2 versions exist. The original version of Super Demon Attack for the TI has voice, which was later taken out for unknown reasons.

According to former TI employee Bill Barneia, the TI version of Demon Attack was changed to Super Demon Attack for marketing reasons. The thought was that if "Super" was added to the title, it would sound like a sequel (and therefore an improvement) to the original Atari 2600 version of the game. The idea to change the title must have been a late addition, since the Game Selection screen on the TI still says Demon Attack, as does the game's title screen. Also, a manual for Demon Attack (without "Super" in the title) can be found in a 1983 game catalog put out by TI, and in the Spring 1984 Triton catalog. This begs the question if any cartridges/manuals made it out the door with the name Demon Attack on them.

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