Atari Jaguar


· Hidden game: The original version of Pitfall is hidden in the game.  There are 2 ways to access it. 1)  Unlock it via the main menu  - select “info”, press ‘C’ 26 times, and then press DOWN. 2) At the start of the Lost City of Copan level, look up and you’ll see a scorpion from the original game. To reach it, use the statue's tongues to the right to jump up, and then jump off the upper-left ledge to land next to the scorpion. Kill the scorpion, enter the door, and kill the other scorpion.  Next, jump off to the left and you'll be bounced up to a hidden passageway in the top-right. Continue down the passageway and touch the red portal orb at the end.

· Does anything happen once you collect all the letter tiles?

· RUMOR: While in the original game, there’s a way to replace the head of Pitfall Harry with the head of various programmers of the game.


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