Pro Advent. 1999 1
Time Bokan Banpresto RPG ?? 1-2
Tokyomajin Hujyo Asmik Ace Advent. ?6 1-2
Toryumon Sammy Misc 1999 1-2 
Toukon Retsuden Tomy Sports 1999 1 
Trump Collection Bottom Up Society 1999 1 
Trump Collection 2 Bottom Up Society ?? 1
Turn Tablist Bandai Sim 1999 1 
Umitsuri Coconuts Fishing 1999 1 
Uzumaki Denshi Omega Micott Misc ?? 1
Uzumaki Noroi Omega Micott Sim ?? 1
Vaitz Blade Bandai RPG 1999 1 
Wazabi Production Street Dancer Bandai Action 2000 1-2
Wonder Stadium Capcom Sports 1999 1-2 
Wonder Stadium 99 Capcom Sports 1999 1-2 
Youhu Makai Kobunsha Misc 1999 1-2

Will be Released Soon: Reales Date:
Super Robot Taisen Compact 2:Episode2 14 Sep. 2000
Hataraku Cyokobo (Let's Work Chokobo) 21 Sep. 2000
Tokyomajin Hujyu ?? Sep. 2000
Super Robot Taisen Compact 2:Episode3 ?? Oct. 2000
Arbacus ?? ??? 2000


5.0) Accessories

Battery Recharger (by Sammy):
This accessory is not essensiel but if you want to cut down the cost
of batteries, then you'll need it (with a Rechargeable Battery).

Rechargeable Battery (by Sammy):
This is a must for all traveling people. Replaces the battery.
And don't forget to buy the Battery Recharger.

Link Cable (by Sammy):
This item is for use if you want to play with another player for
all 2 player games.

Headphones (by Sammy):
In stereo. Very useful if you don't want to bother anyone on a bus, 
in a car, at home or anywhere in a matter of fact !!

Pouch Holder (by Sammy):
Thi is a simple Travel Pouch Holder with a transparent side.


5.1) The Wonder Gate:
Bandai announced On June 23, a communication adapter and cartridge 
for the Wonder Swan. This peripheral is inserted into the cartridge 
port for connecting to a cellular telephone. This item will transform 
the Wonder Swan into a network terminal. This acessory should be 
available by the end of this year. With Nintendo choosing to announce 
a similar network connectable setup, it appears the two major handheld 
systems are going to slug it out over the network.

Beside Wonder Gate, Bandai announced it will undertake the development 
of original network contents including games that will work with the
communication adapter. The market waits with baited breath to see how 
Bandai's announcement will affect Nintendo's plans with the communicable 
Game Boy. 

One of the first game to support the Wonder Gate was launched on December 
1999, it was SD Gundam: Episode 1. It would be able to use the Wonder Gate 
to perform downloads from Bandai's website.

Specs of the Wonder Gate:
Power: One AAA battery
Communication protocols: PDC digital cell phone communication protocol
PPP and TCP/IP Internet connection protocol.
Dimensions: 70 x 40 x 23 mm (HWD; provisional; the width would be 30mm
when connected to WonderSwan)

Communication Cartridge:
1) Browser (HTML 3.2)
2) Mailer (Memory stores up to 50 mail addresses and 100 messages of up 
to 300 ascii text code. Also supports HTML mail, attached image files, 
3) Downloading of (32kb) minigames (designed for automatic line shutoff 
to allow play)


5.2) The Wonder Wave:

At the Tokyo Game Show of September 1999, Bandai unveiled the Wonder 
Wave, a device that allows remote linking between the Wonder Swan and 
and the Playstation 2 via the Pocket Station.

It uses an infrared light to send data to the Pocket Station, which has 
similar abilities. The Wonder Wave clips onto the right side of the 
Wonder Swan. While character and game data can be transferred between 
the two, another possibility is that the two units can share Pocket 
Station mini game data to play against one another. Bandai said this is 
possible, but went no further in explaining this killer possibility. 

Anyone has more informations ?


5.3) The Wonder Borg:
This is mostly one of the unique peripherals i have ever seen. it
is a little robot that you can program to learn about early robotic
enginering. It has infra-red rays sensors, touch sensors, floor
sensors, brightness sensors, pheromane sensors, step sensors and
interlock sensors. Thse little robots are mainly for education and
entertainment like for battle with other Borgs.

Here's the specs: (not sure if these are the right specs)
- CPU: 8-bit single chip microprocessor
- Output units: * Speaker
* x3 LED: for visual capabilities
* x1 Output terminal
* x1 Small DC motor for walking
* x4 LED: for infrared rays

- Input Device: * x2 Baton switch for sense of touch sensor (?)
* x1 Input terminal 
* x1 Baton switch for slide switch (?)
* x1 Power Supply for infrared rays receiving integrated 
* x1 Optical sensor phase sensor (?)
* x1 One visible two operations per one (?) 

- Attached goods: Complete Parts set for cartridge "Robot Works"
- Power Supply: x3 "AAA" Alkaline batteries.
- Operation time: about 2 hours (continuous)
- Infrared rays trans/receiving distance (for program): about 20 cm.
- Infrared rays trans/receiving distance (for pheromane): about 2 meters. 

If anyone knows more about the Wonder Borg, please contact me.


5.4) The Wonder Witch:
The Wonder Witch is basically a developper's tool for making your
own games or software on the Wonder Swan. The language use to program
is the C language, one of the easiest to learn. The source code of the
program is made for PC with an text editor, afterwhich you take your
source code and compile it with a C compiler to make a exucutable 
program to upload in your Wonder Swan. But here's the catch of this
gadget: You must know Japanese to use it.

But if you do know Japanese, here's the requirement you'll need to use
the Wonder Witch:

* A Wonder Swan (DUH!!)
* The Wonder Witch kit which contains:
- One PC-Wonder Swan connection cable (RS232C serial connection)
- Swan cable: One Swan connector < -> DSUB9 (male)
- One cartridge (OS and Font building built-in) only for Wonder Witch
Flash ROM: 512KB(4Mbit). The program file of 384KB or less's worth 
can be stored. 
SRAM: 256KB(2Mbit). 64KB or less's worth of a work file can be stored. 
RTC (clock/calender function)
Original OS(FreyaOS). Version up is possible. 
Japanese font, 8x8 dot, the 1st/the second level)
- One CD-ROM (software)
File transfer tool (XMODEM protocol for Windows)
Library filed C header
Sample source
Appendix C compiler (for Turbo C2.0 and LSI C-86 for Wonder Witch 
and Windows)
- Online manual.
- One manual.

* And a PC:
- PC/AT compatible
- Display resolution: More than 256 colors <640x480 dots>
- OS: Windows 98, NT4.0, 2000
- CD ROM drive
- CPU: Pentium 133MHz or more
- Serial port: RS232 C9600/38400 bps (DSUB-9 male connector)
- Memory: 32MB or more (recommendation 64MB or more)
- HDD empty capacity: 20MB or more

And the support Web Site: ""

There is a FAQ about the Wonder Witch made by Qute Corporation, but
it almost all written in Japanese. I have a translated copy in rough
english (thanks to TransLingo!), and since it's updated frequently, i 
just put the necessary informations in this FAQ.


5.5) The Wonder Me-Xai:

Bandai was planning to release a digital camera attachment for the 
WonderSwan, entitled Wonder Me-Xia in september 1999. The device 
featured editing tools as well as other softwares. 

Anyone has more information about this device ??


6.0) More Inputs and Links:

Did you know that Densha de Go from Taito sold 200,000 sold in 1 
week? This marked one of the best sellers games in Japan.

The following software companies have announced games for the Wonder 
Swan: Banpresto, Koei, Namco, Square, Taito, Tomy, Koto, Athena and 
many more... 

For more info: 

The Official Wonder Swan Web Site (all in japanese):

Koto Laboratories Wonder Swan Page:

We Love Wonder Swan:

Swan Song - Wonder Swan Only American Web Site: (for now anyway)


Some few Retail Stores where you can buy Wonder Swan stuff:

* MicroWorld America: ""
* The Rage: ""
* Multimedia 1.0: "" 


Here's a big news for all Wonder Swan Fans, this is posted on the
site of Bandai of Japan (


On July 21, 1999, Bandai Co., Ltd. ("Bandai") executed a Letter of 
Intent with Mattel, Inc. ("Mattel") regarding global business 
alliance and an investment alliance.

The purpose of this alliance is for Bandai and Mattel to fully utilize 
the products, marketing and other business resources of the two 
companies in order to increase the businesses and revenues of both 
companies in the global market. The two companies will be forming a 
business alliance in order to obtain a synergy effect through effective 
use of the companies' respective strengths. The alliance will include:

Cooperation in the form of joint product development, joint marketing 
and joint sales; and Exploration of new business opportunities such as 
a global network business.

The first step towards the alliance will be discussion of the businesses 
set forth below, execution of the formal agreement at the end of August, 
1999 and commencement of the business alliance from October 1999:

1. Alliance in Japan (from October 1999): 
Marketing and sales of Mattel products by 
Bandai: Barbie doll, Hot Wheels 
(miniature cars) and Fisher-Price

2. Alliance in Latin America (from October 
1999): Marketing and sales of Bandai 
products by Mattel: "Power Rangers" and 
other Character toys for boys, etc. 

Since this is the first year of this alliance, its influence to this 
fiscal year will be very little. We are envisaging to achieve 10 
billion-yen mark in Japan and 5 billion-yen mark in Latin America at 
the next three years.

In order to strengthen the alliance between the two companies, and in 
order to provide sufficient business funds, Mattel will acquire up to 
a 5% interest in Bandai through the purchase of newly issued shares. 
Bandai has right to acquire up to a 5% interest in Mattel.

Mattel is the world's largest toy manufacturing, with sales of US$ 
4.782 billion (approximately 600 billion yen) in the year ended 
December 1998. The Mattel group owns such long-selling products 
loved by people around the world as Barbie, of which over 1 billion 
were sold since first launched in 1959; Hot Wheels, with annual sales 
of over 150 million cars; toys for toddlers by Fisher-Price; American 
Girl by the Pleasant Company; and radio controlled cars by Tyco. 
Mattel is also actively developing new areas of businesses such as 
high tech toys for toddlers and the Internet business.

Bandai is active not only in Japan but around the world in merchan-
dising television and comic characters into toys, apparel, models, 
daily goods, and foods according to the markets' needs and tastes. 
In addition to original Bandai characters such original Digital 
Monsters toys, WONDER SWAN, a hand-held game launched this year, is 
showing very good sales.


Unbeleiveable but true! 

There is an Famicom emulator for playing on the Wonder Swan!
Since the screen of the Wonder Swan is smaller that the display
of a Famicom, you can scroll the screen with the Y button.

Only Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong JR. and Popeye works with the
emulator. You should know that for inserting roms in the Wonder
Swan you must have a Wonder Witch set. You can get the emulator at
this web page:

"" (Japanese only)
FC emulator made by KAMI (


6.1) Game Reviews:

Crazy Climber on Wonder Swan by Michael White

I don't know if any one here is interested, but on a recent trip to
Japan I noticed a new portable game system from Bandai called Wonder
Swan. This normally wouldn't have mattered to me a bit, except there's
a version of Crazy Climber for it. Shortly after noticing that,
remembering that Crazy Climber is one of my all time favorite cames,
I was the owner of Wonder Swan with Crazy Climber (and Space Invaders and
a baseball game, too).

Although Wonder Swan is small and in black and white (see, Crazy Climber
is pretty accurate. The left and right button groups are used
exactly like to two joysticks in the arcade. In a matter of a 
minute or less, the movement was familiar.

In addition, the graphics are nearly identical, although smaller
and in B&W. The opening and closing windows with reflections, the
girders falling on you, the nasty old bird, the falling crazy climber
signs, etc... I've only got a couple of complaints:

- The audio pretty much sucks. I know the Wonder Swan can do better.
- Some things changed to avoid potential copyright problems. For
instance, King Kong no longer looks anything like Donkey Kong. He's
ugly as snot on the Wonder Swan. Also, some of the music has changed,
probably for the same reason.

Also included is a Wonder Swan version, which I have not played much.
Don't know what the differences are. One thing is that a flying turtle
craps on you rather than a bird.

Given that the game is about $40, and the cartridge about $30, it's
not a bad deal. In addition, with the un-backlit B&W display, the 
rechargeable battery will run attract mode for over 24 hours. I've never
killed the rechargeable battery while playing.

My opinion - if you want to play Crazy Climber any time without plunking
down the cash to buy the full size game (if you can find it) and can put
up with the small size, buy it. Yeah, it's supposed to be Japan only now,
but you should be able to buy it mail order somewhere.

Michael White (


6.2) Tips and Codes:
Tips and Codes were taken from the web site Game Sages.

Beat Mania:
Bonus Songs 
Complete the first ten songs, then play songs with three or more 
stars to complete normal mode. The "Hard Techno" and "Attack The 
Music" songs will be unlocked. Complete all songs, including the 
two bonus songs, to unlock the bonus songs in free play mode. 

Puyo Puyo 2: (sent by Stephane Lajeunesse)
Want to know how to enter your name, birth date, sex and blood type?
Here's what to do: Press START button and hold it down, power-up the
Wonder Swan and voila! You're at the inscription screen.

Super Robot War Compact:
Extra Points 
Drop the bombs at the map screen, then hold Y-3 when the points 
are displayed. Then, press B to exit and press Y-3 to view the 
map again. Press B to exit again to get extra points. 


7.0) Credits:

* Stephane Lajeunesse (tip/code)
* Daniel Riley of The Swan Song Web Site
* Michael White (game review)
* Bandai of Japan
* The Official Wonder Swan Web Site
* We Love Wonder Swan
* Game Sages

Thanks and see you in the next version !!!
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or come visit my homepage at ""

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